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  1. Maybe I missed something, I didn't see anything from Gilman at Nationals that was disrespectful or in poor taste. I actually think he was a NOTICEABLY better sport.
  2. This. I was referring to the idea that Mike A. could have done something right then and there on the mat, he can't. I would assume that Mike A. would a conversation with Shiels after the fact, yes.
  3. If that's how you saw that situation then I'm guessing you also believe Tom and Terry Brands probably instructed their backups to pull off this "ploy"?
  4. A level-headed, adult wrestling fan should be able make a few separate judgments on what happened: 1. Gilman was way out of line. There's no excuse for doing what he did. 2. The referee made an incorrect call. 3. Waters was also being chippy the entire match. Post-match, he was mocking the Iowa team and fans with his wing-flapping. He shouldered an Iowa backup on his way to the tunnel. (This is not me saying he deserved to get slammed) 4. Mike Allen has nothing to do with it...he can't control Shiel's calls on the mat and can't explain this call. If Mike A. was interfering and trying to overturn calls on the mat then half of the forum posters would be all over him too.
  5. Was very impressed with how Cael comes across on TV, very humble. I wish they'd talk to him more and Barry Davis less.
  6. Most refs can't handle enforcing the rules we have now, adding another thing would only make it worse
  7. Weird, this topic got sidetracked into comparing J's 3 year old Molinaro comments with Tony Nelson not wrestling this past weekend. Absolutely nothing to do with the issue of NWCA National Dual attendance by the Top Teams; who are tops in media attention, success, AND most importantly fan #'s. I will try to steer back to the real topic in my mind....Do you think that Iowa, PSU, OSU have an obligation to attend this event? (Based on their influence on wrestling in general and affecting the success of the event, i.e. bringing fans to the event)
  8. So a wrestling event that does not include Iowa or Penn State and is held in a venue outside of Pennsylvania and Iowa can't sell out? Can you be absolutely certain that this is true? Idk, but a guy can make some pretty strong assumptions based on this chart I think. *From theopenmat.com 2013 Rank School (Home) Average Total Best Visitor 1 Iowa (7) 8,764 61,350 15,077 Penn State 2 Penn St (7) 6,412 44,884 6,618 Nebraska 3 Minnesota (7) 3,199 25,588 8,254 Iowa 4 Ohio St (5) 2,834 14,169 6,518 Penn State 5 Okla. St (5) 2,559 12,793 5,537 Iowa 6 Iowa St (5) 2,455 12,277 3,866 Northern Iowa 7 Lehigh (7) 1,717 12,019 2,719 Oklahoma 8 Missouri (4) 1,554 6,214 3,243 Oklahoma State 9 Cornell (5) 1,408 7,039 3,039 Oregon State 10 Va Tech (6) 1,328 7,967 2,183 Oklahoma 11 Nebraska (6) 1,239 7,434 1,869 Minnesota
  9. It won't sell out if the top teams don't attend. It's almost the chicken/egg scenario. There is little doubt that better planning and marketing is needed, but the best teams with the most fans need to be there for this thing to work. The event also needs to be at Iowa or Penn State, period. That's the reality, anyone who thinks this will work without them or at a different location is delusional. What's wrong with having it in Iowa City or State College? Until someone can challenge those guys for attendance figures, they have the power.
  10. I wish they(BTN) would have bounced around a little bit to the other matches going on. At one point during the semifinal round, a defending National Champion(Maple) was in an overtime match with Villalonga-Cornell. Put them on TV! I was trying to watch it in the background of the MN/Ohio St. match. I don't like split screen TV but use some common sense and show the exciting stuff that's happening in the arena.
  11. In order for this event to be relevant, top teams need to attend. In order for this event to make money, there needs to be fans. In order for there to be fans: Iowa, Penn State, Ok. State, MN ALL need to attend. Take the point carry-over out of the equation, that whole thing is ridiculous and will probably go away. NWCA needs to do a better job of planning and marketing the event, yes. But to J's point--it's hard to have an event when 3 of the 4 biggest fan bases have no reason to attend, as there team is not entered.
  12. Rethinking the way refs look at the top position is necessary I think, that's the issue limiting the action in matches. As far as the neutral position, people are confusing stalling with seeing a high level of wrestling where it's extremely hard to score whenever you want, especially the first period where almost everyone can perform at their peak level. *And to compound the problem, guys don't want to take unnecessary risk on their feet, because giving up a takedown means the top man can do whatever he wants to stay on top the remainder of the period-because of the top position BS that is allowed now.
  13. The phantom point came because it was Alton's 2nd stall warning, he didn't realize until he talked to score table. Re-watch the potentially dangerous situation, Grajales' back wasn't exposed, his neck was cranked that far.
  14. The discussion needs to move away from the points nonsense, it won't effect anything at all. The same 4-6 teams are going to be at the top regardless of the format--they have the best coaches, resources, and tradition. Those coaches aren't moving around, so get used to the same 4-6 being at the top. Cael confuses me because I think he really thinks this will effect the National tournament, it won't. The thousands of people go to the tournament to watch the individuals compete for a title, for a vacation, the tournament is the best, it's really not going to change the event. Any people watching ESPN at home tune in to watch the individuals win a title. 4 teams care about the team race because only 4 CAN possibly win it each year. The discussion should be about if this new format will increase dual attendance. Will this new format help bring a casual observer/fan into the wrestling culture? Yes, maybe, placing post-season implications on every dual will probably create more interest and possibly attendance at every dual, maybe. But there are a lot more important variables that coaches should be worrying about in terms of getting people to duals: style, marketing, promotion, atmosphere, effort. BEST EXAMPLE: Did the NWCA help the Schwab's build their program from the depths to now Top 10? Did the NWCA bring in all those new fans that now help pack the west gym?(albeit small) No, UNI did it by creating an exciting style, creating some grass-roots marketing, building an electric atmosphere in their gym, and putting forth a great deal of effort. It started with the coach, staff, admin, alumni, and athletes there at UNI, not some drastic plan and overhaul by the NWCA.
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