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  1. Can't see anyone beating him.
  2. Massa is only a junior, and I thought DD was all seniors. He is talking about Massa's older brother. Dapper Dan IS only seniors.
  3. Delgado is simply too good when Mega goes for the low single he can funk and grab some body part and it almost always ends up in a stalemate. What move do you think Mega should work on to get Delgado down?
  4. If done repeatedly, then it is stalling. Even if a Penn State wrestler does it. Ref should be calling guys out for it.
  5. The difference in the match was the ride out where Stallgado kept grabbing Mega's ankle and picking it up without trying to improve. He did it 3x and the clock ran out. It was the exact same thing DSJ did to I Jordan. Both of them killed off the 30 seconds easily despite never trying to improve and never even trying to hide what they were doing. That is stalling.
  6. Videos http://highschoolsports.nj.com/news/art ... ut-videos/ I watched the Clark - Dinmore video. One of the more action packed 3-1 matches you'll see. Clark won it in OT, but either of them had numerous chances to get a take down before it got that far.
  7. Who got the OW last night. I am thinking Marstellar?
  8. That is what they will do.
  9. Well said. You and the others have it right. The refs that condone stalling are killing the sport, and the powers that be that are fixated on duals while this is going on right under their noses should really be replaced. Time for some new leadership that has some guts. Love Cael's quote.
  10. If you went to Cornell and can't follow Tournament scoring then you need to ask for a refund. :D
  11. Mike Evans is not impressed with this thread. :D
  12. Refs are killing this sport. I did not see the Perry=Howe match, but I watched a couple of guys win this weekend that never took a single shot or only took 1 shot compared to many from their opponents.
  13. Indeed, and easily justifies the Dapper Dan committee picking him early. In any other year that didn't have Marstellar (and maybe Haines) he would have been even more celebrated. Good luck to him in the DD and at PSU. Nolf, despite one ;less title, probably had an even better career than Haines. He lost only once in h.s., and wrestled an arguably tougher schedule.
  14. I will be rooting for the fightin' jammens! :D
  15. Here is the pin in the final. The kid Nick pins is HUGE!!!! Nothing happening, then BAM!!!!!!!!! Crowd goes nuts!!! Oops, that is last year's final. Here is this year's final. Same opponent.
  16. I think Iowa is actually in the driver's seat right now. They probably should win it.
  17. Not taking sides in this argument, but I know I have seen Iowa fans get angry at non Hawkeye wrestlers for picking up the ankle like that in OT. Retherford did that once and a Hawkeye fan brought it up with some derogatory comment. I guess its bad when the other guy does it, but somehow still good when the Hawkeye wrestler does it. That is something I learned right here on the mat forums.
  18. A big thank you to jammen for starting this thread. :lol:
  19. I could never synch up any audio with the video, plus you had to watch a 15 second commercial EVERY TIME you switched mats. Awful. I would tell them to get with the 21rst Century already.
  20. I didn't see this match, but from you all are saying I wish I had.
  21. Rec Hall got most of them right 106: Dan Moran vs. Devin Brown Brown won 7-6, I think 113: Spencer Lee vs. Joe Wheeling Lee scored at will, but Wheeling still hung sort of tough. Lee is just way to slick for h.s. wrestlers 120: Luke Pletcher vs. Scott Parker Went to OT where Pletcher won with a takedown right on the edge. Not to take anything away from Pletcher but the announcer had it right, I think Parker let his guard down. Parker is tough for a real skinny kid. 126: Zach Valley vs. Dalton Macri Macri won 132: Chase Zemenak vs. Cameron Coy Coy held on for the win. 9th grader. 138: Vincenzo Joseph vs. Mike Kemerer Went to OT where Joseph won a wild scramble that ended with him pinning Kemerer 145: Joe Galasso vs. Solomon Chishko Chisko won easily. Can't recall the exact score but Chsiko got three take downs to none for Galasso. I think they could have wrestled a long time and Chsiko would just keep winning the takedown battle. 152: TC Warner vs. Josh Shields Take of two halves. To me, Warner was the better wrestler, but he got slightly injured near the end of the 2nd period and had to hang on for dear life after that. He won 4-3 or 5-4 or something like that. 160: Ian Shannon vs. Garrett Peppelman Peppleman won something like 20-7. Was never close. 170: Kyle Coniker vs. Chance Marsteller Chance was up 14-2 after two periods and just shut it down. Just fought off attacks, none of which got close. I think his back was bothering him. To me, he could have teched him easy in the 3rd but he just shut it all down. 182: Kellan Stout vs. Zack Zavatsky Zac won 3-1 195: Jan Johnson vs. Nezar Haddad Johnson won 7-1, so he will be a returning champ next year. Real good wrestler. 220: Mike Boykin vs. Jordan Wood Boykin won by 1 point, something like 4-3. Boykin is strong as an Ox. HWT: Thomas Haines vs. Pat Finn Hanies won easily. I don't recall the final score but it was something close to 8-1.
  22. Nolf got the OW yesterday. Finishes career with 3x and 177-1. Amazing.
  23. Nolf ended his career with his 3rd PIAA Class AA State Championship and a career record of 176-1. Wow. Amazing. The pin against Barnes was a little flukish as he got Barnes vertical on then just rolled backwards a little. Jason ended up as the AA Outstanding Wrestler. This kid is college ready right now and, imo, will challenge to start for Penn State next year.
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