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  1. He is from Worst Valley City, Utah where the cops regularly get away with murdering the citizens. Usually those of 'lamanite' persuasion.(as they are referred to in Utah0 Will he win an NCAA Title? Probably not. Close but no cigar.
  2. Can't figure which is more important to me in the long run. The answer to DumFluckers question or wondering how many cowpies there are in Wyoming?
  3. The Nittany Lion rookie was dominating on top, not giving the Bronc any space and building up a 1:58 time edge before cutting him loose. ------------------ If you are Dominating on top - you turn and pin the guy. At the very least you get a bunch of back points. Just riding is not dominating, it is stalling.
  4. Well DumbFlucker, as one who was there during that time - it isn't a fable. Your 'door to door' is, but their scouring the clubs and mats is not. Yes, Burroughs had a broken ankle well on the way to healing. Reports say he had screws or pins in it when he wrestled. He had not been on the mat competitively for some time before crunch time. What he did on an ankle still not fully healed was something that deserves mythical fables - but it is reality.
  5. Sure you can. Piss on the Olympics and their myopic view of wrestling. While you are at it allow each country that can qualify two wresters in each weight to enter two in the tournament. Why not? Many countries have more than one excellent wrestler in some of their weight classes.
  6. John Smith was the greatest wrestler the US has ever put on the mat.' Six straight world titles. Technical excellence award while doing so. A few others appeared to have a chance but illness, injury and whatnot took them out. Baumgartner is a close second for his career accomplishments over the long haul. Many of the rest are and were excellent but six times in a row takes the top spot.
  7. Fresno? The city that envies Bakersfield and Cleveland?
  8. Meanwhile the arguments continue in the back room over beers as to whether Cael of Jay Leno is the best looking former wrestler.
  9. vacyclone wrote:RE: Taylor and his NLI - if ISU had not released him he would have to sit out a year, but he sat out that first year anyway as a redshirt as Cyler took the 157 spot. It wasn't until a year later that Bubba flattened him. And much like Xander, yes I am still a bit bitter, but I come by it honestly. :D But if not released he would have lost a year of competition (one of the four) not just be able to redshirt. That would have made it so he couldn't win his 4 NCAA Titles. Remember that after his first season as a starter? 4timer for sure.
  10. Ped State may well win it all again this year but it will be close. The Ohio State University will win it next year with Oklahoma State and Penn State pushing for second. Iowa will be close but too many faders in the clutch to pull it out for the next decade.
  11. Don't count the chickens too soon. Was it Zadick???, who was ranked #1 and a sure bet to win it all and ended up 7th or so his final year? Correct me if I have the wrong guy, search engine doesn't want to work this afternoon.
  12. I am a fan of Cael tho not a really big one. He is an excellent coach. He has learned and progressed since the ISU years. A room full of studs and he couldn't get the team trophy. Before him Bobby Douglas had a room full of studs and could't do it either. Cael/Heskett/Holker all won titles and ISU could not win the trophy. So, Cael is at PedState now and winning big. Good for him and good for the kids who choose to wrestle for him. It is good for the sport. Oklahoma State, Oiwa, Minnehaha and possibly theOhio State are the contenders for second place this year. Next year - that will tell more about coaching as we see the results of developing upcoming talent.
  13. Not even close to Mark Schultz win over Banach for an NCAA Title. Read about that one and then re-visit your opinion.
  14. No one is forcing you to read his opinions or interviews. He is Head Coach of the current NCAA D1 Champions. People listen. They did so for Dan Gable. They did so for John Smith. They did so for Tom Brands. These guys are at the top of their profession and many pay attention to what they say, their opinions and writings. Sucessful coaches get attention.
  15. Why would they listen to someone who does not know the difference in lose and loose?
  16. Raised a mormon in closeted Utah, Cael is doing well now compared to the State he came from. He has benefitted greatly by exposure to normal people outside the insular and inbred society he came from. Not saying he has rid himself of all of it but he's doing well.
  17. A lot of worry about how I refer to the lamebrains who coach Iowa. Would you rather I call them what I hear hurled at them from the stands in the NCAA tournament? They can coach but are a joke to watch with their antics. Charlie McCarthy's dummy brought to life, times two.
  18. Maybe Cael has the Altons practicing first period pins so they don't die in the third?
  19. This is the year we find out if Kevin Jackson can coach, isn't it? Seems many have been calling for his firing because his guys haven't won the NCAA tournament. How soon they forget Cael couldn't do it with a room full of studs at ISU either. Had they met in International Competition I would pick Jackson over Cael 8 of 10 times.
  20. Why do so many religious types think tattoos are bad but girls and women pumping up their boobs is just fine?
  21. First, Each team who qualifies the weight gets TWO wrestlers in the tournament at that weight. Second, A full on Double Elimination tournament that is seeded, based on the years results across the world. Let any team with two top guys who can make it square off for a title. Track and field and many other sports have two or even three from any one country in their world championships. Would open up the field a bit more and sure make for greater interest in the teams that qualify and put a full complement out there.
  22. Penn State with Cael at the helm will finish ahead of Iowa again this year. Most likely Oklahoma State will also and possibly Minnesota. Maybe Ohio State as well. Iowa with the short tempered dwarf twins coaching style of yelling and belligerence doesn't cut it against superior opponents. Iowa is 2nd and worse for at least the next decade. Good for many lesser teams but a sad end to what the fans want. Iowa acts like being second banana is OK with them so maybe they are facing reality, finally.
  23. What you write does not matter. You earned a well deserved FAIL for lack of punctuation. Go back to school and pay attention in English class while spending less time on sports.
  24. Would be nice to see it happen. But, injury, illness, underperforming at the Big Dance. All take a toll. Remember, Taylor has a history of losing his final match of the year... ;-)>
  25. If stupidity was money Bill Gates and Donald Trump combined would be poor compared to you.
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