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  1. Russia is right to ban Americans from adopting Russian kids. Plenty of American kids need families so no reason to steal them from another country.
  2. Watch what happens when these guys try to stay close and tie up. The old stock Firemans Carry by Burroughs will show up. So will the duck under and go behind. Then he'll nail someone with a single leg takedown. On a lesser wrestler he'll go for a headlock to a cement mixer and straight to a fall. He moves, and moves a lot and creates opportunity for himself.
  3. Training with the Russians or any nation with good wrestling will only help him. If he keeps doing it he may well end up being as loved by the Russians and other wrestling nations as Dave Schultz was.
  4. Look at the record..., it speaks for itself.
  5. Many guys had this problem at Iowa for a long time under Gable.
  6. What a load of crap. The current equivalent to the Trashmen and Surfin' Bird?
  7. Taylor does not need to bulk up at all. He needs to train under John Smith and refine his technique. Dake needs to do the same if he expects to beat Burroughs.
  8. Nice to see Brent Metcalf make it. Hope he does well and comes home with Gold. Has a lot of work ahead of him to do it but he deserves the chance. He is a polarizing figure and more hated by some than Drago in the Rocky movies. Congrats to all our champs as well as those who challenged for the spot. I hope all rise to the occasion and the US takes the team title in every style.
  9. Until Monday Night Football came out there were not three broadcasters working together at events. The first season of Monday Night Football with Cosell, Meredith and Jackson showed it could be done and improved the second year with Frank Gifford replacing Keith Jackson. Maybe the folks at Flo wrestling will follow that pattern. If so, add Dan Gable as his knowledge and east behind the mike would be worth the price of admission.
  10. Kyle Dake is closer than anyone else in the US to Jordan Burroughs. A bit more seasoning on this level will help him a lot a will getting a big stronger. One thing would help him more than anything else: 6 months training under John Smith. Dake is good. Burroughs is better. Smith was phenomenal. Burroughs has a chance to be in the same sentence as John Smith as he has both the talent and the drive. Kyle Dake is the only US wrestler with a real chance to challenge that. To do so he needs a tactician like John Smith to work with him.
  11. Is the injury one that is aggravated by more wrestling? If it is on that needed surgery, why not shortly after it happened rather than chance much greater injury by continuing to wrestle?
  12. Having to pay is not the real problem but having slow connections with no option is. Given lead time I can send a check or MO for payment. But, rural location near Canada with no faster options makes it something not worth the effort. I hate paying for what I can't use.
  13. Not acting. He's a Mormon, he would have become an Amway dealer and his wife a Mary Kay dealer.
  14. Call it what you want, still does not make right. it is a PIN, or a FALL.
  15. Maybe they were the lucky ones? He grew bigger as he matured but never lost the speed he has as a much lighter wrestler. He was fast - and this fooled many opponents as they were not used to such quickness coupled with his talent. He was excellent in High School and kept getting better in College. After his first two years we were hearing 'he is afraid to move up in weight where he'll get his azz handed to him'. His final year he did move up and the result was the same. None of the bigger wresters could handle him. He would have done well no matter the weight. Probably still would have gone undefeated.
  16. If the state or school does not have the funds, cut all athletic programs. None of them actually pay for themselves. If you look at it in financial terms nearly all, at every level, are losers. If you look at it as providing opportunities and a full educational experience they are worth keeping. My feeling is that any sport in the High Schools should be a sport the State colleges participate in. Every State should have at least one State University that offers each sport the High Schools provide. Anything less is telling the kids they are not worth it.
  17. If he was selling tapes he had purchased and not copied he was probably OK. If he had taken them himself or paid someone to do so and he had the rights to them he was probably Ok. If he was selling copies of tapes where others held the copyright, he was committing acts that may have been criminal in nature and prosecutable as a result. If his were OK, hope to see him back selling them again.
  18. Nope. Uetake & Hodge are both above him. He may well be fifth on the all time list.
  19. Write and buy a LEGAL photograph rather than being crooked and stealing one. The image is Copyrighted and what you are doing does not come close to 'fair use' exceptions under US Copyright law. Too many think any image they see online is open to steal - and that is just what it is when you do what you have been attempting to do.
  20. "If you win, you live to fight again. If you lose, you go to the gas chamber". SS Commandant at one of the Nazi extermination camps in WWII where he had prisoners fighting for troop entertainment.
  21. I know either is a long shot at best but they are the top two programs in the West and probably so for the near future as well. Would be nice to see both challenging for the top spot. Especially OSU taking it all with Iowa placing 2nd to them by virtue of OSU wrestler pinning an Iowa wrestler in the finals to clinch a close Team Title.
  22. If you can't quit whining bout how Dake is better even though Cael was 159-0 with four OW awards and Three Hodge awards... we'll match Dake with LeVesseur and let him wrestler for the Big Fish in a small pond award
  23. Which has the best chance of an NCAA Team Title in the next 10 years? Boise has fallen down the last few years while OSU has been looking better.
  24. Cael deserved the four Outstanding wrestling awards with the Fourth based more on the unbeaten streak and Fourth Title. There were at least two other wrestlers at the NCAA tournament Cael's final season who deserved the OW award. But, you can't beat perfection and 159-0 was not to be ignored. Cael deserved it but if this had been his second or third NCAA tournament he would not have been OW four in a row.
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