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  1. 21guns, the TD call was iffy.  But Frank didn't have a push out, I don't think.  The Turk was on his knees, wisely, and Frank pushed back while the Turk was sliding on his knees.  I think this is what you were talking about.  And I believe, if on knees, not a push out.

    Gor's takedown certainly was iffy. Handful of singlet, gave Frank a gigantic wedgie.





  2. Here's a snippet showing the incident:


    What you can see in the tweet:  Cox got a 6-step running start from the center and toward the scorer's table, then initiated a crotch lift when the wrestlers were already at the boundary.  Wellington came down upside down and dislodged the scorer's table.


    What you can't see in the tweet -- you need to see the side-view replay on the ESPN stream to catch this:  Wellington's head hit first, directly onto the exposed hardwood basketball court.  Then his knee hit the scorer's table.


    Anyone who sees this and still wants to quibble over the DQ is a jackass.  This was entirely preventable by Cox, and Wellington is lucky to not be paralyzed with a broken neck.

  3. And Nickal lost to Andy McCulley, a solid but unspectacular wrestler from Wyoming, in his last 5 matches, so...


    And in his last 5 matches, Gilman got decked by a guy with 14 losses.


    Point is:  last year's over.  If you don't think Nickal has the resume to be top 5, fine.  Then rank him, say, 10th -- but put Epperly below him, because the clearly better wrestler won.

  4. Courts losing probably resulted from a TON of factors.


    1.)Early(prior to the season starting) match up.  Courts isn't known for his fast starts.

    2.)Rozema improving.  A DI room with the right motivation can work wonders on a guy.

    3.)Familiarity.  Wrestle enough with a guy, and even if he is the National Champ, you may be able to keep it closer than the runner up.

    4.)Motivation.  For Courts this was a simple warm up.  For Rozema, this may very well have been the DI Tournament.

    5.)Bribery...Wait this isn't Cuba...........

    6.)ASU women are hotter than everywhere else...................If he believes such nonsense!


    7. Average Officials

  5. Adding a few more names to the "Pitt roster":




    125 Nico Megaludis (Dalton Macri, Dom Forys)

    133 Geoff Alexander (Beckman grew up 80 miles away) (Connor Schram, Mackenzie McGwire)

    141 Jimmy Gulibon (Evan Henderson, Tyler Smith)

    149 Mike Racciatto or Solomon Chisko

    157 Jason Nolf (Austin Matthews 80 miles away)

    165 Cody Weicioch

    174 ???

    184 Lorenzo Thomas or Matt McCutcheon

    197 Zack Zavatsky

    HWT John Rizzo


    Racciato and Rizzo are both out of range.  Racciato is from Pen Argyl, outside Allentown -- 5 hrs away from Pitt.  Rizzo is from Johnstown, about 75 miles from Pitt.


    174 would've been Tyler Wilps last year.  There are no returning NQs from the Pittsburgh area at 157-174.

  6. Last week I told a grade school wrestler to never go from single leg to cradle like that, because against the best guys that usually loses you a takedown. I really hope he doesn't find this match. 


    Better also hope he doesn't find this:


    And, can't speak for youth rules, but in some age groups the cradle is considered control and thus secures the takedown.

  7. The Valencias did a similar announcement last year, granted it was only on a Flo podcast. Major football and basketball recruits do this kind of thing all the time. I like it, it builds hype and draws attention to the sport.


    And Johnny Sebastian the year before, streamed.

  8. Gomez and Espinal are US cItizens.


    Just curious, not trying to be an ass here:  did you feel the same way about Smith giving a scholarship to Gelogaev?  Zalesky giving one to Dhesi?  Novachkov going to Cal Poly, then training and coaching at Illinois while wrestling for Bulgaria?

  9. Where Hastert's money came from is actually not that complicated.  

    • Hastert resigned from the House on 11/26/07.
    • Hastert became a big-time lobbyist for Dickstein Shapiro in or around 2008 or 2009. One can only assume he made mega bucks there. 
    • Individual A allegedly approached Hastert in 2010. 
    • Hastert allegedly paid Individual A money to keep quiet between 2010 and 2014. 

    A 2010 article also said Hastert "commends $25,000 a speech." That same article also notes he had a $99,500 pension from teaching, the Illinois legislature, and Congress. Finally, that article listed other sources of income, including being an a corporate board.  http://articles.chicagotribune.com/2010-02-17/news/ct-met-hastert-business-0218-20100217_1_house-speaker-dennis-hastert-chicago-mercantile-exchange-online-instruction


    So I'm not surprised by how much money he had. 


    It wasn't a financial question.


    It was a political question:  what exactly did Hastert do to become so rich?  He became an expert on how to spend other peoples' money.  The nearly obscene taxpayer-funded pension is gravy.

  10. Those photos really are amazing. 


    Doesn't PSU sell-out all of its home duals? I don't know how the athletic dept schedules wrestling matches between BJC and Rec Hall -- I think 7 out of 8 events last season were at Rec Hall (less than half the seating capacity of BJC) -- but it seems like wrestling could pull in so much more revenue if they'd book the duals booked in BJC. To hell with the basketball teams, make them play in Rec Hall! :)


    Also, not to instigate more PSU vs. Iowa talk, but I wonder how the Penn State ticket & concession numbers fare against CHA in Iowa...


