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  1. Right now you can't be critical of PSU internally, either. At least not if you work in PSU Athletics. About a month ago, PSU fired 30-yr fencing head coach Emmanuil Kaidanov over a single heated argument with an Athletics staffer. The staffer officially accused a fencer of illegal drug use. After that claim was disproven, Kaidanov asserted his desire to be informed about accusations against his players, without making threats. He was fired with no warning, no corrective action, and no appeal. A flyswatter should have sufficed; instead, PSU picked up the sledgehammer. The current work environment at PSU Athletics, especially among the veterans, leaves a lot to be desired.
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    Mr. and Mrs. Alton might be surprised to learn the PSU twins are named Taylor and Ruth.
  3. Wrestling-wise, agreed. Sometimes other issues matter. College is really expensive, and so few guys get big money. And some guys have other priorities -- like Pat Tillman did: http://espn.go.com/classic/biography/s/Tillman_Pat.html
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    BIG newcomers

    If this list also means newcomers to the Big Ten, then add Myers and Sheptock.
  5. We are witnessing the college education bubble bursting. Today the Wall Street Journal reported that employers no longer trust college GPAs and will soon start making applicants take a "Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA+)" online test. Article here, behind the WSJ paid firewall: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB1000142 ... l?mod=e2fb A shame that it comes to this, but this should generate plenty of data for schools to assess their core competencies and their over- vs. under-performing depts. That is long overdue. And will probably cause multiple firestorms, as the worst academic depts are often the school's political sacred cows. Of course, there's also the risk that some depts and/or schools will take the lazy out, and merely "teach to the test" instead of actually improving its educational quality. To them: good riddance.
  6. Greatness always comes at a price. But the cost to Gable -- his sister's life, and years (if not a lifetime) of blaming himself for her rape and murder -- is unfathomable. Nobody should ever have to endure that for any reason.
  7. If you don't think any PSU fans questioned Cael about the Haines situation, you have been paying zero attention. That topic was highly contentious on the PSU boards, and that was no secret. I have no reason to distrust Smith. But he doesn't have to worry about what I think. If these individual instances happen often enough, that the NCAA senses a trend, then the burden of proof becomes much higher. BTW, let's call this what it is: parents are trying to get in-state tuition for when their kids eventually go to OSU. Can't blame them. College is expensive enough without non-resident tuition. Of course, this move backfires if the kid doesn't go to OSU for some reason -- such as, gets admitted to Stanford. Related side notes: 1. Most state schools require 1 yr residency before granting in-state tuition. So Jordan gets non-resident tuition this year. Jordan and Chandler get in-state tuition next year -- starting in the fall. 2. Employee discounted tuition counts as an athletic scholarship, until the parent(s) have been working at the school for a few years. I'm not sure of the required duration -- assuming either parent is working at OSU, Jordan may or may not get the discount before graduating; Chandler will, but not for a few years.
  8. I wasn't specific enough ... Sherlock's Pgh incident involved alcohol + a physical confrontation. I think he pleaded down from assault. Later that summer he was part of an underage case involving multiple wrestlers. This was the summer after the first national title, and there were a few too many alcohol citations. Cael had to be concerned about the team culture and told them all to clean up -- and especially Sherlock for still drinking after the physical incident. Then came the in-season case. I believe Campbell was found passed out in public. Unrelated to Sherlock but very shortly afterward. Don't know if he had other incidents or not -- and that's probably immaterial. Campbell's incident was so close after Sherlock's ... as the joke goes: too bad youth is wasted on the young. Hopefully "overlooking the Altons" is just an unfortunate word choice. Whether or not one finds their punishment sufficient -- no need to rip that wound open -- it was not overlooked. To answer the other question: Sherlock teched the field at University Nationals.
