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  1. Gor's takedown certainly was iffy. Handful of singlet, gave Frank a gigantic wedgie. https://twitter.com/CPyles8/status/724057958439608320
  2. Geer lost to Garrett Hoffman, a SR headed to Bucknell next year. Hoffman's brother Gavin is the SO, won 195.
  3. It likely would've been Koll. PSU had settled on him and was putting together its offer when Cael called to inquire about the position.
  4. Here's a snippet showing the incident: https://twitter.com/A_Kauff/status/676134212882202624 What you can see in the tweet: Cox got a 6-step running start from the center and toward the scorer's table, then initiated a crotch lift when the wrestlers were already at the boundary. Wellington came down upside down and dislodged the scorer's table. What you can't see in the tweet -- you need to see the side-view replay on the ESPN stream to catch this: Wellington's head hit first, directly onto the exposed hardwood basketball court. Then his knee hit the scorer's table. Anyone who sees this and still wants to quibble over the DQ is a jackass. This was entirely preventable by Cox, and Wellington is lucky to not be paralyzed with a broken neck.
  5. Jefe


    And in his last 5 matches, Gilman got decked by a guy with 14 losses. Point is: last year's over. If you don't think Nickal has the resume to be top 5, fine. Then rank him, say, 10th -- but put Epperly below him, because the clearly better wrestler won.
  6. Dieringer to 125 would be impressive, though a huge cut, even by Oklahoma State standards.
  7. Adding a few more names to the "Pitt roster": Racciato and Rizzo are both out of range. Racciato is from Pen Argyl, outside Allentown -- 5 hrs away from Pitt. Rizzo is from Johnstown, about 75 miles from Pitt. 174 would've been Tyler Wilps last year. There are no returning NQs from the Pittsburgh area at 157-174.
  8. Better also hope he doesn't find this: And, can't speak for youth rules, but in some age groups the cradle is considered control and thus secures the takedown.
  9. Marinovich himself is a spectacular case of over-parenting gone wrong. His father drove all desire out of him -- and not just the desire to play football. Really sad what became of his life.
  10. And Johnny Sebastian the year before, streamed.
  11. Gomez and Espinal are US cItizens. Just curious, not trying to be an ass here: did you feel the same way about Smith giving a scholarship to Gelogaev? Zalesky giving one to Dhesi? Novachkov going to Cal Poly, then training and coaching at Illinois while wrestling for Bulgaria?
  12. Stolfi graduated from HS in 2011. This will be his 5th year.
  13. It wasn't a financial question. It was a political question: what exactly did Hastert do to become so rich? He became an expert on how to spend other peoples' money. The nearly obscene taxpayer-funded pension is gravy.
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