    Penn State Athletics does not own the BJC.  It's run by an events group unaffiliated with Athletics, primarily to set up concerts.  Except for hoops **, all athletics teams using the BJC must pay a sizable facility fee.  The break-even point is about 11-12k adults.  Iowa, sure.  Indiana or Michigan State, with alums driving 3+ hrs from Philly or Pittsburgh in a Feb ice storm ... decent chance at a financial loss.


    Without doing the actual math:  thanks to that facility fee, the BJC Iowa dual may have been less profitable than any match at Rec (which is owned by Athletics, thus no rental costs).


    What PSU Wrestling does get out of the BJC duals is a big event for its fans, plus great publicity.  Both of these disappear with frequency.  And, while the BJC is fun when full, it can be sterile and lifeless when 2/3 full.


    ** This is the devil's deal PSU made with Harrisburg in the 1990s to get funding to build the BJC.  PSU's admission to the B10 was conditional upon a new basketball arena.  Hbg wasn't about to just give PSU an arena that would sit empty or nearly empty most nights of the year ...

  11. One good thing about this is seeing that the administration of the school stepped in and corrected a mistake made by the athletic director. 


    This is naive.  Does anyone seriously think that any AD would cancel any sport without his university president's buy-in?  CSU deflected the heat to the AD (and will probably give him a raise for it).


    What really happened is that CSU wanted lacrosse from the beginning.  Lacrosse enrolls wealthy non-Ohio students who pay out-of-state tuition without financial aid.  Killing wrestling was a two-fer, as it removes a number of poor and middle-class in-state students from enrollment.


    Then CSU used the student elections (in which 9% of students bothered to vote) as an excuse to impose a fee on ALL students.  If CSU genuinely wanted to save wrestling, they could've imposed that fee from the beginning.  But then CSU wouldn't reap the PR of "listening to the students" and "saving wrestling."  And the students likely would've seen an up-front fee for what it is:  a lacrosse fee disguised as a wrestling fee -- or money laundering.


    We can take some consolation in that fee being small -- for now.  But schools are very good at escalating hidden fees like this over time.  And CSU created a template for other schools to threaten wrestling in order to achieve unrelated goals.


    To recap:  CSU transferred wealth from 18,300 mostly poor/middle-class students to about 30 wealthy students.  CSU executed the wealth transfer by manipulating students and wrestling fans.  CSU then basked in the glory of "saving wrestling," and everybody rejoiced.  Until the next time this happens, at CSU or elsewhere.

  12. Can Rasheed actually beat Hammond?  Also, did Rasheed grow? I thought he couldn't make weight this year and had to wrestle up at an open.  Good for him for growing and not sucking a lot... just wondering where he may go.


    Rasheed missed weight by 2 oz in an open tourney that was his first action back from injury.  Maybe he can, maybe he can't, but that's hardly evidence of being unable to make weight.

  13. To be even more fair:  Brands has not recently started recruiting outside Iowa.  He has starting this year:  Dziewa (PA), Evans (PA), Brooks (IL), Burak (CO), Telford (DE).  Off the top of my head:  Aaron Bradley (PA) stashed on a mission.  Tony Ramos from Illinois.  And some Metcalf guy from Michigan.


    Penn State also has 2 starters this year from Utah and one from NJ,.


    That said, it's important to lock down the better wrestlers from in-state (if nothing else, for depth) and add regional- and national-level talent where possible.

  14. If you took California's state wrestling champions and had a dual vs Pennsylvania's state champions.


    California would smash the sh** out of them, and then you would shut your mouth's.




    For giggles, let's compare them (PA first, rankings from Flo):


    106:  #3 Gavin Teasdale vs. #1 Cade Olivas

    113:  #8 Devin Brown vs. #2 Justin Mejia

    120-Spencer Lee.

    126:  #12 Luke Karam vs. Anthony Hernandez

    132:  #2 AC Headlee vs. #20 Julian Flores

    138:  #1 Sam Krivus vs. #14 Wyatt Wyckoff

    145:  #1 Mike Kemerer vs. #16 Ralphy Tovar

    152:  #2 Cenzo Joseph vs. Zack Velasquez

    160:  #2 Josh Shields vs. #10 Colt Doyle

    170:  #13 Te'Shan Campbell vs. #2 Anthony Valencia

    182:  #11 Kellan Stout vs. #1 Zahid Valencia

    195:  #5 Jan Johnson vs. #19 Austin Flores

    220:  #1 Jordan Wood vs. #19 Seth Nevills

    285:  #3 Andrew Dunn vs. Hexton Coronado


    Can make a pretty good case for CA winning 4 weights (106, 113, 170, 182).  After that ...


    PA at 4 weights (120, 126, 152, 285) could outscore the entire CA team.

  15. I don't know what to make of a 2-0 Phillippi match without video.  He's not exactly Mr. Offense First.


    Big news out of Pittsburgh:  Gus Solomon (Franklin Regional) withdrew from SW Regionals with a shoulder injury, was not cleared by doctors before tourney started.  Solomon is #1 in the state at AAA 126 and ranked nationally.


    This could have just handed Bethlehem Catholic the team title at states.

  16. who are the AA favorites that are out? counting marks and lane?


    Yes, Blake Marks and Todd Lane.  Both are returning state runners-up for Southern Columbia.


    Always a shame to lose top guys, and especially for Marks -- he's really entertaining, a toss monster.


    Just to clarify for the non-PA folks here:  Todd's cousin Kent Lane is still healthy, also a state runner-up from Southern Columbia.

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