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  1. For anyone that has seen the National Prep seeds, Joey McKenna is not listed on there. Not sure if he is hurt, or if this affects his likelihood of wrestling at Dapper Dan, but it seems odd not to wrestler at Preps your senior year unless you are seriously ill/injured.

  2. Man, it was crazy seeing Gomez (NCAA Champ at 133) and Molinaro (NCAA Champ at 149) in the same weight class.


    Kind of like seeing JD Bergman (College 285) vs Chris Pendleton (College 174) last year? But the Molinaro-Gomez match was terribly boring thanks to the ref, who blew his whistle at least once a minute. Too many whistles, not enough shooting or scrambling or scoring opportunities created.

  3. Ohio_Wrestling_Admin, I do like your point about consistency. So the question is best HS wrestler for their entrie career? Because Schultz getting 2nd at Tbilisi and Carr getting 5th at worlds while still in HS is pretty darn impressive. If we're saying career though, I think it has to be Kolat or Fried for dominance purposes.


    Also, not to say they are the best ever, but it is pretty impressive what the Baldwin brothers out of Florida and the Pyke brothers out of Georgia have accomplished. The sheer volume of in-season matches those four have wrestled is mind-boggling.

  4. So comparing the Yarygan results to 2013 Russian Nationals:


    57 kg: Nariman Israpilov took bronze, after winning 55 kg last year. Nodar Arabidze took fifth at both events. Surun took bronze at Nationals and fifth the other day.


    61: Bekkhan Goigereyev took second after winning 60 kg last year.


    65: Kurbanaliev won both. Emeev took second after finishing bronze at Russian nats. Ramonov finished third after taking second at 66kg.


    70: Shamsudinov won silver after getting 5th at 74kg.


    74 kg: Sanatoev took second at nationals and fith at Yarygan.


    86: Shamil Kudiyamagomedov won at 84 last year and took second yesterday. Anzor Urishev took bronze yesterday and second at 84. Kcoev took bronze last year and fifth yesterday.


    97: Abdusalam won yesterday after getting second last year. Batraz took bronze at both events.


    125: Khugaev won both events.

  5. Kudukhov is definitely one of the best wrestlers ever, and probably the best in the world between 2006-12. He was the only freestyle wrestler to win a world medal every year in that time (Silver, Gold, Bronze, Gold, Gold, Gold, Silver). The Cuban Greco heavyweight Mijaín López is the only one that can match that from 2005-12 (Gold, Silver, Gold, Gold, Gold, Gold, Silver, Gold). Russia, FILA and the entire international wrestling community lost a truly great sportsman today.

  6. I agree that it's Shultz or Carr for the criteria given, but Pico might be approaching that kind of status.


    Hollywood isn't Marty. I can prove it if anyone wants to be sure (they have both been odiously public with their names, etc.), but as a NY-bred guy I wouldn't want to emphasize that we have in fact produced two of these idiots for the ages.

    Jason Trirtsis will give Pico all he can handle at the new weight class of 65 kilos! Bank on it!


    Schultz and Carr have to be top two for their senior level success, no other Americans can boast it, but I'm fairly certain there have been 17 and 18 year olds for other countries that have won world or olympic level golds. As for Pico/Tsirtsis, they both might be 70 kg in off years and 65 during Olympic years. Chance hasn't done enough at the junior/FILA JR level for me to even put him as the best wrestler of his year, over Kyle Snyder.

  7. I am not all that surprised at how well Coon has started. His father Dan is the chairman of Michigan USA Wrestling, he was FILA Cadet world champ in 2011 at 100 kg, and won back-to-back USA Wrestling triple crowns. I can't wait to see how this kid does against Nelson and McMullan.

  8. From his Ohio St. bio for the 2010-11 season: Competed in Buckeye Duals (Nov. 21) and Cliff Keen Las Vegas Collegiate Wrestling Invitational (Dec. 3) before hand injury concluded season.


    He went 5-3 that year. At the 2011 FILA JR nationals, he lost 6-2, 6-3 to Cody Brewer in the quarters. He then won FILA JR trials and took second to 2010 world senior silver medalist and 2012 olympic gold medalist Toghrul Asgarov at junior worlds. This past spring, Logan beat Cody Brewer 17-1 in the quarters of NCAAs.


    He lost 5-4 to Jimmy Kennedy at 2013 WTT. He lost 2-1, 0-1, 2-0 to Reece Humphrey and then 3-1, 3-0 to Graff at the US Open. I don't think Logan is as talented in freestyle as he is folkstyle, or at least not yet anyway. Between 133, 141 and 149, I don't know if anyone currently on an NCAA roster can beat him in folkstyle. But he has yet to show that he can make that next leap in freestyle. That being said, the kid is incredible and absolutely one of the best American wrestlers we have right now.

