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  1. Dake definitely has huge balls and ability but that is not seen in his choice not to take a redshirt year, since he couldn't take a redshirt at Cornell no matter if he wanted to or not. Now Dake CHOOSING to bump up his senior year to put his 4 NCAA titles on the line against the returning Hodge trophy winner does show unheard of fearlessness, confidence, and mental stability. That was something else to watch for sure. Nope, not unheard of. Mark Schultz comes to mind. Cael also moved up to 197 his final year and shut down all those who kept accusing him of staying down to avoid 'the big boys'. 159-0 beats anything with a loss. Add in that Cael never missed a match and won even if he had an off day. I would put Dake and Pat Smith behind the Three Time Undefeated champs as well.
  2. If you want more coverage you have to make sure you have number of subscribers and viewers contact the publications and broadcast media asking where the coverage is? If they get 100 or more a month asking why events are not covered they will start paying attention. One or two won't do it. Also needs to be more than the same old half dozen parents making contact. Try a concerted effort cycling through those in wrestling clubs and keep wrestling on the mind of the sports page editors and you will see more coverage.
  3. How did Taylor start the match? Going after Dake and he scored, didn't he? Gable is right, got after Dake and take it to him. Push him. Close doesn't cut it, got all out and force it. Taylor got the takedown by forcing the action and should have stayed with that strategy the entire match. The waiting game to see who led by one point lost it for him again. Gable is a lot smarter than most and knows how to win.
  4. So, should we return to the days of 9 minute matches, top three at NCAA's are All American and you wrestle the full match no matter the point totals if you can't pin the guy?
  5. Your next years posts will be pushing Steiber and the best ever. Get over it guy, 159-0 is perfection. Cael even moved up a weight when the 197 pounders were saying he wouldn't do it because he would get his azz handed to him. He moved up and won going away. The 3 time Champs, undefeated and Cael as a 4 time champ, undefeated - have it over those who lost in NCAA competition. That said, at their peak, any style I would take Yojo Uetake, John Smith, Dan Gable and Mark Schultz over Cael. The reason is simple, Cael retired from active competition too soon. Politics was most likely the real reason, but he didn't show us what he could really accomplish once he won Olympic Gold. If he had stuck with it we may have seen something close to Schultz or even John Smith in freestyle. As for Uetake, he came back to Oklahoma State his Jr year with an Olympic Gold medal. Smith came back to Oklahoma State his Senior year with an Olympic Gold medal.
  6. Because in wrestling there is no such thing as "Big 12". It is a myth.
  7. In Freestyle, Mark Schultz beats Cael 8 of 10. When he was on his game he was unstoppable. Cael was a folkstyle wrestler who would have been both taken down and turned by Schultz who was referred to as 'the most physically giften wrestler the US ever produced' and was also given 'most technical wrestler' awards. Schultz was powerful and a lot faster than some give him credit for. Watch some of the matches and see how he was able to parlay a move into multiple scoring situations. His gymnsatics helped a lot with both strength and balance. His attitude of domination helped as well. Oppenents on the world stage (some of them) were afraid of him and it showed. Cael was excellent and in freestyle was the top guy of the 4 timers. Overall - I'd take Yojo any day over the field.
  8. Penn State with the white middle are not good looking at all. Appears as if a 50's textile/graphic arts major with a hangover designed them.
  9. All the back and forth of four weights and four titles, four titles undefeated, first four timer - where is Marcus Levesseur in the mix? Big fish in a small pond compared to big fish in the big pond?
  10. George W. Bush with our kids in Iraq. Dwight D. Eisenhower with our kids in Vietnam. It isn't just wrestling.
  11. Not even remotely suggesting Jim Zalesky would return to Iowa. He is above their level in civility and decency.
  12. Currently a new Division 1 wrestling program has to sit out a numbeer of years before they are eligible to wrestle in the NCAA tournament. Can't remember, but I think it is Seven years. Correct me if it is less. This cheats their wrestlers as well as their fans. I can see the program being held back a few years, but if a wrestler is good enough to qualify - let him wrestle. Will help the school as they can have some kids who improve and make the grade inspire the rest of the team and help them for the future. Not letting them compete cheats both the school and the wrestler. It is hard enough to start a program without assuring they can't get top kids because even if they are perfect, they have no shot at the NCAA tournament. Does the NCAA do this for every sport?
  13. One guy has won every college match against the other guy, so obviously the loser is better. Maybe you should run for congress?
  14. They got Gable from ISU. Maybe they will hire Kevin Jackson away next? After all, he is coach of the year, isn't he? Brands is secure until Zalesky's Oregon boys finish higher at NCAA's.
  15. These Eastern liberal pantywaists actually fine you instead of saying, 'sign here, please'? What a bunch of German types.
  16. This comes up for a few reasons. A premier Program where finishing out of the top spot is thought of as a failure. Most programs would love to have one top five finish. Gable's legacy of excellence. Quite the standard to be measured by. The sad way Jim Zalesky was fired. Tom Brands and the 'double recruiting class' that followed him to Iowa. Like Coach brands or not, he is dedicated and working hard to get his wrestlers to the top of the podium. His matside antics add to the excitement of any match Iowa is involved in. That he has not been on top for a few years has got to hurt Iowa faithful no matter who else is in the mix. His real threat is that Coach Zalesky comes up with a team that places higher at NCAA's. That might threaten his job.
  17. Those who can compose using complete sentences with words spelled correctly threaten the moderators of the site.
  18. Your poster shows water falling, not tears. Wrong, just as your view on this. Taylor should be in good enough condition to force the entire match and be ready for chain wrestling to counter Dake's counters. Gable did this. So did Cael. Mark Schultz did it against Banach.
  19. Dan Gable could still coach and out coach most others. He retired because he couldn't roll on the mat with his guys. There is a big difference. What other sport has its coaches competing with their athletes in practice? Not just to demonstrate something, but actually going with them? You don't see most other coaches doing this. Especially not 40 year olds.
  20. I think so. More attacking style to take advantage of his skills. More aggressive against Dake when it counted.
  21. David Taylor came out and quickly went after Kyle Dake and got a takedown. Dake ends up with an escape in short order. Taylor looks like he is excited and aggressive a few more times but mainly seems contented to tie and wait while trying one move at a time. No chain wrestling. Gone is the aggression of the first takedown. Both on their knees at times just stalling away without any real attempt at anything. Taylor let it slip away while Dake was content to win ugly while stalling/busyworking his way around the mat on top. Taylor may well have won if he had wrestled all out the whole match. He had Dake on the defensive when he was doing this.
  22. Like the 3 point first takedown. Like the deliberate release for no point after 30 seconds riding time. Do away with the Tech Fall. If you can't pin the guy you wrestle the entire match. Call much tighter on riding without moving up to go for a pin. This riding without trying to turn the wrestler is nothing but stalling. Would encourage more to release after the 30 seconds without penalty rather than holding on and boring us all.
  23. No, Dake would not and could not be a 4 time champion his Freshman year. Four titles can only come after one wrestles in four NCAA tournaments.
  24. FILA needs to add weights and push the Olympics that it is a take it or leave it proposition. What do they have to lose? All countries will benefit. Dake can't and won't beat Burroughs for some years to come, just won't happen.
  25. Gorrarian Award is given for most falls in shortest time at the tournament. Anyone better than David Taylor so far this year?
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