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  1. Courtney is having a solid finish to his folkstyle season. His only loss was at AA states in the first round to the eventual champ from Bethlehem Catholic. He won six matches to get to the finals, including a 5-1 win in the quarters over Aaron Rump of Chambersburg, who did not qualify for PIAAs this year.

  2. I was just trying to say Logan lost one match, and avenged it by beating Zain twice later in the season. Zain is a cadet world champ, and Logan is a junior silver medalist. But I also think his best style is folk because he is a hammer on top. I don't know if he has the takedown skills on his feet to continually put up points in a weight class in which he is undersized and going up against full-time freestylers. It wouldn't surprise me if he placed again, just not sure when he cracks the world team looking at his competition.

  3. Just wanted to put something out there. Logan's finishes at WTT by age and grade:


    2009: 3rd at 55kg (18yo after his junior year)

    2010: DNP at 55 kg, lost to Angel Escobedo in the semis (19yo after his senior year)

    2011: 4th at 60 (20yo after his RS year at Ohio St)

    2012: 4th at 60 (technically second to Coleman, but Reece and Shawn Bunch weren't there as the US hadn't qualified the weight yet) 21yo after winning his first NCAA title as a RS Freshman

    2013: 4th at 60 (22yo after winning his second NCAA title as a RS sophomore)


    He's 23 now, had a dominant folkstyle season minus the twice-avenged loss to Zain. My guess is that he will go 65 kg after wrestling 141 for tOSU, but that weight has Brent Metcalf, Jordan Oliver, Kellen Russell and Jason Chamberlain. It seems to me that Logan has plateaued in his freestyle career. Discuss.

  4. Dake was more valuable to his team for the entirety of his career. Dake won more often in a three day stretch every late March for four years. Dake beat Taylor 5 times in a row, so there is no question he is better. But Taylor helped his team win titles, helped his team win duals. I think we have to start re-thinking how we penalize people for having minor failures in hyper concentrated matches. Burroughs is amazing because he not only won worlds, he won WTTs and everything else that leads up to it for three straight years. Taylor is amazing because he consistently put up bonus points every time he stepped on the mat, creating energy and excitement and interest. Go back a year, the hype was over the fact that Dake just won, while Taylor won big. The 5-0 head-to-head locks up Dake being better amongst the two, but in a historical context, 91.2% of your matches ending in bonus points is astronomical.

  5. If Rodney is correct, their line-up looks like this:


    125: Conaway

    133: Gulibon

    141: Zain

    149: Beitz/Nolf

    157: Alton

    165: Other Alton

    174: Brown

    184: McCutcheon

    197: McIntosh

    285: Gingrich/Lawson


    I think they should RS the 4 N's - Nico, Nolf, Nickal and Nevills. Their 2016 lineup would project: Megaludis, Gulibon, Zain, Nolf, Rasheed, Hammond, Nickal, McCutcheon, McIntosh and Nevills. This lineup would also allow Nickal to grow from 174 to 184 like Ed Ruth did, and allows McCutcheon to grow from 84 to 97 like Quentin Wright. The two would bump up after Morgan leaves.

  6. Dake's 5-0 record against Taylor (2012 Olympic Trials, 2012 NWCA All-Star, Scuffle final, NCAA final, 2013 WTT) is the only thing he has over David. Taylor's bonus point percentage is 91.2, Dake only won 58% of his matches by bonus. Taylor also scored more career points in the NCAA tournament, and won more conference titles.

  7. After crunching the numbers, you could make a pretty strong case for David Taylor having a better career than Kyle Dake. 99-92 lead in career NCAA tournament points, 4-3 lead in conference titles. For Taylor, 91.2% of his matches ended in a bonus, while only 58.9% of Dake's matches did the same. Taylor had fewer losses, albeit 2 of his 3 were to Dake so this is kind of a moot point.


    Dominance score (6 for pin + 5 for tech + 4 for major + 3 for decision - losses with same scoring):

    Taylor: 4.839 (134-3 with 53 pins, 42 tech, 30 majors and only nine decisions, minus two decisions and a pin)

    Dake: 4.106 (137-4 with 44 pins, 9 techs, 30 majors and 54 decisions, minus four decisions, three of which were in OT)


    Dake still won four titles, in four different weight classes, without a redshirt year. Dake beat Taylor H2H in both folk and freestyle. But Taylor's career numbers are more impressive.

  8. Hey guys, just want to clarify, I wasn't trying to make any comment on Yeager or Forys' match/skills. I just know that most of these postseason, all-star duals come with some kind of weight allowance, and I didn't know what Dapper Dan's was. I'm glad both of these kids got to showcase their skills on such a prominent stage, and look forward to seeing them wrestle for Pitt and Wyoming.

  9. As Angry_Fish said, he will be competing at the US Open. I'm fairly certain he had some lingering injuries from the college season that carried over since he went almost immediately into the freestyle circuit. Another thing, wrestling 133 to 149 down to 145 down to 143, he might've wanted his body time to heal and adjust to the weight properly. Remember guys, Burroughs took off from Worlds until Yasar Dogu. Give the kid a break. If he does poorly at the Open and WTT, then we can talk. Oh and his new Flips are sick!

  10. Man, the Big 10 is a meat grinder. Defending NCAA champs seeds: Delgado (2), Stieber (2), Derek St. John (4), Tony Nelson (5). What other conference had two wrestlers win national championships as juniors, and the very next year as seniors they were the 4th and 5th seeds at their conference tournaments? Amazing. Champ picks:


    125: Megaludis

    133: Ramos

    141: Wrestleford

    149: Tsirtsis

    157: Green

    165: Taylor

    174: Brown

    184: Ruth

    197: McIntosh

    285: McMullan

  11. Gimp, I know for a fact one was Mike Galante, who beat Mack Lewnes in the finals the year he was a PG. This rule must be very recent, because Seminary and Mercersburg both had PGs competing within the past three or four years. Tyler Fraley was listed as a PG for Sem in 2012.


    And I am glad we have this information about 9-12 vs fifth year/PGs to put any and all titles into perspective. Did the board's decision force the Blair PG team into the NCWA with the likes of Navy Prep School?

  12. Of course having non HS kids changed the dynamic, just as it did for Blair the previous 30+ years. Every year, they list the PG/5th year team champ, and the 9-12 only champ. No excuses for Blair, they sent their lineup out and lost. Every single year, every single Nat Preps, there are injuries, kids who don't even get to wrestle in the tournament and those hurt while there. Sem was within the rules, and they were healthier. They won fair and square. Blair will be back next year and probably win again, but just give Sem their day in the sun.

  13. Just so I'm clear. Some of the kids wrestling at preps are actually one year graduated from high school?


    Some might be. Neither Blair nor Sem had any this year. Sem had 3 reclasses as some of the coaches call them. Generally means they repeat a year so their 5th year is as an undergraduate.

    Neither Sem nor Blair use 5th year or PG wrestlers against the publics.


    Gimp, correct me if I am wrong, but I did not see any 8th grade or PGs there this year from any school. Was it only 9-12?

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