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  1. You are missing the greatest wrestler of all time. Marcus LeVesseur was never beaten. Chuck Norris is scared of him.

    Cael never wrestled him.

    John Smith never wrestled him.


    Marcus did the wrestling world a favor by not competing past his college Perfection as no one in the world would now even remember Dan Gable or Alexander Karelin since Marcus Levesseur would hold every record the world has ever seen for wrestling wins. ;-)

  2. Hope any Pitt Wrestlers who appear in the movie as extras or any other capacity don't lose their NCAA eligibility. Those turkeys at NCAA can get really nasty about athletes earning any kind of money 'from their sport' or associated with it.


    Remember the Colorado Punter who was told he had to give back all the money he had made after winning an Olympic Gold medal - if he wanted to continue to play NCAA football? The money and his business were from the skiing he had done and had nothing at all to do with his football efforts - but the NCAA knows best. He quit football and is doing well with his business.

  3. Danny is not complementary to Zeke at all.


    It is time for US Wrestling to wake up and put Gable in charge as Czar of Freestyle wrestling. He will instill the fire our team needs. He will be able to push more wrestlers closer to the success Jordan Burroughs is having and Burroughs will become even more dominant.


    Gable is the only one with the fire and determination needed to do the job.

  4. I think the focus now is about takedowns counting for 2, and defensive crotch lifts. I really wouldn't worry too much about guts. Most of our guys are better on their feet than the rest of the world and that extra point gives us a small advantage.


    One thing that is for real is that freestyle has become very fun to watch. For all the complaining about FILA, they did really step up with the new rules. They ain't perfect but they are a world apart from previous rules. I hope they tweak some things, but please don't screw around with the current rules.


    Must be why the US keeps winning the team title over everyone else at each world tournment.

  5. He is top dog in a weight the US is relatively weak at in world competition.

    He has the drive to succeed and if he gets in more international competition he will only get better. Facing tougher competition regularly will help his game and he will up the level. I think he will place on the world level within the next three years, possibly more than once.

  6. Ruth is athletic and very smart. Will only get better with more freestyle experience and, barring injury, should end up our #1 and with world hardware.


    He would benefit greatly working with John Smith for 6 months or more. This in addition to what Cael has done will help him with his setups a lot. Will really help with keeping from giving up points that should not happen. Smith is much more technical and that is what Ed Ruth needs at this point. He is sharp enough to learn from the best and make the improvements needed.

  7. Burroughs showed he can bring it when needed. Taylor is still short of the top but gaining. With Burroughs in the way and Dake looming Taylor will have a tough time getting the top spot. I don't think he will make it.


    His chances would improve if he went to work with John Smith for six months.

    Ruth would benefit from working with John Smith as well - with both Smith and Cael collaborating to get him honed with a sharper offense and much cleaner setups.


    Cael won Olympic Gold wrestling folkstyle against freestylers. Hard work but a lot of natural talent to work with. John Smith was perfection on the mat and his tutelage would help Taylor and Ruth both as he fine tuned what Cael has started.

  8. I'm not saying that I would or would not. Were talking about Cael and to win a national title he put a guy on his team that had problems that he knew about. That same guy came on campus and did something worse. I'm saying he doesn't belong in the greats conversation.


    Yes, Cael put Long on the team. A troubled kid who had little other than wrestling in his life that was positive. Cael took a chance and I think it was believing Long was committed to changing his ways. Many of us believe in giving kids a chance and the new school, new teammates and location could go a long way to settling a kid down.


    Cael gave him a chance and that is to his credit as a coach and a man. That Long failed is not the fault of Cael Sanderson.

  9. When he was in high school he beat two-time NCAA champion Chuck Yagla, pinning him in the finals of the Great Plains. He took a silver medal in the Russian National Championships. He came back here and missed all of the state qualifying championships because he was over in Russia so the coaches petitioned him into the state tournament and he walked through without even a close match. His closest match was like 12-1 and that was a weight above his normal weight. He then won the National Greco Roman Championships and got the most falls in the least amount of time –all while he was still in High School!


