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  1. I'm not sure what this has to do with projecting the Olympic Trials field
  2. FWIW, I wrote two separate articles when Taylor bumped up and when Dake announced his trial bump
  3. Were you there or do you have video? I've literally never seen Dake try an inside trip so he must be working on some new moves in addition to a new weight
  4. Does anyone have translated results for the league this year? I was looking back at the Club World Cup and saw the Bimeh Razi Jouybar team is absurdly stacked: Rahimi (2013 world champ), Goygereyev (2013 world champ), Kurbanaliev (2013 bronze), Taghavi (2009 and 2011 world champ) and Ezzatollah Akbar (2013 silver). I would love to know how often they compete, what the schedule is, who the best team is if not this one. If they're attracting Russians to the league it must be paying well or be a solid level of competition. Who won it this year if it's over?
  5. Honestly I think this is the only way sports do work. You can't have entities such as school and sports meld together. It will eventually fall apart.
  6. I really hate that this thread has turned into a referendum on kids and their age. Most states allow you to be 19, and it is ludicrous to me that kids can't transfer or repeat for athletic reasons. I agree that kids shouldn't be 20 and competing in HS, but to me as long as you are a teenager you should be allowed to compete in HS. For whatever school you want. Obviously public schools have rules about who can go to their schools, but don't limit kids or teams from competing or growing. What the heck sense does it make to force a kid to sit out a year because they transferred for athletic reasons? Karl Anthony-Towns was just the No. 1 overall pick in the NBA draft and he re-classified while going to HS in Jersey. Get over it people, kids and their parents want every edge they can find, teams want to horde talent. You have two options: give up or try harder. Don't like that some stud transferred in and took your spot? WORK HARDER. Or transfer/quit. IT. DOES. NOT. MATTER. As long as they aren't pumping the kids with roids, I don't think we should have any rules whatsoever limiting transfers. I don't think we should have any rules limiting kids in grades 6-8 from trying to make their HS team. I don't think we should have any rules about repeating grades or re-classifying while in HS. "Competitive Balance" is a completely BS ideal that only hurts the greats, it doesn't make the bad teams/kids any better. Bunch of freaking crybabies. Your arguments are pointless and even more than that, they are freaking kids. Let them have their fun. 19 or under and not on roids? Do your thing kids. Go win some titles.
  7. Yeah that match pissed me off a lot. First of all, Chamizo definitely should've been on the shot clock in the first period, and you could make a decent argument he should've been on in the second period as well. Second, that last 20-30 seconds was a sh*tshow by the officials. Get the dang score right and figure it out quickly. Third and this was most frustrating, as poorly as I personally think that match was reffed, Green could only blame himself for losing (if he had lost). He couldn't finish his shots. Gave way too much deference to Chamizo or quit on shots or didn't feel confident. Whatever the reason, he gave up a ridiculous counter two, and left at least two other solid takedown opportunities on the table. Very happy to see the win against a ranked opponent, but Chamizo has been at 65kg this whole year and came up from 55kg back in 2010 when he first started internationally. Not sure why Green didn't use his size advantage or why he let up when he would get to the legs, but I hope he doesn't wrestle like that in Vegas.
  8. I'm not sure why everyone thinks this is such a great pickup for Iowa St. First of all, he graduated hs in 2011... which means he should be entering his rs senior year, not rs freshman year. Second, he didn't graduate from his home state because he got in legal trouble for assaulting a kid, a kid I knew personally. Then, he leaves Nebraska under dubious circumstances. He has floated around Florida, Oregon, Nebraska and Iowa. Not saying people can't change, but this kid comes with a boatload of baggage. And in his limited action against D1 competition (in folkstyle) he has not fared spectacularly. http://articles.baltimoresun.com/2011-10-11/news/bs-md-ci-wrestler-20111011_1_james-patrick-downey-iii-turkey-bowl-three-assault-cases
  9. while not perfect I was able to get the following info out of Brandon Slay via twitter: some: Escobedo, Hutter, McKenna, Kennedy, Fay, C. Perry, Foster, Kilgore, Michalak, Francios, Coon, & top 3 at 2015 NCAA. most of those eligible besides top 3 from NCAA applied. Most NCAA guys didn't. IMAR did. Our National Coach Bruce Burnett discussed it with our National staff & HP Director and decided. Progress...
  10. 2013. As you can see he beat Olivas in his pool at 42kg in Freestyle, and then beat Brent Jones of Minnesota in the final. 103 CADE OLIVAS CALIFORNIA 133 1 4 TF 13-2 291 5 X 5-10 409 7 X 6-8 105 KADEN GFELLER OKLAHOMA 134 7 X 1.0 7-10 291 3 3 D 10-5 408 1 5 F 2:29 484 9 3 D 10-8 134 7 1 => 2 107 AUSTIN GOMEZ ILLINOIS 134 5 3 D 10-7 292 9 4 TF 14-4 409 3 3 D 8-6 485 11 4 TF 13-3 134 5 3 => 1 109 DREW MATTIN OHIO 135 11 5 F 5:36 292 7 X 4-14 BYE -- 0 -- 484 5 X 8-10 X 3
  11. The Valencia brothers are the most fascinating case study in USA Wrestling right now. Anthony is clearly the explosive, offensive guy, not afraid to step into the senior US Open and take third. Buttt he wrestled 170 this year, so I don't know how he maintains 163 for the next 10 years. And he gets sloppy, as evidenced by his losses to Chandler Rogers and Junior Worlds last year. Zahid on the other hand is defensive wizard, conservative and methodical. It's really hard to beat people you can't score on, but I don't trust his offense just yet. Zahid was the more ballyhooed coming into high school, and his body will transition better to 86kg. He is also clearly thinking long game, staying down at juniors for now and really focusing on becoming the best at his age group. I have no idea which one will end up "better" in the long run and it doesn't matter. But it's interesting to me how different these two brothers are. Can't wait to see their development!
  12. Gomez I agree might not have much of a chance to win this weight, but then he also loves feeding on that kind of stuff haha. Olivas is an interesting case though. He has tons of overseas experience for someone his age. He's wrestled 2x at Cadet Worlds, wrestled in the youth Olympic games, and just wrestled both styles at Junior Pan Ams. If his body looks right, I would think an Olivas-Lee final is more likely than Fix-Lee. All depends on the bracket of course, but I know one thing for sure: the winner of this weight will be a solid threat to win a gold medal this year in Sarajevo.
  13. Yeah I mean I guess it could be confusing to outsiders. But like I said, you look at it like NCAAs. The conference tournaments qualify you for the national tournament. The Open and the Regionals qualify you for WTTs. But I see what you're saying, it does seem counter-intuitive to the uninitiated that the "senior nationals" champ may not be the guy representing us at worlds.
  14. That's right, forgot he was at JRs. Mueller is a tough kid, both folk and free. Gomez might need to grow into this weight. So might Lee to be honest, but he's such a good wrestler it might not matter at the Cadet level.
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