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  1. They aren't horrible, they just see you as an easy mark. Why let up on a fool?
  2. New Jersey: the East coast equivalent of Fresno, CA.
  3. And at least 62 other teams would trade places with them today. With that attitude and rationilaztion it is no wonder they are content with 4th place. Looks as if their motto will become 'we'll be in the top 5'. They are not doing well at all compared to what the fans expect.
  4. At this point Iowa is at least two years away from having an NCAA champion again. They have to change some things or be content to vie for 'top five' finishes rather than titles.
  5. Brown and Cael are both from Utah and belong to the same church. He most likely committed to Cael and not ISU. He spent two years as a mormon missionary and during that time priorities can change. Either way - he chose a coach, not a school. It is time the NCAA got off their tired old butts and changed the rules in sports to give kids the opportunity to transfer if they want when a head coach leaves. The myth of 'they sign with the school' is just that. Most sign for a coach and his program. If the coach leaves the kids should have the same opportunity. As it is, next year should be good. I don't see anyone on the roster of Penn State who is anywhere near Taylor or Ruth as a lock for a title. Iowa is even worse. Minnesota and Oklahoma State are the front runners right now. Next year should be a good one.
  6. Name ONE wrestler on the Iowa roster you honestly believe can win the NCAA tournament next year. Just one. You can't do it. They might have one, possibly even two in the mix in two years but next year they don't have a chance. Looks like too many cut too much weight and it catches up with them at the big dance. Their aggressiveness disappeared for the most part at the big dance. Most Iowa wrestlers looked like they were not going after it but content just to be there. Maybe they peaked in trying to unseat Cael's guys at the conference tournamenet? I'm sure Tom will step back and face reality and change a few things in training to try and get them to finish higher. He has to or the program will continue to decline and expectations will be 'top five' rather than Champions.
  7. Zelph

    Thank God

    Well after reading this, apparently he doesn't give two cowpies about anything. Looks as if your eyes have been opened. Amazing the power a myth has on so many.
  8. Why would anyone pay attention to you? You advocate fixing matches. Dishonest and criminal.
  9. The fact you would even suggest throwing matches and such dishonesty tells all we need to know about you.
  10. Will second Larry Owings. Considering who he beat and how he beat him - no one else is close. Considering what they did after college Baumgartner and Dave Schultz enter into the mix as well.
  11. So you advocate cheating and fixing matches? What a sick and dishonest mind.
  12. Unless Taylor comes up with a Pin Steiber should take Outstanding Wrestler this year.
  13. This year, once again Penn State had two who were as close to a guarantee for a Title as anyone. Next year there is not one wrester on the team you can say that about with confidence. Minnesota or Oklahoma State will take it next year as Penn State comes back to earth.
  14. Even if Ness got a pin how does Oklahoma State figure into it as 'working together'?
  15. Zelph

    Thank God

    People starving the world over. Dying of thirst. Rape victims praying for help... and you think this asinine "god" gives two cowpies worth of thought about wrestling?
  16. Don't call it til it is real. It is not over til Minnesota has no chance to overtake Penn State. Two matches to go and if Minnesota wins theirs Taylor will have to perform to finish things off. Remember, Taylor has a 66% losing percentage in Title matches and was even pinned in one of those losses. Don't expect it happens tonight but the old line of 'don't count your chickens ...' comes in.
  17. yeah you are a real big college wrestling fan when you don't even know what schools have wrestling you sounds like martin floreani when he heard duquense would drop their program and he said he didn't know they were division 1 but that is probably only bc they didn't pay him for marketing how can you call out a program for not hearing about them when clearly you don't even try to follow the sport Well chush' sobach'ya, we can't all be as wonderful and perfect as you. On the other hand, we have 27 new calves so far today so we're doing well no matter what Minnesota does or which Oregon school is which.
  18. The Oregon school Zalesky coaches at. Hard to keep them straight since you hardly ever hear about them.
  19. Sad part is that he would have had the takedown earlier if the match had not been stopped to wipe blood off his opponent. Let them bleed if it happens in the middle of a flurry or move. Can always stop it afterward and wipe off a bit of blood.
  20. Where are these guys? Don't see much about either at the NCAA championships. No background stories, no whining - no Nuthin! How about Boise State? Are all these programs sleeping now?
  21. I got news for you, ocho, some team will win the NCAA basketball tournament without having beaten every other team. Without having beaten some team that beat them head to head earlier in the season. That is life. Dapper Dan was more exciting than NWCA Duals. Three times as many fans showed up. The numbers don't lie. This is Wrestling, not a bunch of genetic freaks playing with their balls.
  22. He had faith his guy could get an escape or a reversal. Either would have been good and forced the issue.
  23. Isn't North Dakota just a Canadian myth? Not really a place, just a name as a place holder so the US will look bigger?
  24. Why even use the Internet if the numnuts at NCAA aren't smart enough to update brackets with results right after they happen? What is gained by waiting til the whole session is over? When matches are over they can update the brackets to reflect the results. Why are they too damn dumb to figure this out?
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