  9. I wish Willie had instead said the out-there guys were from Uranus. Calling Cowburn a "miss" is just brutal. He had performed reasonably well at opens but was stuck behind Dylan Alton (finished 3rd as a FR) and David Taylor. Yes, he stayed for the academics. PSU is among the top schools in the country (possibly #1) in his major. Sherlock was dismissed for alcohol-related incidents. He was busted back home near Pittsburgh during the offseason. Then there was a summer incident in State College. Then he got busted late that fall semester. He was on a short leash anyway, and Cael forbids in-season drinking. There was always a ton of potential -- he made the Beast finals and lost a close dec while wrestling on a torn ACL -- but sometimes guys just need a change of scenery. Collin Campbell was also dismissed for alcohol, within a few days of Sherlock.
  10. Lost in all the talk of who is/was/would be bigger in Iowa: Brands has 6 non-resident starters -- Burak (CO), Dziewa (PA), Evans (PA), Lofthouse (UT), Ramos (IL), Telford (DE). Depth is important, and it's probably easier to build in-state depth in Iowa City than in Ames. Still, regardless of school, winning championships means being a national recruiter.
  11. Matt Brown might have something to say about who will start his SR year.
  12. Solomon Chishko to Virginia Tech. (He verballed last summer but is 2014.)
  13. I have to say, I'm confused about this - the argument seems to come up annually over on the WR Forum, and several posters over there have argued that if you offer need based or academic scholarship aid to a recruited athlete, it counts towards the 9.9. Others have argued that you can have athletes on need based aid or academic aid and not have it count towards the 9.9 limit, so long as you don't provide athletic scholarship aid to the same athlete along with other forms of aid. I have to say, I have no idea - anyone with a rule book (SHP? ;) ) who can clarify this? For football and basketball (and a couple other sports I can't remember), even a dime of school aid is considered a full athletic scholarship. For wrestling, the financial aid package for each student can be tailed to his qualifications. Remember that schools must prove to the NCAA that athletes were not given special consideration for academic money. To answer your other question: Penn State is among the most expensive public schools in the country, if not THE most expensive. PA resident tuition/fees are comparable to many other states' public school non-resident tuition/fees. Figures are at PSU's website http://www.psu.edu
  14. Marsteller, Nevills, Nolf ... massive recruiting haul by PSU. http://triblive.com/sports/hssports/wrestling/4390718-74/nolf-class-piaa
  15. Nico Megaludis was a true FR national runner-up. Spencer Myers placed 6th as a true FR 285, after losing in the first round. James Fleming never reached the state finals. Matt Brown being a national runner-up, one year removed from a 2-year hiatus from the sport.
  16. Here's another way they're different, that probably got overlooked: Scott Moore is also the only one of the 4 to have the Schalles Award sitting on his desk. (Of course, it didn't exist when Koll, McCoy, and Ryan wrestled, but still.)
  17. When Haines verballed to PSU, the other schools he had been talking with the most were Cornell, Maryland, and Ohio State. So it only figures that he'd re-engage them first. Lock Haven's 141 Dan Neff was Haines' HS teammate. I'm with you guys, major ultimately trumps that. But not a bad reason to listen when LHU calls. As an engineering graduate myself (and one who also recruits for my employer): PSU and Cornell are about even across-the-board, with Maryland close. Exact major obviously matters. PSU and Maryland offer a few more majors; Cornell offers the big ones except Industrial. Finger Lakes CC is a significant advantage for an engineering major. I mean that as a positive. Most engineering schools overbook FR enrollment, then use required FR/SO science and math courses as weed-out classes -- first 2 years are a war of attrition. CCs have no need to do this, can focus on teaching. Between HS AP classes and one year at the CC, most of the weed-out classes could be completed before settling in at Ithaca.
  18. All other things being equal, that's the choice I'd make as well. He's looking to be an engineering major. Cornell is a better engineering school than Maryland or Ohio State, and Lock Haven does not offer the major. (Of course, Maryland also offers daily workouts with an Olympian HWT.) Don't know if they've called or not: Pitt and Northwestern also need a 285. Pitt would be interesting as a rising program with in-state tuition -- but its engr school is below Maryland and Ohio State. Northwestern is academically superior (top-5 national engr school), but a middle-of-the-pack program that's far from home.
