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  1. I think Ohio is ascending. California is also ascending from where they once were. Pennsylvania is Pennsylvania, just dominating percentage wise. 17 all Americans this year is off the chain. What is that, like 21 or 22 percent of the all Americans? Wow. NJ is still good, but I don't see them ever being in the top four again unless something changes.
  2. tommygun, in the Foley column he also named committee members. Not a big deal at all. No different than naming the coaches that favor a dual meet instead of the tournament. CT, I really wish you hadn't opened a 2 year old thread. While I actually get a total kick out of your posts and understand the general humorous tone they are written with, this one had disaster written all over it.
  3. Nolf is a stud. I have seen a lot of him and want to see a lot more, but the guy I am really looking forward to seeing next year is Corey Rasheed. I saw a video of him pinning Chris Koo in like 30 seconds to win a NY State title. He got him in a real tight cradle. He shot on him like a 125 shoots. Super quick.
  4. Specific prediction just for you, superold. I don't think Chance will wrestle at 157 for Oklahoma State. Now that is very specific . Surely even someone like you can see that.
  5. He's a stud, superold. Enjoy it, don't fight it. Don't be THAT guy. You'll end up the subject of a DirecTV commercial.
  6. Taylor, then Ness. Had Ness pinned Dieringer, then he'd have forced Taylor to major Caldwell and this all could have changed. As it went down, Taylor gets the nod.
  7. Update, Joey had a few stab wounds and a collapsed lung, but he is sitting up and doing pretty well right now. He is looking forward to leaving the hospital by Wed. or Thurs. His cousin still needs prayers. He suffered 9 stab wounds and is headed back into surgery today. I read all of this on one of the PSU wrestling sites.
  8. I have already told you what I think about Chance Marstellar, you just didn't accept it. But that is you. Chance is a stud. That is all you need to know. Just sit back and watch. Be a fan and not a pest for once in your life.
  9. If past history is any indication, then about 5 pages of silly nagging questions worth. :D
  10. I don't believe at all that Nolf will wrestle next year, but if he goes at 149 then I think he can fit into this category. Having said this, I think he red shirts.
  11. How is Taylor personally responsible for the depth at 174 the past two years? Is this nothing more than speculation? You should pose your question to Kyle Dake, because on ESPN the other night in response to someone else saying how big so many 157's looked this year he said that Taylor caused a lot of guys to avoid 165. Evans and Kokesh both got handled easily by Taylor at 165, so not a shock they moved to 174. You probably require a written affidavit, though.
  12. Yes. They met twice at Cheesehead when Nevills was in 9th grade and Black was in 10th. Black was already a double Fargo champ and rated #1 in the country. He beat Nevills 6-5 and 2-1, the second win coming on literally a last second take down. http://www.flowrestling.org/coverage/23 ... zBaEYWyp5Y
  13. I can probably pull up a dozen interviews where Brands has said something very similar to "score and keep scoring and the winning will take care of itself." As a matter of fact, here's an article from earlier this year where Grothus talks about the philosophy being taught by the Brands'. ALl from a seven second Google search. http://thegazette.com/2014/01/10/grothu ... oma-state/ “You have to work hard in all aspects of wrestling,” Grothus said. “Like Terry Brands said, you have to score first and keep scoring and that was my mentality.” Who knew? A quick Google search has reignited the dormant Hawkeye program. Vak, despite what you wrote Lawrence is still right. Brands might say something similar to what Cael Sanderson says, but his wrestlers don't go out there and do it. The different actions/styles speak much louder than words here. The Penn State wrestlers are way, WAY more offensive minded than the Iowa wrestlers. The most offensive minded wrestler I saw for Iowa this year was Clark. Even more so than Ramos against better wrestlers. The Iowa guys get in there against tough guys and I just don't see where the offense is. The only wrestler I saw in a PSU singlet who did not out shoot his opponents the past few years was James English, but he practically has arthritis already due to dozens of injuries. The rest of the Penn State guys shoot no matter who they are wrestling, and unless totally out manned like Gulibon against Ramos they virtually always take more offensive shots than their opponents.
  14. Frank, when I saw that Cory committed to Penn State I could hardly believe it. I know this kid did well in a couple of summer time events. People say he's a lot like Ruth with the cradles. Also that he is really quick, but maybe a little raw. Does this sound right?
  15. I think Howe's conference finals loss was officiated poorly. But then NCAA's happen and I think Perry flat out decisively beat Howe in the Championship final. I was actually quite surprised that Howe could not fire off a real quality shot in that match. All straight ahead and no angles. Shocked me a little.
  16. NJDan. no, Bo Jo has never wrestled Chance Marstellar. The Jordans all wrestle in Walsh Ironman where basically you get a great field with lots of top guys, but I don't believe they have done the Fargo, Super 32, or other national events that Marstellar has wrestled in and they just have never crossed paths. Marstellar is a stud. If he is healthy he will be right in the title mix from day 1. The same obviously goes for Bo Jordan. Different styles, but both of them are hammers. I don't even know why Chance has detractors here after all he has done.
  17. Tyler had about as phenomenal a Tournament record as you can have without winning the title.
  18. Penn State also has former wrestlers who are now donors with really, really deep pockets. Forget millions, thinks hundreds of millions. It helps. This just adds to what you wrote, all of which is absolutely true and accurate.
  19. This. Zain is the best freshman wrestler, but Cox got the better result because of pure physical strength. Cox was bigger and stronger even as a true freshman than almost everyone he wrestled. While Cox is a very good wrestler, Zain is the better pure technical wrestler. Zain was nowhere near Logan Stieber in strength but he beat him once and wrestled him harder than anyone wrestled him all year, including Devin Carter. Zain's only other loss was in ride outs to Port and Port looked at least 10lbs. bigger than Zain. Something tell me that when Zain catches up in size and strength his technical skill will have him dominating guys. Joey Dance finishing 3rd is great, and I expect big things from him. He had 10 losses though, which shows he isn't quite where Zain is just yet. Still a great young wrestler. Coon is going to be a force as the Hwt weight class clears out. Probably needs to get a little bigger, which he obviously will.
  20. Yep. More Chance, more Kyle, more BoJo, and more David Taylors are needed. This is what the Young Guns want to see.
  21. Even when Dake beat David 5-4 in the NCAA Tourney, Taylor STILL outscored him in team points for the Tournament. Taylor stands alone as the biggest continual bonus point scorer I have seen over the last 10 to 20 years. No wonder the Young Guns want to be like Taylor.
  22. Hence the purpose of the bet. Hello? :D
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