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  1. After a quick scan of Regional brackets, I'll add these guys: 106 AAA: Matt Parker, Pennridge 113 AA: Joe Lobeck, Lancaster Catholic or Max Murin, Central Cambria 126 AA: Jonathan Gabriel, Bedford or Triston Law, Forest Hills. 138 AA: Kyle Shoop, Boiling Springs. I missed him as a returning state runner-up. Tyler Vath (Saegertown) also possible. 170 AA: Nick Stephani, Troy or Jason Lynch, Saucon Valley. Really open weight, but not as wide open as ... 170 AAA: DJ Hollingshead, Altoona -- and about 5 or 6 other guys: Gentile; Teshon Campbell, Penn Hills; Idris White, Father Judge; Austin Bell, Belle Vernon; Jared Siegrist, Manheim Central all look good. 182 AA: Corey Hazel, Penns Valley; Garrett Hoffman, Montoursville; or Colton Dull, Bermudian Springs I like LeBarron, but come on, Myers and Phillippi are both nationally-ranked returning state champs. Myers is headed to Edinboro and Phillippi will be a D1 recruit next year. Really high hurdle for LeBarron. But good chance he's a finalist if PA brackets Myers and Phillippi together, away from him.
  2. Heading into Regionals this weekend, will have a better idea then -- some weights are still pretty open; additionally, some of the favorites (106 AAA, 138 AA, 170 AA at least) are out, including 2 returning state finalists. Below are some of the more obvious ones, or ones with nationally ranked guys. 106: AA Gavin Teasdale (Jefferson Morgan), AAA ??. 113: AA ??. AAA Devin Brown (Franklin Regional) or Dan Moran (Northampton). 120: AA Brian Courtney (Athens). AAA Spencer Lee (Franklin Regional) -- only question is if anyone survives the full 6:00. 126: AA ??. AAA Gus Solomon (Franklin Regional) or Luke Karam (Bethlehem Catholic). 132: Korbin Myers (Boiling Springs) or Mickey Phillippi (Derry). AAA Luke Pletcher (Latrobe). 138: AA ??. AAA Sam Krivus (Hempfield) or Cameron Coy (Penn Trafford). 145: AA Kent Lane, Southern Columbia. AAA Mike Kemerer (Franklin Regional) or Pat Duggan (Cumberland Valley); 2 other nationally ranked guys. 152: AA Billy Barnes, Southern Columbia. AAA Vincenzo Joseph (Pittsburgh Central Catholic); 3 other nationally ranked guys. 160: AA Cole Walter, Mifflinburg. AAA Josh Shields (Franklin Regional). 170: AA ??. AAA ??. 182: AA ??. AAA Kellan Stout (Mt. Lebanon) or John Jakobsen (Stroudsburg). 195: AA Dylan Reynolds, Saegertown. AAA Jan Johnson (Gov. Mifflin). 220: AA Buzzy Maines, West Branch. AAA Jordan Wood (Boyertown). 285: AA Allan Beattie, Burrell. AAA Bo Spiller (Solanco) or Andrew Dunn (Bethlehem Catholic). Returning champs: Brown (2x), Lee, Jake Riegel (120 AAA), Karam, Myers, Phillippi (2013), Pletcher (2x), Krivus (2013), Coy, Joseph, Johnson Returning finalists: Moran, Lane, Kemerer (3x), Duggan, Barnes, Shields, Stout, Maines, Wood (2x) Caveat: In PA it's not unusual for the best 2 wrestlers to meet in semis or even the quarters. It's also not unusual for the top 3 wrestlers in a weight to all be in the same half of the bracket. Reason: PIAA does not seed, instead uses a set of pre-drawn brackets which are kept private until after regionals, and then fills in the names before states. There is only 1 exception to the pre-drawn brackets: when 2 returning PA champs are at the same weight, both were champs last year, and both are regional champs this year. (This year that can happen only at 120 AAA, if Riegel wins Northeast Regional). Then the PIAA will find a different pre-drawn bracket separating the champs until the finals.
  3. Rooting against: Jesse Delgado. "If you don't like my style, don't watch." I hope to watch. Rooting for: Nate Brown. Especially for the way he handled the Billy George incident. Matt Brown. national finalist, ROTC, married, 3.97 GPA, respectful ... everything that's right about college athletics.
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    Speaking of the PA Class of 2010, how has Matt Cunningham done in college?
  5. Jefe


    Hess was hospitalized with Hodgkins lymphoma a month after winning states his SR year. Had to defer admission to Lehigh for a year as part of his recovery. He has thankfully been cancer-free, but has had numerous complications keeping him away from the mat.
  6. 160-170: the most likely scenario is either Maruca or Cole Walter at 160, and Shields at 170. Walter is a lock for the 160 AA title, and one of the bigger locks at Hershey this year. Maryland commit Idris White is the highest returning placer at 170 AAA. Campbell is also intriguing. Maruca, Walter, and Shields are all more tested on a national level, and have had much more success at Hershey. Expecting Hollingshead at 160, where he wrestled at Powerade; he lost to both Shields and Walter earlier this year.
