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  1. If a conference has strong academic requirements for membership, great. Promote the hell out of it. On the other hand, nobody thinks Mississippi State or LSU is a better school by being in the same conference as Vanderbilt. (Or, if they are: woof.)
  2. Back to the original question: Jim Martin graduated with a 3.95 GPA in pre-med from Penn State, and received the NCAA post-graduate fellowship -- the grant awarded to one athlete per year across all sports (not one wrestler per year).
  3. Really good article in yesterday's Wall Street Journal about how the brothers came to be that way: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB1000142 ... om/15zSwrG Basically, Mom saw Tamerlan partying too much, urged him into religion. He fell in with the religious extremists. My interpretation: he clearly had anger issues, which made him more susceptible to the brainwashing and to carrying it out the way he did. He then turned Mom into fundamentalist wacko, which split up family. Unclear if he turned Dzhokhar into a wacko, bullied D into it as older brother, or if D went along with older brother, but article sounds like D turned wacko. A lot of non-religious subtexts as well. You get the feeling that there's still a lot to the story yet undiscovered, and that the family had been teetering on the edge for a long time. To answer the question about about why some immigrants/residents hate America: some people are just unable to accept all of America's freedoms at once. I had a middle-eastern dorm neighbor who hated being in America. He liked the world-class education and better job prospects. But he expected his homeland's public humility, even though that was enforced at gunpoint. Thankfully he was too stable to bomb anyone.
  4. Ruth gave up back points to Mooch his FR year. Taylor gave up back points to Polz this year.
  5. Haines beat Bradley 10-2 in the state final last year. Bradley wrestled a "strategic" match (I'm being kind) for the first two periods. It was low-scoring, I think 2-2 after two. Then Haines blew up the 3rd, bear hugged Bradley for 5, and that was that. Bradley is a good get for the Hawks. The surprise wasn't that PSU didn't get him -- Haines and money were clear obstacles -- it's that nobody expected the Spanish Inquisition. Supposedly his finalists were Lehigh, PSU, and Cal Poly -- and he was at Cal Poly within the past week. The funny part about this pickup: Hawk fans thought they were getting Black, were probably deflated when he be Illin', and then ended up with the guy who beat Black. Sometimes things work out for the best.
  6. Tiger's right: Altons will next see 141 lb when they get old and atrophy sets in. Andrew's weight/conditioning/other has been beaten to death, no sense re-hashing. The entire reason Andrew started as a true FR was because Dylan struggled at 141 and couldn't beat Adam Lynch in wrestle-offs. So he's not dropping there from 157 either (as if that were ever a consideration). Penn State charges tuition per credit up to 11 credits per semester. 12+ credits is considered full-time and gets a flat rate (which varies by major and campus, does not include various lab fees, etc.). English may be getting academic aid. He has a 3.4+ in Chemical Engineering, which is a nightmare major at PSU. (I know two executives at major household-name companies who graduated
  7. Wade Schalles was once head coach at Clemson.
  8. Certainly this depends upon the student's major. Several Big 10 schools (Michigan, NW, Penn State, Purdue at least) are better engineering schools than any Ivy. (Actual Ivy, that is. Stanford is better yet.) And there are a number of specialty majors -- for example, one school produces over 25% of all US meteorologists. Etc. Anyway, if I were drafting a "should be top 10" list, I'd start with the schools that actually do finish top 10 every year: PSU, Iowa, Oklahoma State, Minnesota, Cornell have each of the last 3 tourneys ... ... and that leaves 5 "should be" spots.
  9. Foley's recent article (in Intermat) highlighted Maryland's marketing campaigns. Maryland's head coach was an Academic All-American marketing major. Add in Koll's business sense (cited above), and one answer is pretty clear: Wrestlers who aspire to someday become head coaches need to be guided into business school. At the very least, the top assistants should be getting MBAs. If you want to become a CEO, get the CEO degree -- and, while you're there, network with your future big-hitter donors.
  10. The question wasn't who produced a title. It was whether or not Cael produced a good Hwt. Zabriskie was a 2x AA under Cael. And, yes, Haines is going to PSU.
  11. Cael didn't produce Zabriskie? And, yes: Haines will be a monster at 285. He's really athletic for a middleweight. Freakishly athletic for a 220.
  12. I can't believe that line went over anybody's head.
  13. Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?
  14. Supposedly Zain weighed much closer to 133 at Hershey, and didn't have to worry about weight management this year. That says he needs to put on muscle to deal with college strength at a higher weight.
  15. 125: Nico 13 dec Nico 12. 3-0, 2013 133: Conaway 13 dec Martellotti 12. 6-0 141: Pearsall 13 dec Pearsall 12. 9-0 149: Molinaro 12 dec Alton 13. 9-3 157: Alton 12 dec Alton 13. 9-6 165: Taylor 13 dec Taylor 12. 12-6 174: Ruth 12 dec Brown 13. 12-9 184: Ruth 13 dec Wright 12. 15-9 197: Wright 13 dec McIntosh 12. 18-9 285: Wade 12 dec Lawson 13. 18-12, 2013 wins. The 184 match would be worth the price of admission.
  16. Here's the reason: Bubba tanked classes to force a redshirt by becoming academically ineligible, and bragged about it publicly. Unfortunately, the exact link is busted, but here's enough evidence: http://www.collegian.psu.edu/Search.asp ... ba+jenkins Go to page 2 of the search, scroll half-way down the screen to the 1/6/2010 article titled "More on Bubba Jenkins" and you'll see this subtitle: This is simply intolerable. He had to go, regardless of what anyone thinks of him or Cael.
  17. How did Dawson Peck look this year?
  18. Wade Schalles lost a postseason (I think his SR year) because the NCAA transfer rules at the time were far too strict. (Had spent one day on campus at East Stroudsburg his FR year before transferring to Clarion.)
  19. Robinson qualified all 10 weights for nationals, so he had his "team" there. And he does tend to bring all 10 weights to Big Tens each year, so he certainly has the opportunity to bring his entire "team" to nationals.
  20. Q is also exceptionally good at using his feet as offensive weapons, particularly incorporating trips with his throws and his shots. Even the famous standing cradle in the national semifinal 2 years ago came with an outside trip. A lot of guys would not have finished those 3 underhook shots on Kilgore, because they wouldn't have added the outside trip.
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