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  1. I am curious to see how Spencer Lee develops in both folkstyle and freestyle as he grows and goes up in weight. Both Valencias will be among the best seniors next year, along with Lance Benick, Logan Massa, and Nick Piccininni. It might be a moot point on Myles Martin if he ends up at the OTC. Mark Hall will be in the mix as well. Do we have any Josh Alber types hanging under the radar?

  2. While I'm sure we're all talking about the phenomenal Beat the Streets match ups, Pritzlaff to Rutgers, and Doug Schwab re-upping for seven more years at UNI, here is a story that might've slipped through the cracks. As we all can agree, we NEED more college wrestling programs. We need to grow the sport at the NCAA D1, D2 and D3 levels, not to mention NAIA and NJCAA.



  3. Really excited to see this team in action. The most accomplished wrestlers seem to be Olivas for his world bronze last year and Manville. But Gfeller, Fix and Lamont all have Fargo titles on their resume. I also really like the coaches, Travis Paulson for freestyle and Danny Struck for Greco. I'm thinking all these kids might bring home a medal.

  4. I didn't know Cruz is slated to RS this year. I agree that Dieringer seems to be a lock on paper to make the finals. Bo with a RS year under his belt definitely has AA potential. Ness has a ton of "J Jaggers" potential this year, as in he heads into NCAAs with 8-11 losses but somehow ends up on top of the podium. I haven't seen anything out of Massa yet that leads me to believe he should be 4th, but I'm hesitant to bet against the CKWC/UMich combo going forward. Realbuto really impressed me in that match against Dieringer. Appreciate you putting this out and give us something to talk about throughout the spring!

  5. Couple things that stood out to me.


    1) No love for Darian Cruz! One of only four true freshmen to place, with good workout partners in his brother Randy, and your #2 at 133 Mason Beckman. That was a surprising one to me.


    2) Sulzer all the way down at five. My personal opinion is that we see a Sulzer-Dieringer 165 finals next year, but if Bo Jordan and Dylan Ness both go 165 next year you just might be right.

  6. This would be a nice idea,. In the article it states that he has made, "enough" money? He's a young guy. Entering the peak earning period of his life....IMO...USA Wrestling cannot afford him.


    That is a possibility, money will definitely be a factor. I still think a guy like Cael needs these sort of challenges in his life. Not to say he's bored at PSU, but I think he would relish the opportunity to make us the world's wrestling powerhouse.

  7. Based on this video here, it seems pretty clear the TD was called and scored after the clock read triple zeros: http://universalsports.com/video/2014-us-wrestling-championship-foster-wins-semi-final/


    That being said, Foster is having a heck of a year and you absolutely cannot ever leave it in the hands of the official. Score your points in the center of the mat and win comfortably. I know that is much easier said than done, but it always has been the truth. Ruth will win WTT.

  8. In his interview after the match, Taylor said it's the sixth time he's wrestled Caldwell:


    1) David Taylor maj Tyler Caldwell (Oklahoma State) 10-0

    2) David Taylor maj Tyler Caldwell (Oklahoma State) 9-1

    3) David Taylor dec Tyler Caldwell (Oklahoma State) 5-2

    4) David Taylor dec Tyler Caldwell (Oklahoma State) 6-0

    5) David Taylor NLWC 4-0 Tyler Caldwell (Sunkist Kids) 4-0


    Where and when was the sixth match? Also, based on these results, Tyler needs to change his game plan. Go up or down a weight, switch to MMA or Greco, or just completely revamp his style and start putting up points. There is no way he's ever going to beat David wrestling the way he does now, it's just never going to happen.

  9. The really surprising thing about this to me is that Frank's fiancee is an assistant coach for the Rutger's women's gymnastics team. So I wonder if she too is taking a job at PSU? I mean I'm sure Cael and staff welcomed Frank back with open arms but I'm not sure if they have THAT much pull to get her a job too.

  10. I really need someone to explain the sponsorships/club teams. So at 65kg, Brent Metcalf is sponsored by Cliff Keen, but is an NYAC athlete, training at Hawkeye wrestling club? And Reece Humphrey is sponsored by Compound/Flips, is an NYAC athlete, training at the Ohio RTC? For team score purposes, is Kellen Russell being scored as NYAC or CKWC? Also, who else has seen BJ Futrell's TMWC/CKWC singlet, that is sweet.

  11. This is TERRIBLE. First Pico abandon's college wrestling in it's time of need, then he takes the BLOOD MONEY that Nike should of spent keeping the Ducks a live. I didn't think it would come this far, but Pico really has turned his back on American wrestling.


    Ok this HAS to stop. So the kid doesn't want to focus on a style of wrestling that won't make him any money? 1) he is still on track to graduate HS. 2) He has voiced his opinion that he wants to attend college, just not to participate in folkstyle NCAA wrestling.


    Last I checked, the kid basically only goes to USA Wrestling events i.e. FILA JRs this weekend. And again, USA Wrestling IS American wrestling. The kid is a phenomenal talent, with incredible family support and the resources to make his dream come true. For all we know, part of his plan to sign with Nike is to be their golden child who leads them back into wrestling, to not only sell shoes but sponsor current programs and heck maybe re-instate cut programs.