  9. My father has been watching college wrestling for over 40 years. His practice partner in college was Daryl Burley. This will be his 30th year coaching high school wrestling. When I told him I think Ed Ruth is the greatest folkstyle wrestler of all time, he just nods in agreement. This is a great time for college wrestling. We have a potential 4-timer in Stieber, a potential 3-timer who is head and shoulders better than everyone in his weight class, and Taylor, who might end up as the greatest 2x champ ever. Can't wait for this season to start.

  10. Yeah, gimpetlf, as I remember it the team was mostly filled with Ashmores, Silvers and Adamsons during their big run, so I wouldn't be surprised if it was a combination of those three families. My father wrestled for Lehigh in the early 80s and he always tells me about how one of the fathers at Beth Catholic paid for the team to go to whatever tourneys and camps the kids wanted to go to. It's no surprise the teams like that are stacked, who wouldn't want their kids to have that opportunity on someone else's dime.

  11. Riley suffered a career ending neck injury while in college during his redshirt freshman year. He is still at Duke and is involved in producing his own music


    It's good to hear he found something else to keep him moving. As greenmt. said, it can be a rough smack in the face for those phenoms when they get to college. Not saying this is what happened to Riley, but all of a sudden going up against grown men who truly love the sport and are just as strong and fast, if not more so, can lead to burnout and injuries. I wish Riley well.


    On a side note, what the heck happened to Bishop Lynch? I know they had something of a "sugar daddy" when their ASSISTANT coaches were Kenny Monday and Kendall Cross and they were finishing runner-up to Blair at Preps every year. But they were nowhere to be found this year up at Lehigh, and I want to know where their money was coming from and where it went?

  12. Does anybody know what happened to this young man? A youth wrestling phenom, he won six consecutive triple crowns and was a two-time national prep champ for former prep powerhouse Bishop Lynch in Texas. He committed to Duke and according to their website was last on the team in the 2010-11 school year and still had at least two years of eligibility left. I know at least one of his brothers wrestled for Duke as well. Is he hurt? Did he redshirt? Did he find another passion in life?

  13. With Weidman's win over Anderson Silva tonight, I thought it might be fun to look back at an immensely talented field for 197 back at the tournament in 2007, by seed.


    1) Max Askren: Younger bro of Ben, co-founder of Askren Wrestling Academy, 28-1 heading into the event and eventual 2010 champ at 184.

    2) Josh Glenn: Won the title at this tourney while still a junior, finishing 27-1 and with the second most team points of any wrestler in the 2007 tournament, behind only Ben Askren. Only loss came by fall 1:58 to Kurt Backes in the Midlands Semis, avenged in the finals. Anybody know whatever happened to this kid?

    4) Phil Davis: Won the 2008 NCAA title at 197 and currently 11-1 in MMA at light heavyweight.

    6) J.D. Bergman: Wrestling yet again for Team USA after winning the 2013 WTT at 96kg.

    9) Kurt Backes: Runner-up to Glenn, former Hawkeye asst coach, working for Takedown and Wells Fargo.

    11) Chris Weidman: 10-0 in MMA after knocking out Anderson Silva to become UFC Middleweight champ.


    What a talented field. Wish I knew what happened to Josh Glenn though.

  14. Does anybody else think Ed Ruth can major David Taylor in the room? I feel like the only people in that Penn State practice room that can beat him are Cael and Varner. A Dake/Ruth folkstyle match would be incredible but I think, at this point, they're too far away in weight.

  15. Projected lineup for next year:


    125: Megaludis

    133: Gulibon/Conaway

    141: Zain Retherford

    149: Alton/English

    157: Alton/Vollrath

    165: Taylor

    174: Brown

    184: Ruth

    197: McIntosh

    285: Gingrich/Lawson


    They absolutely have the potential to 4Peat. There will obviously be challengers but at this point they seem to be in solid position to bring home the tallest trophy yet again.

  16. I thought it was a really good match that has a chance to be even better the next time around if they meet at NCAAs i.e. Dake vs Taylor at Scuffle as compared to the All-Star Meet. What I found interesting was how this match would've played out in freestyle. A lot of the posters on the international forum believe Logan will represent America in the world championships at 60kg. At no point in the match did either wrestler go out of bounds so no pushout points. Every period in regulation would have gone down to the clinch. Stieber's throw in OT would've been at least a 3pt move, my father the HS wrestling coach said he would've called it a five.

  17. I found a viewer comment in one of the stories interesting: "As with basically every decision the IOC makes with regard to inclusion or non-inclusion of a sport, the question to be asked is: Is Western Europe good at and/or interested in this sport? You'll find that when the answer is "No", the sport is going to be in constant danger of elimination."


    Absolutely. This has everything to do with Eastern Europe, Asia, USA, Cuba and Iran being head and shoulders above the Western Europeans. They need to get over their superiority complex. This is man's oldest sport. It was in the original, anciet Greek Olympics. It is done all over the world. All you need are singlets and shoes. Fieldhouses and mats. I talked to silver medalist Butch Keaser in December and he said every change made to wrestling in the past 30 years has been to hurt the Americans. I think he was right.

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