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  1. Taylor scored 24 points in 2013. What was the 2nd highest number of points scored by a 2nd place finisher that year?
  2. Joey is recovering nicely. He suffered 3 stab wounds with one of them piercing his lung, I think. But he is OK, sitting up, and scheduled to leave the hospital. His team mate was treated and released. His cousin was the worst off. He suffered 9 stab wounds and was back in surgery yesterday. I don't know anything else.
  3. yes, last year, after dake graduated, like this one, in sports illustrated: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/college-athlete-of-the-year/news/20130522/kyle-dake-college-athlete-of-the-year/ im guessing you won't see as many articles like this one on DT next year when instead we're all reading about Logan Steiber. That article is a great article about Dake's accomplishments on the mat, but its a different take than what is being offered by Askren.
  4. I am interested as to why you threw Dake's name in there seeing how you have no basis for his coaching ability, personality, or his potential effect on a program. Have you read any articles like this on Dake? There is a reason why Askren wrote this about Taylor and not Dake. There is a reason kids want to be Taylor and not Dake.
  5. What else you got? A blast double so hard and so perfect in where you hit him that he can't reach your leg?
  6. Delgado has not taken down Nico with his own shot in the last several matches. Nico realized he had to get super low to stop those shots. Jesse shoots on everyone except Nico and Nashon. Jesse has adapted a style vs. these two where he just goes to the leg and tries to turn from there. Nico has to an extent figured this out, but Nashon hasn't. To beat him I think you have to beat him in this position. Not sure how.
  7. This is what I was saying in the other thread, MSU. Back in the old days the young guy who thought he could make it to the top knew he had to go thru Gable, but this same type of young guy today has multiple options not named Iowa City. The other guys talking about how kids are learning on the internet is spot on.
  8. Not my point, really. My point was that Sorenson seems like a nice wrestler and all, but not a game changer by any means. Since leaving high school he has ,lost to high schoolers like Blees and Valencia, who pinned him. Austin Eads pinned him. Brian Murphy beat him. Not to take anything away from him, but he isn't likely to replace the production of Derek St. John any time soon. Iowa needs hammers. Guys like that can elevate an entire team. I just don't see those types of guys on their roster. Ohio State is bringing in hammers next year, which is why I think they will end up on top. Those hammers will make everyone else a little better, and that will be the difference imo.
  9. Cael Sanderson after the NCAA Tournament said that he would take David Taylor over anyone in the history of wrestling to build his team. Some non Penn State fans would find that comment crazy, but to us Penn State fans who have watched this kid for the past four years we understand why he said it. Askren just illustrated CLEARLY why David Taylor means m ore to wrestling than anyone else that currently wrestles in America. Taylor coaching at Iowa or anywhere else would sky rocket that program back UP. His personality is worth 10 Kyle Dakes multiplied by 10 Tom Brands. Thankfully for us Penn Staters, he still wants to wrestle and compete, and he will remain in the NLWC. David will be a huge part of the reason the next kid like him chooses Penn State.
  10. Name a PSU fan that Gulibon let down with his performance. Don't include a question in your response, either. Just the names of us Penn Staters that you claim he let down. Get to it... That's right, Old Marine Wrestler. superold is basically just a troll, and this post you called him out for is a prime example. He's a clever troll, but a troll none the less.
  11. Will Iowa really be better? The posts now read just like the Iowa posts from two years ago, and then from last year. Its all good on paper, I guess. But will Gilman - Clark be better than Clark - Ramos? Hard to see how that could be given Tony won this year. Jeva and Grothus? They have not really shown it yet at NCAA Tournament level, so will they? Not sure I am seeing it. Maybe Sorenson, but he did not beat out Grothus during the year even though he did beat him one time. If Sorenson takes over for St. John, how is this an improvement? Not sure about that. One area where they really should be better is at 165. Moore has to have learned something from this year. So I can see where he'd do better next year. Evans should be predicted to be somewhere in that top 4. Brooks should do pretty well at 184, and Iowa can do better if only for the fact that Lofthouse set the bar so low at NCAA's this year. But 184 has other studs too, some of whom will flood into this weight with the departure of Ruth. Dean, Dechow, and Lorenzo Thomas all should be rated higher. Brooks will be in the hunt after that. Burak is Burak. 8th in 2014. Of the 7 in front of him only Heflin leaves, but the kid replacing Heflin is even better than Heflin imo. Telford is Telford. He can make the final or finish 4th again. The only new guy factored into any of this is Snyder, but we know there will be more at other weights. Iowa would be more bankable if they had some true hammers like in the olden days, but they don't.
  12. If there is anyone more emotionally scarred by the recent slide of the Iowa Hawkeyes than Gonzo, I have not met this person. Gonzo will be here shortly to deny it, but we all know it's true! Ha! :lol:
  13. I think Ohio is ascending. California is also ascending from where they once were. Pennsylvania is Pennsylvania, just dominating percentage wise. 17 all Americans this year is off the chain. What is that, like 21 or 22 percent of the all Americans? Wow. NJ is still good, but I don't see them ever being in the top four again unless something changes.
  14. tommygun, in the Foley column he also named committee members. Not a big deal at all. No different than naming the coaches that favor a dual meet instead of the tournament. CT, I really wish you hadn't opened a 2 year old thread. While I actually get a total kick out of your posts and understand the general humorous tone they are written with, this one had disaster written all over it.
  15. Nolf is a stud. I have seen a lot of him and want to see a lot more, but the guy I am really looking forward to seeing next year is Corey Rasheed. I saw a video of him pinning Chris Koo in like 30 seconds to win a NY State title. He got him in a real tight cradle. He shot on him like a 125 shoots. Super quick.
  16. Specific prediction just for you, superold. I don't think Chance will wrestle at 157 for Oklahoma State. Now that is very specific . Surely even someone like you can see that.
  17. He's a stud, superold. Enjoy it, don't fight it. Don't be THAT guy. You'll end up the subject of a DirecTV commercial.
  18. Taylor, then Ness. Had Ness pinned Dieringer, then he'd have forced Taylor to major Caldwell and this all could have changed. As it went down, Taylor gets the nod.
  19. Update, Joey had a few stab wounds and a collapsed lung, but he is sitting up and doing pretty well right now. He is looking forward to leaving the hospital by Wed. or Thurs. His cousin still needs prayers. He suffered 9 stab wounds and is headed back into surgery today. I read all of this on one of the PSU wrestling sites.
  20. I have already told you what I think about Chance Marstellar, you just didn't accept it. But that is you. Chance is a stud. That is all you need to know. Just sit back and watch. Be a fan and not a pest for once in your life.
  21. If past history is any indication, then about 5 pages of silly nagging questions worth. :D
  22. I don't believe at all that Nolf will wrestle next year, but if he goes at 149 then I think he can fit into this category. Having said this, I think he red shirts.
  23. How is Taylor personally responsible for the depth at 174 the past two years? Is this nothing more than speculation? You should pose your question to Kyle Dake, because on ESPN the other night in response to someone else saying how big so many 157's looked this year he said that Taylor caused a lot of guys to avoid 165. Evans and Kokesh both got handled easily by Taylor at 165, so not a shock they moved to 174. You probably require a written affidavit, though.
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