    If I hear one more person say he turned his back on American wrestling, I am going to go crazy. This is a smart, humble, religious young man who has many dreams and talents. He wants to win an olympic gold medal in freestyle, and then go into boxing or MMA. He seems to be a fan of combat sports in general. Let this 17 year old live his life how he sees fit. He has goals, he has a plan in place to achieve those goals, and he happens to have a team in place to financially support him. Let the kid live! I for one hope he drags every kid in his age group up with him, and that between him and Kyle Snyder they raise the interest and profile of our sport, which oh by the way just one year ago was in danger of being cut by the Olympics. I support Aaron Pico.

  12. he had surgery right after the state tournament this year


    Did everyone just miss this post? Correct me if I'm wrong, pretty sure he tore a ligament in his knee. This kid has a bright future, no reason he should get back on a mat until he's 100%. He has the potential to wrestle in college and after that on the senior freestyle circuit, I see no reason to rush back after a major knee injury.

  13. Pretty sure Stieber was 3rd last year as well... I do agree he was too big at 60 and time will tell if he's big enough for 65. I do wonder how he looked so good in college at the same weight though... Was he just so much better than his opponents that being sucked down didn't matter?


    Last year at WTT, Stieber was in the Friday challenge at 60kg. He pinned Zach Synon in 49 seconds, then lost to Jimmy Kennedy 5-4. He beat Alan Waters 7-0 and Andrew Hochstrasser 9-2. He got third in the challenge, meaning fourth overall because Kennedy lost to Reece Humphrey in the finals. The winner of the Open was automatically in the finals, meaning they were guaranteed first or second. Everyone else bumps down a place.

  14. Does anyone happen to know the weight for this match? Tsirtsis wrestled 149 at NCAAs and last we saw Pico he was competing 66 kg at the Junior tournament in Bulgaria. 65kg/143 might be a tough cut for these two, but it's what they would have to make to compete at the Open/WTT.


    The age difference has me leaning towards Jason by a slight margin, even though Pico has been training full-time in freestyle for over a year now. I am hoping and expecting for a great match. Very happy for the sport that these two agreed to compete in an exhibition.

  15. I think it may be good to start with things we all want:


    1) Improve the product on the mat. This is first and foremost. Exciting, intense, energetic matches with wrestlers competing at a high level for 7+ minutes.


    2) Make duals more important. It is ludicrous that a team can lose every dual and then win the tournament and call themselves "National Champions." Obviously this has never happened, but it theoretically could occur under the current rules.


    3) Increase ratings on TV and drive hits on the internet. We need eyeballs, be they tv or streaming. We need money, especially for the "lesser" teams so that we can get back to about 100 teams.


    No matter how you slice it, those are the key points. There is nothing wrong with wrestling being a mainstream sport. I really, really, really hope that next year we can talk about increased attendance for all schools, increased donations, higher scoring and marveling at the quality of the product on the mat from incredible athletes. Coaches need to accept the fact that duals need to be more important. Team sports are king for a reason.

  16. In my opinion, and this is of course in a "perfect" world, so I am well aware this is not entirely feasible. But I would really prefer if we completely eliminated team points from NCAAs. Have a national dual meet tournament that determines the team national champ, and then NCAAs are strictly for determining our All Americans and individual champs. I know this may seem sacrilegious to wrestling fans, but to the average American sports fan, our tournament scoring makes no sense. If you were talking about college wrestling and told a basketball fan that we had a team go undefeated (UNI) but that team finished 15th, they would look at us like we had three heads.


    There is nothing wrong with using our "game" format (Dual Meets) to determine our best TEAM. Throw out the team points at NCAAs. The system clearly favors teams like Penn St who have a few hammers. This is not to knock PSU, as Cael is a brilliant coach who follows the rules and knows exactly how to build a championship team under the current rules. But no team should be able to call themselves a national champion without going through the same playoff process that every other truly popular sport in America uses.


    Once again, I understand it is a radical change, and that the logistics/economics of it would be extremely difficult to work out in the beginning. But with proper organization and support, we can determine our true national champion using the one team vs one team dual meet format that has existed forever, while still allowing our stars to shine on an individual stage. If wrestling wants to be taken seriously, this is a step I believe must be taken.


    Edit: FYI, Illinois has been doing this since 1984...


  17. I haven't seen video yet, but I'm kind of glad if Anthony got beat in the way you are describing it. I love Anthony and happen to think he is the best from the class of 2015, but he can be extremely sloppy and his setups are basically non existent. My hope is this will re-focus him, because with his talent and athleticism, there's no telling how good he can be once his technique catches up. Good for Chandler though, he's always been a beast.

  18. Steamboat, we both know its very possible to excel in freestyle after coming off a college season. Jake Herbert 2nd in the world in 2009, Jordan Burroughs 2011 world champion. Both of those guys finished college seasons and carried it over into the international scene. Now you can say those guys are exceptions, but isn't Logan Stieber supposed to be an exceptional wrestler? I'm not trying to pick on the kid, my cousin goes to Ohio St and knows Logan. I hope he goes out and wins the world championship in Uzbekistan this year.

  19. Go back and watch the 133 lb final in 2012. Both Oliver and Stieber look super sucked down. But my point in all this is that I think Logan's skills translate to him being a hammer folkstyle wrestler, but when it comes to freestyle, he will struggle to consistently make world teams.

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