  19. If all women were so bat-crap crazy, exactly how has the species survived for so long?
  20. My wife tells me I'm ripe after a workout, until I get a shower.
  21. PSU recruiting a 125 this year is a straw man. The correct comparison would be bringing in another one when Conaway was still in HS. Of course, that did happen, and Conaway was "the other" 125 to Megaludis in the same year. (Granted, only after Liberty canceled its program that April, with Megaludis signed.)
  22. This is just to clarify some of the background info and timeline, since there seem to be some asserted facts that aren't, and suppositions not supported. 1. Haines verballed to PSU in Nov 2012, without really checking out any other schools. He was a Penn State fan and idolized Cael. He had since made numerous campus trips for duals and Nittany Lion Wrestling Club workouts. 2. PSU currently has 4 HWTs on its roster. Three (Lawson, Gingrich, Ruggear) graduate in 2015. Only Lakitsky (2016) would remain on the roster after Haines' redshirt year. 3. Lakitsky just transferred in this summer and, like Lawson, played college football for 2 years. Unlike Lawson, Lakitsky will both play football and wrestle at PSU -- being a two-sport athlete was a condition of his transfer. It's hard to imagine Cael relying very much on a part-year guy who took 2 years off, especially given Lawson's experience this year. 4. Haines had known for some time that PSU was continuing to recruit 285. There was no indication that PSU was recruiting two guys for one roster spot. Especially considering the 285 situation noted above. Haines was clearly not under the impression his roster spot was in jeopardy before enrollment. 5. Word was that Haines was not looking for big money. This makes sense -- if money is the goal, then why commit so early without making schools compete for your services? 6. Nevills apparently came to PSU, as opposed to PSU initiating. PSU was not believed to have had Nevills in mind when telling Haines that 285 recruiting would continue. I don't think anyone faults PSU for talking when Nevills called. 7. Willie tweeted on 6/29: "wow. penn state wrestling. don't ask, cause i aint tellin'." With hindsight, this was clearly Nevills' verbal, and Willie said as much when he eventually broke the news. Willie teased and pocketed the news until Cael could talk with Haines. 8. Before 7/1, Haines called to confirm an NLWC workout. Cael told him that he would instead drive to Quarryville for a face-to-face. 9. According to Mr. Haines: "He said that they didn’t feel Thomas was the right fit and maybe the verbal agreement was done too quickly and maybe they should have put a little more thought into it." This is a rejection, not a low-ball offer. 10. Also according to Mr. Haines: "He said he and Sanderson did not discuss the possibility of walking on." Cael certainly could have brought it up if he wanted Haines for free. We can reasonably conclude Cael no longer wanted Haines at all, even for free. 11. The next day, Willie broke the news on Nevills. Haines learned about it from the Flo article. If there were still any chance of Haines walking on at PSU, this ended it. Again, this is only to establish the facts, reasonable supported inferences, and the timeline. ClawRide and some others are closer to the situation; I am very willing to be corrected if I misunderstood or misrepresented anything above. As an aside, the last time PSU was this understaffed at a weight, Cael picked up both Megaludis and Conaway for 125, though Conaway was a Liberty commit until that program was canceled after his SR state tourney, and the understaffed condition was immediate and not projected after a redshirt year.
  23. March 2014. Dapper Dan. Circle your calendars.
  24. Cox won this year's state title at 285.
  25. If seeing actual test scores is needed, then that's like disproving a negative. That's also saying we don't believe him ... Of course, if he merely wanted to save face, he could've said he was still working through his back injury, which was true. What's clear and indisputable: he was a goner once he said that in the papers. Also clear and indisputable: it worked out for both sides.
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