    He goes on to NCAA and World titles.


    So, WAS he the greatest HS wrestler of all time? He certainly did not fizzle in college or International competition.

  10. Marijuana is illegal and in many jurisdictions having it with 'intent to sell' is more serious than simple possession. Having it within a certain distance of public schools is an enhanced crime in many jurisdictions.


    Stopping and holding the kid is just fine, whatever it took. Many of us would have made sure to take the kid down face first onto flooring and make sure to dislocate a few of his limbs as he 'struggled'.


    Give the teacher a medal and a $5000 bonus and get rid of the administrators who do not support him.

  11. I have not said they are terrible people but they have failed their nation. When of age they should have served. Gable was of age during the VietNam era. He could have enlisted, served and come back to wrestling. Cael was missionary age before he started wrestling Varsity. He could have done what every mormon boy is expected to do - serve a mission then come home and pursue his wrestling.


    They and so many others Chose to take the advantages their nation provides without enlisting to give back. Just like John Wayne - way after the fact they come out as good guys while the real deal served. Front line or support, they served. They went where they were sent and served. These men and women did their duty whether in the military or Peace Corps - they stepped up rather than hiding from responsibility.


    All these martial sports and so many won't man up and serve their country.


    Sports is not like combat, not even close. All the comparisons are laughable as calling bowling a sport.

  12. Penn State won't do it.

    They may have one Champion but won't have two tho may well have two in the finals.

    Might get two to third place matches.

    Others will AA but... bonus points will not be what they were with Ruth and Taylor and that will keep them from the top spot more than anything else.


    They will be good competition for Iowa for third place.


    A real run at the top spot is at least two years away.

  13. J Robinson is a Veteran. Lloyd Keaser is a veteran. Dremiel Byers is still on active duty. Some other great wrestlers are veterans. A few in the ranks of athletes in combat and martial sports as well as sports in general have served their nation in Peach Corps and other volunteer service. Many other nations have had high numbers of their top athletes in national service.


    Why do so many of our top wrestlers, football players and others choose to avoid serving their nation in the Military?


    Dan Gable could have served and wrestled both just as J Robinson did. John Smith could have done so. Cael Sanderson could have done so. Cael's story is made sadder by his choice to wrestle rather than serve his Church on a two year mission in addition to failing to serve in the military.


    These and so many others choose to avoid serving their nation yet are part of a martial/combat sport.


    We see it in football even more. All the comparisons to combat are ludicrous and laughable. Safe and sound with rules and padding and trainers and physicians - so many especially at the higher levels of all sports compare themselves to soldiers and sailors while running from service and trying to salve their conscience by telling one and all they are 'representing their country' this way.


    Sorry boys and girls, you can serve your nation better by choosing to serve, military or peace corps or similar - and still compete in your chosen sport. For many the maturity gained in service will only make them better - in their sport as well as in life.


    Why do so many Wrestlers fail their nation this way?


    Before some of you self righteous start jumping on me and trying to rationalize your failure to serve, I am Veteran of the U.S. Military - having enlisted and served. Lost it as career due to injuries that are permanent. Also a former LDS Missionary - having served two years on a mormon mission before I enlisted in the U.S. Military. Also a former wrestler in College before and after the mission though after the Military I did not go back to wrestling but worked to gain a MS in the Biological Sciences and raise a family. Yes, my kids are veterans as well.

  14. A lot of riding with few attempts to move up and pin the opponent.

    Watching a lot of wrestlers now is sad. Either a takedown game or interminable riding without actually trying for the pin.

    If you aren't going for the pin you ought to be penalized.


    On bottom, if you aren't actively working to get out or get a reversal - just sitting there - you ought to be penalized.


    Push some action and quit letting these guys stall the match away.

  15. Maybe you aren't use to the more relaxed atmosphere in Oklahoma. Sounds as if you went in expecting New York and East Coast rudeness and are complaining you didn't get the 'in your face' attitude you are used to.


    Did you try the BBQ places? The small restaurants and such?


    Oklahoma City is a good town with friendly folks most everywhere. If there was a problem it was most likely you.

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