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  1. I think it sets a bad precedent of skipping the Open to compete against inferior competition. 


    EDIT: and as Hawktalk3 pointed out he doesn't even appear to be eligible for a wildcard.


    Pretty sure the regionals are as good as the people signing up for them. If more people treat them as what they are, which is a WTT qualifier, more people may start competing in a regional instead of the Open. I don't see what the issue is, if USA wrestling has designated it an official qualifier, both fans and athletes should take it seriously.

  2. lol, no. Here's the one number that really matters: NCAA titles, Kyle Dake: 4 vs. David Taylor: 2. You can try and defend Taylor having a better career however you want, but it won't make it true.


    Bringing this thread back since we can add Logie's 104.5 to the all-time list. And to this fellow, yeah man you're totally right. Dan Gable and J Jaggers are equally as good. They have the same amount of titles, which is apparently all that matters.

  3. Now that all the high school tournaments have concluded, I was trying to figure out who Mark Hall could potentially be joining next season as a six time state champ. I was able to come up with these names so far:


    Kirk Wallman, South Dakota

    Michael Sutton, Alabama

    Logan Storley, South Dakota

    Brandon Womack, Alabama


    Obviously not every state has a varsity eligibility rule for 6th-7th-8th graders and winning six time doesn't necessarily make you any better than a guy who won two three or four, but it is a pretty special accomplishment. Does anybody know if there are more than these four?

  4. Note, didn't say its hard to understand or that it has to work out perfectly with head to head etc.  However, since Realbuto only has 16 matches, compare Martinez 16 toughest matches to Realbuto.  I know the math works given their formula construction and it won't matter for these guys, but if allocations are based on this, one can then see how there is a bit of flaw in the SOS and overall RPI math and might matter for those on the bubble or tournament allocation break point.


    Your point is valid that he would need 17 matches to be ranked, however, somebody goofed and he actually has exactly 17 as of now. He's 15-2, so whoever had him at 14-2 screwed up. Not sure where you saw that but they gave you incorrect info!

  5. Intermat is reporting that Austin Assad gave a verbal to Michigan. Assad is probably rated Ohio's #1 senior recruit. This is the first time Ryan has not brought in the top Ohio guy since David Taylor. That being said, this appears to be one of the weakest senior classes for Ohio in a long time.  


    Yeah this is spot on. Mass. Perry lost A LOT (all 14 of their starters in 2013-14 were juniors or seniors) and Austin was on the Brecksville team that lost to them in the DI dual finals. Not only that, but St. Ed's placed 7th in the state tournament last year. SPG will be great like always, as Jordan's career begins to wind down. Also, of the 42 state champs last year, only eight are returning seniors. I have a feeling Ohio will come back up, this is just it regressing to the mean after the outlier years of the Stiebers and Taylors.

  6. Awesome pickup and great workout partner for the Valencias, who are both close enough to Pendleton's weight to work out with him.


    Can you believe Zahid is now at 182, 12 lbs heavier than his older brother Anthony? What the hell does that kid eat? I can't remember the last time an elite wrestler gained so much weight throughout HS and kept winning at each weight. Insane growth spurt.

    Where have you seen Zahid wrestling at 182?

  7. I used the DT/Ruth anomaly to show what an outlier the last four years have been. Any of the top teams would have won multiple titles if they had that once in a lifetime dynamic duo in their lineups.


    I am curious as to why you decided to choose the top two team scorers each year for every team except Penn State's? Surely Quentin Wright scored more team points than Ruth in Philadelphia?


    Wright scored 23 that year, Ruth 18.5. That brings PSU down to 281.5 Also, since I used Tony Nelson in 2011 and he only scored 9.5, let's use their second scorer in Zach Sanders at 11. This leaves Minny at 237.


