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  1. Sanderson is the greatest of all time. He never lost. End of story.
  2. Maybe Tom Ryan knows something we don't. Maybe Camp isn't is motivated as he should / could be.
  3. Taylor may end up scoring more team points at NCAA's than any wrestler ever. That is nothing short of insane for a 2x.
  4. Congrats to Kyle Dake. The guy earned the award. Congrats to Ed Ruth on a fine year as well.
  5. Andrew Alton has the ability. Whether it happens or not would be a guess on my part.
  6. Mooch was beating Ruth when the injury default occurred.
  7. https://twitter.com/SamLouwagie/status/315667427235094530/photo/1 A Picture Is Better Than a Thousand Words. Cael following Taylor's loss to Dake.
  8. I found the link. Ironically to this site. Taylor's Bio from an article by USAWrestling and syndicated to TheMat.com last April: DAVID TAYLOR, St. Paris, Ohio (Nittany Lion WC) Wildcard selection for Olympic Trials… Second in 2008 and 2010 FILA Junior World Team Trials… Third in 2010 FILA Junior Nationals… 2010 University Nationals champion… Eighth in 2007 FILA Junior World Championships… 2007 Junior Nationals champion in both styles… 2006 Cadet Nationals champion in both styles… 2005 Cadet Nationals champion in freestyle and second in Greco-Roman… 2005 FILA Cadet Nationals champion in both styles… 2012 NCAA Champion for Penn State… 2012 Dan Hodge Trophy winner as nation’s top college wrestler… Second in 2011 NCAA Championships… Four-time Ohio state high school champion… College: Penn State… High School: St. Paris, Ohio (St. Paris Graham)… Born: December 5, 1992… Age: 19 http://www.themat.com/section.php?section_id=3&page=showarticle&ArticleID=24956 I never gave the birthdate all that much thought. I just presumed it to be correct.
  9. I pulled those dates from the Olympic Trials website. I assumed them to be correct. I'll try and find the link.
  10. Kyle was born on February 2, 1991. He is 22. For comparison's sake, Cael Sanderson was also 22 when he won his fourth title. Comparing Dake to today's 165's, Tyler Caldwell was born Nov. 20, 1989. Dake is a year younger than Caldwell. David Taylor was born December 5, 1992, so that makes Dake nearly two years older than Taylor. Draw your own conclusions as to how this enters into the whole rs/non rs debate.
  11. So it was the extra year that made Cael great? Cael was still unbeaten. To me, this separates him from all others. The guy never lost. Dake lost four times. FWIW, I still have Dake right there with Smith at #2 not counting the older guys that I never saw.
  12. Cael was undefeated. That ends it right there. Also, and this is NOT stated to diminish what Dake did, but just to state a fact that rarely gets brought up (one guy did mention it in this thread), but if there is a top end dominating senior in your weight class then you are not going to win the championship your freshman year. Dake beat the Big10 runner up in the semifinals that freshman year, then got a sophomore Montel Marion in the final. Had he been facing Gallick, J Jaggers, Teyon Ware, or Kellen Russell when those guys were seniors or even juniors, he probably doesn't beat them as a true freshman. So his winning that title as a freshman involved him being very good, but also being lucky in not having to face a dominating upperclassman. The whole changing weight thing is overblown. Dake was never undersized.
  13. Cael was the OW 4x and the Hodge 3x. Basically, the people that count these things in real time believed Cael was the top dog all the time. Not to diminish Dake's tremendous accomplishments, but he wasn't even believed to be the best wrestler in any given year until his senior year. Cael was also unblemished. To me that will always be the defining measurement. No big deal, though. Dake is right there. He's incredible. Both of them are at the top.
  14. This. When the other guy can beat you fair and square you have to respect that.
  15. Judging by the way he looked at States and Dapper Dan, he looked to me like he could.
  16. I obviously used the wrong words in my thread starting subject line and ruffled some feathers. I did not mean that to come off like it did. I was trying to point out how they were glamming up the production of the finals, that's it.
  17. The OP is profoundly wrong. Taylor is great wrestler. Also, diminishing Taylor does nothing for Dake.
  18. I saw this elsewhere. Credit to Moose7474 on one of the Penn State msg. boards. A list of the highest team point scorers in NCAA Championship history. 1. Sanderson [106.5 pts] 2. Smith [96.0 pts] 3. Dake [91.0 pts] 4. Brands [89.5 pts] 5. Gable [80.0 pts] 6. Hodge [80.0 pts] . . . Taylor [72.0 pts] I believe Taylor scored 29.5 points last year and 24 this year. If he wins the national title next year he could possible get Cael's team point scoring record despite only winning two titles. That is still a big if, but he could make it a goal and possibly get it. Clarion, PA wrestler Wade Schalles got 58 points in 2 years at NCAA's. He was not allowed to compete as a freshman, and he was prevented from competing as a senior. His senior year he pinned almost everyone, including three different NCAA champions that year. It is not hard to believe he'd have been the all time leading NCAA point scorer had he been there for all four years. Video of Wade Schalles getting the better of world champion Lee Kemp.
  19. Agree. Best Wright match I have ever seen considering just how dominant Kilgore has been. Q obviously had a game plan and he worked Kilgore tonight.
  20. Agree with you, but I have been soundly rebutted in that other thread. ESPN didn't even show the title trophy being handed out for a team national championship. One other thing to nitpick. If you taped tonight's broadcast you got everything EXCEPT the Fv@&ing Taylor-Dake match. Think about that for a second. For all the ESPN hype of the match, it ended way after the 11pm broadcast of the show was over. It wouldn't matter to the person watching it live because they pre-empted Sports Center, but if you DVR'd the show then you were screwed. Your DVR replay ends 20 seconds into period 2. They had three hours to get 10 matches in and they could not do it. I saw this coming and DVR'd Sports Center, but if you didn't have that foresight and you wanted to see the end of the match on DVR, good luck with that.
  21. Commensurate with the number of people who hate the fact Cael has Penn State rolling to one title after another. They can have a thousand threads. Doesn't bother me. Dake beat Taylor fair and square. Taylor's two very close losses to Dake says as much about how great Taylor is than all his pins against over matched opponents.
  22. Great post. Dake has beaten Taylor three times now in folk, all by 1 point. If Dake is one of the all time bests, then Taylor is right behind him. I don't think anyone has beaten Mega in a scramble this year except for Delgado. Three scrambles in their last two matches all ended up the same way with Mega initiating a shot that looked like he would finish only to have Delgado turn the position around on him. Two great wrestlers. Congrats to Q. Class act.
  23. Ok State basically had a perfect day, and Penn State still won the title. Pretty amazing what Cael is doing.
  24. Loved the exposure and they did make it easy to watch a lot of great wrestling. All good. But is it too much to ask to have some people who know the sport call the action? That's all I'm saying.
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