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    Complaining about Ficker is pointless. He's a major donor to Maryland athletics, which is severely in debt ... they had about 80 million reasons to switch conferences. He's not going away. BTN could move microphone locations to make the broadcasts a little easier, though even that may not help much with Ficker's booming voice and only about 50 other fans to drown him out.
  8. The scenario nobody's discussing: what if The Mullet finishes the season undefeated? Beating the 3x defending champ twice, including the NCAA final on national TV, is gonna get some serious votes..
  9. Delgado. Get on the mic and tell a national audience not to watch you? Classic heel behavior.
  10. A lot of people were so upset at Byers that they forgot to hit the mute button.
  11. Because the teams are not named Woody or Bo.
  12. Beitz wrestled 141 at last year's Binghamton Open (in November) and struggled with weight. He went 149 the rest of the year, including taking Tsirtsis to OT. Weight/strength should not be an issue this year.
  13. TBar - you forget that Myers is both playing football and practicing wrestling this semester, will wrestle full-time next semester?
  14. Pitt heavy John Rizzo is a 3x PA state champ. Twice won 285, then for his SR year dropped down to 220 just to see if he could do it. Mission accomplished, had over 30 pins and only one loss all year, 2-1 to Kyle Snyder. Beat the returning champ by 10 pts in the state finals, and it was not that close. Then he beat now-Stanford heavy Josh Marchok at Dapper Dan. He was a tremendous D1 285 prospect, except he took 1.5 years off to play football at Temple. He transferred to Pitt in January specifically for wrestling. If he's back to form -- and it sure looks like he is -- he will be a monster. Has RS SO eligibility.
  15. Caldwell vs. Lang or Wright vs. Gambrall
  16. Marsteller gets nearly all of his NF points on feet-to-back moves, or on turns immediately after a takedown and before the opponent achieves his base. From base, it's mostly tilts. All his Flo videos show this. I think he's capable of base turns now at a HS level, and can get there for a college level as quickly as he wants to. His priority has always been freestyle, and his top game reflects that.
  17. At least 3 inaccuracies that need to be corrected: 1. Penn State did not recruit Lizak: Lizak took an official visit to PSU last fall. 2. Haines immediately chose Ohio State: Haines traveled to Cornell and Maryland (at least) before visiting Columbus. 3. Haines chose to not compete with Nevills: OK, this one is more circumstantial -- if he didn't think he could beat a fellow incoming FR, then why go to compete with an experienced returning national R12 guy (Tavanello) for 2 years after shirting? He instead could've been a near-guaranteed 4-yr starter at Maryland (being coached by a 2x national champ and Olympian at his weight class), or at Cornell, or at least a dozen other schools if he had expanded his recruitment. It's likely true in the clinical sense -- he did choose to go elsewhere (unless Cael told him he wouldn't even be allowed to walk on, which we can infer from Mr. Haines' comments about "fit" but don't absolutely know). But it's hard to defend in the mind-reading sense, which is almost always what people mean by this.
  18. Stieber will easily have the best tan of any 4x champ. Seriously, the entire concept of a worst 4-timer is kinda like the ugliest Miss America.
  19. Bloomsburg's case shows an inherent flaw in Title IX. BU is 50-50 M/W athletics and was 50-50 admissions. Then it became popular among female applicants and is now 57-43 women. That puts BU out of compliance with T9. This is of course insane. Given the many constraints (fundraising timetables, donor Ts & Cs, NCAA limits in each sport, overall student demographic fluctuations, etc.), there are only 3 ways to stay in compliance: cut scholarships, cut teams, and cap general student body admissions by gender to keep a perpetual 50-50 split. Imagine the activists' reaction if BU began capping female enrollment and actively recruiting men to achieve an overall 50-50 student body split, and cited Title IX as the reason.
  20. Olddirty, interesting comment. English's points did help the team secure the title, and that was a good thing. But in fairness, you could look at this from another angle. English made it very clear that his goal was to win an NCAA title, and of course he failed to achieve that goal. If his detractors were saying that he couldn't win an ncaa title, they would be correct. I don't take anything away from this kid at all, but I'm not sure what the story is here. Yes, he helped PSU, but he failed to reach his own goals. He was crushed after he lost in the championship bracket. Then he lost again after that. He achieved what some consider to be a great accomplishment, AA honors at the NCAA Division 1 tournament, but that wasn't what he came to the tournament to do. This isn't very motivational to me. I find a story like Cael's quest to win 4 ncaa titles and Olympic gold to be more motivational. Just my opinion. Mike Evans is not impressed with James English.
  21. Just to clarify: the PSU poster TBar mentioned to is close to Galasso -- he is a coach at one of the top wrestling clubs in southeastern PA. Not just some board poster. Two of the three victims are headed for a full recovery. That's not enough. Please keep James Galasso in your thoughts and prayers.
  22. Haines weighed 240 at Hershey last week.
  23. Would Cael have recruited Ed Ruth if he were PSU's head coach at the time? Cael unsuccessfully recruited Ruth for Iowa State.
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