    My point here is, those other teams DIDN'T have Ruth/DT because Cael is a good recruiter. And beyond that, Cael is a good recruiter, because, when using the objective argument of removing the top two hammers from the best teams, his team STILL puts up the most points. The whole point of this thread is whether Cael is a good recruiter or not. OBVIOUSLY any team does well with those two, so the person who in fact actually gets them is the good recruiter.


    Yes there are instances in which a 17/18 year old decommints from a verbal, or their parents want them to go somewhere else, or their gf decides to go somewhere else, or another school offers them more money. But when using the facts, which for us is NCAA tournament scoring, Penn St puts up the most points year after year because Cael can not only recruit hammers, but those extra two or three guys that can get top four and score 10 or 15 points for him. That is what makes him a good recruiter.

  8. Some numbers for you since 2011, most cumulative team points at NCAAs:


    1) Penn St 483.5

    2) Minnesota 385.5

    3) Oklahoma St 352.5

    4) Iowa 345.5

    5) Cornell 314


    FIFY Penn St 289 , DT/Ruth 194.5


    Just to prove how dumb your argument is...


    Penn St: 483.5 - (Taylor's 101 + Ruth's 96.5) = 286

    Minnesota: 385.5 - (Nelson's 75.5 + Ness 3years of 53.5) - 2011Thorn's 18.5 = 238.5

    Okie St: 352.5 - 46.5(Perry/Dieringer) - 44 (Oliver/Perry) - 38.5(Oliver/Byers) - 45(Oliver/Foster) = 178.5

    Iowa: 345.5 - 33(Ramos/St. John) - 40(Ramos/St. John) - 45.5(Ramos/McDonough) - 37.5(McDonough) = 189.5

    Cornell: 314 - 34.5(Garrett/Dean) - 36.5(Dake/Bosak) - 50.5(Dake/Simaz) - 42.5(Dake/Bosak) = 150


    Any questions?

  9. Yea, the Chicago Bulls wouldn't have been so good without Jordan and Pippin either, lol.


    Not that it really matters, but if you eliminate Minnesota's top two scorers from each of the past 4 nationals as well, highly doubtful they make up almost 100 points.


    In support of that point (and these numbers come directly from trackwrestling since 2012), Dylan Ness + Tony Nelson over the past 3 years = 119.5. That puts them at 266.


    Shall we remove Matt McDonough, Jordan Oliver, Derek St. John and Alex Dieringer as well? Let's see how that goes. Yes, DT and Ed were superduper studs. But the facts back up that Cael's teams just put up more points. That makes him a good recruiter in my book.

  10. Newsflash: going unbeaten in a combat sport is impossible, due to the concept of a fall, knockout or submission. And oh yeah, father time is undefeated. The person who wins the tournament is the person who wins the tournament. Are there extenuating circumstances, yes. I always said if Darrion Caldwell doesn't get hurt, Dake never wins 4 titles. But you know what? He did. And now we remember Kid Dynamite for 4 titles in 4 different weights. Part of this and all combat sports is injuries, and age, and timing. All you can do is wrestle the guy put in front of you.

  11. Does anyone have a comprehensive list of states that have won junior duals in freestyle? I was able to find winners going back to 2001:


    2014: Oklahoma

    2013: Illinois

    2012: Illinois

    2011: Illinois

    2010: Illinois

    2009: Ohio

    2008: Illinois

    2007: Illinois

    2006: Illinois

    2005: Iowa

    2004: Ohio

    2003: Ohio

    2002: Oklahoma

    2001: Ohio

  12. Now that the qualifiers are set, shall we make predictions for WTT? I'll start with 57 kg, I think Escobedo is the only one with a realistic shot of knocking off Hazewinkel. That is, however, pending his full recovery from the knee injury he suffered at the Open against Zach Sanders. Graff could be interesting, he's more of a career freestyler than folkstyle guy, and he'll be big for the weight. Obe Blanc and Nick Simmons could make some noise, but I think they are past their primes at this point and lost the competitive fire necessary to win a tournament like WTT.

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