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  1. When Kentucky Mudflap is active the Hawks seem to do much better. He has all but disappeared and the Hawks don't make it to the top spot any longer.
  2. Ping Pong championships get bigger crowds. Face it, freestyle, Greco and women just don't draw in the US.
  3. All I know is what I read at the time. He came in touted and seemed to go downhill through the season until he was done for the year. Then almost no information last season on him. Certainly not a David Taylor scenario at all. So why not wonder if he will be back this year or even competitive?
  4. I understand the women in your area are hiding the underage girls and starting a petition to vote for you as 'biggest loser'.
  5. You go to Iowa these days if you are willing to settle for 'anything but First'.
  6. As someone who regularly shoots over 300 Geese a year, over 500 muskrats as well as a few hundred skunks, raccoons, gophers, squirrels and a few beaver - scattered among a few dozen coyote - what is the big deal about one damn mallard duck in a tame city setting? He probably did a big favor to the area in nailing the poop machine and is helping by being responsible enough to eat the thing afterward. Paranoia is rampant - hunting, shooting and just having fun is getting more difficult all the time.
  7. Seeing how he was treated his Freshman year after being 'college ready' - has he recovered enough confidence to even be competitive this year?
  8. I thought Taylor was the World's Greatest Wrestler*? (greatest to lost two NCAA finals matches, one by fall)
  9. Watanabe's record is more impressive when you learn that all that time he was NEVER taken down in a match. The guy was good and no one beat him.
  10. The KEY factor is that USA Wrestling has not made Dan Gable the Czar of Freestyle wrestling. Put him in charge. Let him oversee the program. Zeke is doing a good job but working under Gable would light a fire in him and the wrestlers as well. Gable coached teams produced and many wrestlers under him did better than they had before the experience. Make Dan Gable the Freestyle Czar and give him full power to organize and set the tone for the entire program if you want to win.
  11. "Guys who win world titles and the Olympics are considered national heroes in Iran and Russia. Not saying it doesn't happen here, but they treat it like a much bigger deal, since some countries have no shot at medaling besides wrestling." It doesn't happen here. Stop any fifty people on the street and ask who their favorite Wrestler is. Ask them to name even one multiple time World champ. Unless you are on a hotbed wrestling campus you will get crap like Hulk Hogan, Jesse Ventura and the other whores of 'rasslin'.
  12. Excellent choices. Mark Schultz? Robin Reed? I would add at least these two to the mix as Shultz was death on the mat and Reed apparently could beat anyone on the team. In the regional qualifier he is supposed to have qualified at three different weights.
  13. Dumb Fart wrote: "In the late 80s/early 90s it was a big deal to have a cell phone because relatively few people had them, mostly the elite members of society" --------------------------------- Are you really as stupid as this sounds, or do you have to take special classes or something?
  14. Iowa will field a team this year? They have been off the top spot at NCAA's so long now I thought maybe they dropped the sport...
  15. Three changes need to be made. 1. A true double elimination tournament. 2. Two wrestlers per weight class from each nation, if they are qualified. Give the #1 and the backup a chance even if it means one nation wins both Gold and Silver at times. More opportunity makes for better competition. 3. Ten 8-10 weight classes to encourage more wrestling participation. Every country would benefit. If the Olympics don't like it, piss on the jerks.
  16. The women are to be congratulated for their efforts as well as their results. For our men, as long as they wrestled their best I am satisfied. Would be better with more hardware to complement Burroughs, but if they honestly did their best that is all one can ask for. Now we have to get ready to spend more time figuring out how to get the team members on a higher level so they can get to the medal rounds and win. The basic solution is simple. Put Dan Gable in charge of International Wrestling for the USA. At least in Freestyle and most likely both men and women. One man with the authority like Kenneshaw Mountain Landis had over major league baseball after the Black Sox scandal. Gable will produce results and all will know who they are dealing with. His history of getting more from wrestlers and support people shows he is the man for the job. The current committee of clowns is not getting the job done.
  17. "The Americans finished with four medals overall in the seven-day event in Budapest, Hungary." Above is from the front page news section on this site. The article on the Greco teams final day of wrestling. In the story there is nothing at all relating to this teaser. Did the writers forget? Overall it looks like much of USA Wrestling - a lot of talk and not much follow up where it counts.
  18. Not saying Ruth is not excellent. Head to head I would take Mark Shultz any day. If you had seen Danny Hodge or Yojo Uetake wrestle you might realize Ruth has a way to go yet. and Kemp, Gable and John Smith after his sophomore year along with a few others already mentioned.
  19. Sorry, but all world Gold with no seconds or lower puts John Smith on top no matter what the numbers may add up to. Baumgardner is there for longevity and excellence but not #1 compared to perfect in world Titles. Dake really isn't even in the conversation with nothing on the world level so far.
  20. "Top 10 of All Time" list of NCAA wrestlers He wouldn't be on it. 4 timers, 3 time undefeated wrestlers when 3 times was all they were allowed. He is good but doesn't hit top 10.
  21. With the lead time make it a true double elimination tournament. Make sure all the glitches so many complain about are ironed out and the internet connections actually work.
  22. and NO true double elimination or true Third place match. The guys are so dumb they couldn't find their butts in a bathroom.
  23. Mayweather is very good but his years of running from a fight against Manny Pacquiao tarnishes his accomplishments. As for best ever, he wouldn't beat Sugar Ray Leonard, much less Sugar Ray Robinson. Gene Fullmer would have pounded him into hamburger. Benny Leonard would have put him down as well. Emile Griffith(before he changed style after killing Benny Paret) would have had him dizzy and down on the canvas. Carlos Monzon, Thomas Hearns, probably even Carlos Palomino - all would have given him all he ever wanted and probably beaten him. Fight 15 rounds rather than the chickenshiz 12 of now and he would have had a much harder time of it.
  24. When was the last time any of you called into a sports talk show and brought up Wrestling? I have and have been told "you are only one of 3 in XXX years to ask about it -so we don't cover it because no one is interested". If they got a half dozen calls a day asking about wrestling topics this would start changing. Even some former wrestlers on national programs admit they would love it if they started getting calls about he sport - but it just does not happen often. Start making noise and people take notice.
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