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  1. North Dakota? FARGO, the movie pretty much sums it up.
  2. Ed Ruth will win more than one World Title. David Taylor will have a tough time winning even one. He won't get past Jordan Burroughs until the Champ retires. Then he has Kyle Dake - IF Dake can come back from his injury. Ed Ruth is smart on the mat, talented and works hard - same with Taylor. Big difference is that Ruth will beat anyone the US throws at him to qualify while Taylor will hit the two roadblocks.
  3. Ed Ruth will have a good chance to win a medal this year. The guy is smart, talented, works hard and is going to be as good as Jordan Burroughs.
  4. In Freestyle for the US, Mark was Great, KJ was excellent, Cael was good. The fact Cael chose to quit does not allow us to see what he could have been. A career on the mat too short to be in the same room as Kevin Jackson and Mark Schultz and way short of John Smith. Also short of Jordan Burroughs today. Cael was very good but a short career on the mat hurts his international credentials. The fact he was the best of a lower grade US team at the time does not put him in elite company.
  5. Take Kevin Jackson, Mark Schultz and Cael Sanderson in a round robin tournament. Who comes out on top. In College? International Freestyle?
  6. Don't try making a living as an artist.
  7. Someone in FILA obviously has family members who own a printing and design company. Change the name and logo - forget about adding more weight classes.
  8. Mark Schultz was stronger than Cael. Shorter and would give Cael fits in trying for takedowns. As for the punching and beating - watch Schultz on YouTube beat hell out of his opponent - in a match he was not even prepared for. Took it as a last minute replacement. Cael would by crying before it was over..., if he could even make noise once Schultz finished with him.
  9. CAel is too much a pretty boy, not a killer like Mark Schultz. Cael is lucky he never had to wrestle Mark. Very lucky he never had to meet up with Greg Stroble. Wrestling as Cael did and his whining about how the refs were unfair to him - MMA would see him with his head handed to him on a regular basis. An excellent wrestler but definately not a fighter. Leave that to Schultz and keep Cael coaching the PornState child molestors.
  10. Could see Cael trying to drop low for an ankle pick and losing his head to a solid uppercut. On the mat, no contest..., but could Cael get him on the mat before being knocked into next week? I don't think so.
  11. Sorry turkey lips, but I have donated. And yes, those who choose NOT to serve their nation in the military or Peace Corps or similar do fail their country and their fellow citizens. Make all the excuses you want for them, they act cowardly.
  12. It is about the NCAA continuing to use their likeness AFTER their college years. A fair trade when they are playing and in college. After that time the schools and NCAA should pay if they want to use them. They are no longer students.
  13. Zelph

    Lee Kemp

    Old school and current practices - give the old guys todays training and such and they would still be champions. It is the heart, not just the technique. Mike the Bike Hailwood vs King Kenny Roberts on motorcycles. Given similar training you would see Mike challenging Kenny(originator of dragging the knee for balance in turns). You use the technique needed at the time. John Smith - would be great in any era as would Alexander Karelin, Satiev and many others. They would face the competition and rise to the occasion. They would be using the techniques of the time adapted to their physical attributes.
  14. How much have those PAID to work with USA Wrestling donated? The stuff about how they give all their time doesn't count - that is their job. How much are they donating in dollars? If they aren't doing so, why would anyone else?
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