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  1. How about the kid who beat Venz in the champ round. Unseeded and now an AA?
  2. Heilmann started last year 1-8, and ended up in the semis this year. Id say that is a big improvement.
  3. anyone know where results are being posted?
  4. Idk something was being weird. I got it to work on another forum I used and then just pasted it over. Success. Thank you!
  5. The correct throw rule is the dumbest thing I ever have heard of in my life. That is like giving a guy 1 point in basketball for getting a shot off and missing.
  6. It is getting mildly ridiculous. I have an apartment right now that only has internet. I stream netflix, sling tv and Hulu with no issues. However, when I wanna watch a flo live stream it quits every 5 minutes. upgraded your servers. You've gotten big enough to the point where people wanna pay money for your service. It takes money to make money. People will walk away. which is the opposite of what you have set out
  7. Predict the biggest upset in the finals today. I know this is nuts but I am going Micah over Zain.
  8. Do you have to have BIG Ten plus to watch this? I can't just watch it with my subscription to BIG ten network for through BTN2go?
  9. That Dance guy is pretty good until NCAAs.
  10. Imagine if he is unseeded and Gilman catches him in the second round and he upsets Gilman. Iowa fans sure would wish he woulda been seeded then...
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