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  1. Why even use the Internet if the numnuts at NCAA aren't smart enough to update brackets with results right after they happen? What is gained by waiting til the whole session is over? When matches are over they can update the brackets to reflect the results. Why are they too damn dumb to figure this out?
  2. With some major underperformers is Iowa completely out of the Title race now?
  3. Sure looks as if Lofthouse screwed up. What did he do to go out so fast? Couldn't be fear of Ruth in his future paralyzing him, could it?
  4. No one was predicting four titles but these three were expected to do a lot better than they have done. And yes, some HS kids are ready for D1 while in High School. Not many, but guys like Kolat, Uetake and such are around from time to time
  5. He will be lucky if Taylor does not pin him by the end of the second round. Taylor is ready and I bet Bubba is on his mind every time he steps on the mat.
  6. Both Altons are a disappointment as is McIntosh. Altons more so at this point with conditioning and availability both problems. McIntosh in being so 'college ready' and falling down when it matters agains guys he should beat easily.
  7. So 165 is the only weight with the wrestlers matching up as seeded. With luck we'll get 1vs2 in the final match. Other matches with a real possibility of 1vs2 are 125, 133, 174, 184, 197 and Heavy. Not bad at all. Hope they come down to the seeded wrestlers. Will sure make the committee look good.
  8. Zelph

    Ok State

    If Cael has to rely on Alton he's in big trouble. Lots of noise but not much performance when it is needed.
  9. Brown will never win an NCAA Title. Just won't happen.
  10. Still calving here. In the barns with cows and staying there as 25-40mph winds blow snow outside. At least it isn't cold - 19 degrees(f) and not 25 below zero. Supposed to drop to zero or a bit below the next few nights. Internet on dial up with the computer working out here as we enter info on each new animal to track performance as they grow to market weight. Nice to have the site to get some results. Wish there was more discussion going as it is enjoyable to read.
  11. Yojo Uetake would have done as well. Dan Hodge. A few other Three time undefeateds who never got that fourth year due to asinine rules about freshmen competing.
  12. Any chance of scores and whatnot. On dial up connection here while calving and waiting for a winter storm to hit.
  13. They may not choke but at times do underperform relative to their rankings and expectations. Big problem is they don't often enougn perform greater than their rankings. That is a must if they want to take the Title again.
  14. With both Taylor and Ruth being so close in overall records the fact Ruth was not pinned in his career puts him over Taylor for me. Dake in Championship tournaments was probably better than anyone else either faced but the Bubba Pin in a Title match puts Ed Ruth on top, for me. This is 'assuming' both win Titles this Saturday. If one does not the subject has to be revisited tho the Pin still looms large in the overall scheme of things.
  15. Cheated "out"??? You probably say 'these ones' and 'early on' as well.
  16. Hoping Ed Ruth wins his Third title this weekend. Smart, tough and entertaining. His record has to be one of the finest in Penn State history. Where does he stand in total vicories, NCAA Titles and whatnot in Penn State Wrestling all time? No doubt he is one of the finest wrestlers they have ever had with one of the best records over his career at the school. Where does he stand in school history?
  17. Anyone want to buy a Cael wheaties box? Then you can have your own breakfast as you look at Cael 159-0!
  18. Yep, LeVesseur won 4 lower division titles tho he couldn't crack the starting lineup at Minnesota. He ducked D1 competition most every chance he had. Could have chosen to face the top guys in D1 in a number of opens but chose to stay away. Would have been nice to see how he fared aginst the big boys.
  19. Hope he wins it again. One excellent wrestler. Reminds me of Joe Heskett - another excellent wrestler who was associated with Cael. Ruth is fun to watch. One reason - he is so smart in his wrestling. Not just good but very smart in the way he goes after opponents.
  20. What do some have against Penn State? It enabled and hid Joe Paterno and Jerry Sandusky - and so many there still defend crap like that.
  21. Tough draw for Retherford? No, a tough draw for anyone facing him. He'll go to win it all and won't be any worse than 3rd.
  22. Some bright spots but overall a team sorely in need of Dan Gable in charge of US Freestyle overall to put some belief in these guys that they can WIN. He would get them working the whole time rather than standing around. Add in John Smith with Gable and you would have the two best in charge and see much better results soon.
  23. Lofthouse will surprise everyone as he pins Ruth and wins it all.
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