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  1. Even Sanderson looks like Casper the ghost next to Tom Ryan.


    Cael's religion refers to it as "White and Delightsome"..., from the Book of Mormon. Dark skin is a sign of disfavor by God. The book states clearly the American Indians were cursed with a dark skin so they would not be enticing to the White and Delightsome Israelites that sailed to the Americas and populated the continents.


    Cael is white and his Penn State guys are delightsome on the mat.

  2. Coon was also paid off by the Mormon elite.


    Yep, gotta watch out for those types who are the original 911 murderers - a wagon train of immigrants, promised safety if they laid down their arms and then murdered, men & women and children over 8 years.

  3. Sorry, but the biggest choke job is Iowa. Penn State is doing well. Getting top recruits and keeping them all happy and productive is a tough job. Sandersons are doing well with the group.

    Next year will be a real test for them in losing the two biggest point producers.

  4. Add in that in many of these judgment sports their are THREE performers per country allowed and you get even more lopsided.


    Why aren't Wrestlers and Boxers in the Olympics and worlds allowed at least TWO competitors per weight, per team?


    Track & field, swimming and such allow more than one competitor per event.


    These sick "sports" where winning is up to interpretation as to how pretty they look doing turns and such are a waste of time and money. They are activities and performances, not sport.

  5. Want more popularity in the US for amateur wrestling?


    Try calling in to Sports Talk Radio shows.


    I have done it for a long time and often get 'you are one of 3 guys we hear from' whilc they hear from hundreds for football and basketball.


    Had one National talk radio guy, a former NCAA wrestler tell me if he got 25 calls a week asking about wrestling he could 'sell' it to his producers and give it regular space on his show. He said if the call and text/email volume was in the hundreds for specific wrestling duals and tournaments it would help a lot in getting large show segments geared towards wrestling.


    So, why aren't you guys calling?

  6. Even if the criteria for this discussion excludes post-collegiate freestyle success, John Smith won a World Title while still in College. According to his OSU bio, he remains the only collegiate wrestler to win a World Title while still in school. That is a hard accomplishment to ignore, when talking about the best 2x'ers. As for those who were asking when he lost to Gil Sanchez, that occurred his Junior year. He then ended his career on a 90 match win streak.


    Yojo Uetake came back for his Jr. year with an Olmpic Gold medal. That is a World Champion. OSU PR guys know this but somehow don't change the blurb even though Uetake was an OSU three time NCAA champ and finished his Collegiate career undefeated and probably the finest College wrestler of all time.

  7. Mark Schultz moved up a weight class in a bid to deny Ed Banach a third NCAA Championship - as Banach was seen as a lock to win four Titles. Before the finals interviews were given where Four Titles were assumed to be almost guaranteed. Mark stopped that talk in short order. Even more impressive is the fact Mark did not start wrestling until his Junior year of High School. Was a California High School gymnastics champion before taking up wrestling.


    Anyone else you know of who moved up and faced as tough/tougher defending champ to take the Title?


    This is the video for those who have not seen it.

  8. A number of wrestlers have won two NCAA titles. Some pretty good names in that crowd.

    In watching a few over the years I will give John Smith my vote as the best two timer of them all with Dan Gable second.


    John Smith because once he got it figured out he was unstoppable. His low single and low to the mat style made for exciting matches and two titles with a World Gold before his Senior season. His later International career was great but for this I'm limiting things to NCAA Championships. His world Gold while in College is what puts him on top for me.


    Dan is up there because of his dominance - but the loss in the NCAA final his Senior year relegates him to second place.


    A lot of other worthy Two Timers out there. Who is your choice?

    ADDED I'll say the two years the wrestler won the Title. If they won and then had a season or two before winning again - include the seasons they did not take the top spot.


    I think John Smith had two great seasons with a World Championship as part of them. It was Freestyle, but while he was still in college and before his second NCAA Title.

  9. Go back and read Alton topics for the past couple years and you only have one conclusion. The kid has never been in good enough condition to wrestle three periods without gassing.


    Blame anything you want but if he doesn't get a pin in the first period he is in trouble. Can still beat a lot of guys because he is good but if pushed he runs out of gas big time.

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