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  1. Why not? From what we are hearing and seeing Oliver may not be at his best for some reason. Even at his best he will have his hands full with Chamberlain.
  2. Magic Man will gig him tomorrow. No one has been able to try it against Dake for the full match. I think Taylor has the will as well as the conditioning to do it. Hope so. Am remmbering Mark Schultz over Ed Banach.
  3. Boise State's Jason Chamberlain has a tough opponent. Did the Olympic Redshirt year give him enough confidence and technical finesse to win the Title? What happened to Boise State overall? A few hot years and now looking pretty down. Injuries? Overperforming before and now getting back to normal? Hope they do better as well as Oregon State and other Western teams so we can get more competitive balance.
  4. Congrats on FIVE in the finals. Where in the world are the rest of the guys? NO ONE else is wrestling for anything. Either they wrestle for a title or they totally bomb? Not nearly what was expected given the hype on a certain pair of twins - and a few others. Looks as if a lot more time on fundamentals as well as recruiting is called for.
  5. Taylor can beat Dake if he pushes full out like he has done so far. Dake is excellent counter-wrestling but Taylor can put on enough pressure during the whole match that he will force Dake into bad positions - and back points or a pin. Will take chain wrestling and pushing Dake hard. With Dake backing up the Ref will do some stall calls and rattle Dake with a point of more for Taylor as a result. Then we'll see more action with Taylor pushing three to five moves off everything Dake tries to counter with. Think Caldwell over Metcalf.
  6. Mark Schultz, One HS State Title. 3 NCAA Titles.
  7. Sorry John, but Yojo came back to OSU his Jr year with Olympic Gold in his pocket and was never beaten in college and won his second Olympic Gold wrestling with a dislocated shoulder. I agree with Myron Roderick on Yojo - the best ever.
  8. Be glad it isn't in North Dakota. A buddy there tells me it was 17 below zero and blowing harder than all get out with snow drifts to 6 feet the past few days.
  9. Sanderson Brothers? ;-) Cole, Cody, Cael and Cyler. Four NCAA Titles - four Brothers. Four Outstanding wrestler awards. Course, Cael has all four but still... they are brothers.
  10. Brands isn't going anywhere. After the beating Iowa took for their classless firing of Coach Zalesky they won't risk a repeat as the school and wrestlers settle in to the reality of second to fifth place finishes as their new place in life.
  11. He will take down David Taylor and ride him like a rented mule. Taylor will face greater humiliation than Brent Metcalf did when beat senseless by Caldwell.
  12. If he gets a two year extension for beating the frozen Dakotans he will probably get another Ten year extension for beating the Utah Valley mormons.
  13. Has McIntosh gotten over his shell shock at how he was manhandled to so many last year? He was "college ready" until he got on the mat and found out how tough the competition was. Looks as if it really hurt his confidence.
  14. Coming back after a year of freestyle, can Chamberlain defeat Oliver to win the Title? (assuming both make the finals) Oliver is on fire but Chamberlain is no slouch tho he seems up and down at times. Hope he does it as Boise State sorely needs a shot in the arm with the Beavers stealing their thunder these days.
  15. Don't go there .... just yet. Let's wait to see what happens at the NCAA's ..... We had a huge long thread about that a while back. The results showed a rather close performance over the early years ... even including the transfers from VT. Bottom line, if Brands doesn't win the Big Dance this year... It will be painfully close with regards to Coach Z ... if not worse. Meanwhile, I'll try to poke around and see if I can find that old thread ... It was a DOOZY !!! PS: We love Coach Z out here in the NW ..... He is doing a fine job. ;) Brought it up because Coach Zelesky is a class act, Brands - no matter his winning - the last three letters.
  16. How many years did Coach Zelesky go without an NCAA Team Title before he was so rudely fired?
  17. Check with Rondo Fehlburg, former BYU wrestler(later Athletic Director at the school) who was on the mat against Owings as well. He is the one who informed me of this.
  18. So will ISU beating Oklahoma save the coach's job?
  19. With Kyle Dake going for a Fourth NCAA Title those in charge should start the finals at 174 so Dake will be the final match of the night - assuming he doesn't lose in an earlier round. A highly anticipated match to climax the tournament would be good marketing and a perfect fit. If he does lose earlier, do the blind draw and start with whatever weight comes up.
  20. if he had known Larry Owings was double jointed? Dan didn't know this and it was one reason his arm bars didn't hold and work to punish the opponent. Dan even looked surprised a couple of times during the match when Owings would slip out of what held others tight. If he had known before the match, would he have changed tactics a bit?
  21. A close match favors Kyle Dake. Taylor coming controlled but full speed the whole time and working of third and fourth moves to beat Dakes counters is his key. Just as Caldwell came at Metcalf, surprised him immediately and then pounded it home - that is what it will take for Taylor to beat Dake. As for Bubba, he wouldn't get the pin over Taylor today.
  22. How aggressive does David Taylor have to be to defeat Kyle Dake? Instead of a chess match he may need to attack and push the action. Force Dake to react a lot more during the match. His laying back has not been successful so he might as well go for it all the way and see if he can throw Dake off his game. Instead of being content on top to hold and ride he needs to push hard to turn Dake. On bottom he needs to chain wrestle for a reversal and even gamble a bit. Dake is an excellent counter wrestler but Taylor can initiate action and adjust on the fly as well. Dake may have problems with a full speed match the entire time with Taylor going after him rather than sitting back and waiting. Attack and create openings knowing Dake will counter - but plan for the counters and attack them hard as well. Without pushing it, he loses another close one.
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