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  1. Dan Gable used to tell his wrestlers there were three areas of concentration to enjoy College Life at Iowa. Social, Academics and Wrestling. Then he would say "Pick TWO", because he did not believe any student could give full attention to all three areas. Just not enough time in the day.
  2. and the incomparable Bobby Douglas beat Dan Gable FIVE times! No one else is even close.
  3. It is a Brands Brothers plan. Lull the opponents into thinking Iowa has no offence and then blitz the field at NCAA's. So far the first part is working well...
  4. Penn State topics are all about whether they will get beaten out as #1. Iowa topica are all about whether they will ever be #1 again. Either that or Cael vs the double Brands boys.
  5. rather than Cael as the head Coach? They did interview Ken Chertow for the job.
  6. learning to be a football coach takes studying and mentorship that happens as an assistant and that is different from wrestling where it is about an athletes accomplishments just look at how douglas was pushed out for a young sanderson to take the program can you image that ever happening in football how often do we look for a coach that can get on the mat with his guys that is about where they wrestled ---------------- Capitalization. Punctuation. So many former college wrestlers who must have spent too much time on the mat and not enough time in classes.
  7. Compared to Football and the time commitments - Basketball and the time commitments, wrestling has it easy.
  8. Worse than College: Daniel Cormier, 2008 Olympic Games.
  9. What, didn't have the guts just fail classes like Bubba Jenkins?
  10. Will they also have a Losers Tournament? That is what the NIT (National Invitational Tournament) is with basketball. A place for those not good enough for the real tournament.
  11. They are becoming pacifists before converting and going on 2 year Mormon Missions?
  12. Local High School basketball games in Idaho are flawless - what is wrong with these jokers?
  13. Some real soreheads and idiots who can't face reality. Midlands used to be THE tournament outside the NCAA finals. Now it is second banana to the Southern Scuffle. Few post grads come in as they did in years past. Fewer top programs enter every year. Iowa is the top team this year tho they are down and schedule too many second rate opponents. So, Midlands fits the NIT mold very well - second banana tourney - if it even rates that high. Reno may well be tougher.
  14. Just like the NCAA tournament the Midlands is the basic equivalent of the NIT(National Invitational Tournament) - a once proud tournament now relegated to hosting mostly second placers rather than champs. Iowa seems to be pushing to be the king of the smaller division competition as winning this shows. Put them on the mat at the Southern Scuffle(the new kid on the block who has overtaken Midlands) and they would be 4th at best - on a lucky day. Sad to see Midlands as second banana to the Southern Scuffle and Iowa holding on by entering have won a basically hollow title this year. Midlands was once the best tournament of the year with Open competition including former NCAA champs, Olympic and World champs and even top High School talent good enough to challenge the big boys. Sadly it is no longer the premier event and Iowa, with their new habit of trying to bully Junior Colleges and tiny two horse burgs is the winner this year. Nice to win but doing it on a bigger stage means a lot more.
  15. So many tough guys who were so good. Given time and distance I'll take John Smith, Yojo Uetake, Bruce Barnbaum and Dan Gable as my top guys, with Uetake and Smith at the very top. and remember, Bobby Douglas is the only guy to beat Dan Gable five times.
  16. Surely no one here believes Ruth could have beaten Marcus Levesseur? Not even Dan Hodge beat him... ;-)
  17. The real question for both of them is whether they will be in condition to go hard for three full periods. This has been a problem for them both so far and has cost team points.
  18. He's good but won't win an NCAA title. Will be at second place if that high again.
  19. What a jackass to put something like this up.
  20. Mark Schultz did not take up wrestling until his Junior year in High School. Already a State Champion gymnast, he had balance and strength not often seen on a wrestling mat. When he was on, no one hung with him. Think he would have taken Askren and Ruth both and Cael at least 6 of 10. Remember, he went up a weight to meet Banach and kept him from being a 4 time champ. Then on to three World titles. It is a shame he is not coaching somewhere.
  21. Yes, it needs the big guys. What it needs there is an Unlimited weight class again. Face it, Wrestling is a dying sport. Or, at the very least a third tier minor sport. Few competitions sell out or draw big crowds. I have seen larger crowds at little league baseball games than at many wrestling duals. Few who wrestled in High School attend any wrestling meets once they are out of competition. It is seen by many as too much work for too little reward. The singlets too revealing and, a big one for a lot of kids - no one to blame a loss on as you have with team sports. So yes, wrestling needs any and all participants.
  22. He asked Cael and Cody if they really, honestly believe that American Indians came from Hebrews like the Book of Mormon says.
  23. Guys, why is Ed Ruth not wrestling? I gather he is suspended for some reason. Yet it appears you censor topics about it. WHY? Obviously you don't believe many who visit are mature enough to read the truth and think about it. We are. Knowing what is true really cuts down on asinine speculation. A suspension of this National Champion is newsworthy and as such is worth discussing here. Your keeping it out is a Junior High move. Grow up and grow a pair and put out the information. As long as it is true it is reality whether you like it or not. Censoring so much is like the old USSR and ChiComs and Muslim Extremists - it is not a good thing. So, do a short article and allow discussion here.
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