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  1. Minkel is on the NCAA Wrestling Committee. Schools generally don't like to give up those positions.
  2. Let me try. You may not quite understand but I believe it so definitely relates: In the infamous Penn State wrestling announcing video, it became the Video Joke/absurdity of the Year, if not the whole Decade! Instead, it should have NEVER been released. Those two college kids should have been EMBRACED for what they TRIED to do, and then PROPERLY TAUGHT THE BASICS OF WRESTLING without making them feel like idiots. After that, then brought back for another go round, IF they still had any desire. In so many ways, you don’t let people in to your tight little circles. And when they do manage to come, you PUSH them right back out. All the while yelling to the media, “Cover us! Pay attention to US!” Some communities do thrive, yes. But by and large, it’s a narrow-minded group-think. If you're talking about the infamous "Illegal Fist to the Back" Nebraska student announcers: the Big Ten Network has chosen to use student broadcasters. Live. Both schools had their professional broadcasters at the match (and, at least for Penn State, on the radio) -- but the BTN decided that on-air quality did not matter. I'm all for training the next generation of wrestling broadcasters. However, the University of Nebraska set them up to fail. Just like American Airlines wouldn't put a pilot in the cockpit without some simulation training, NU shouldn't have sent those two kids out for a live broadcast without an off-air trial run.
  3. Today's Olympic Pentathlon consists of giving cash, drugs, hookers, token jobs, and luxury vacations to IOC honchos and their useless family members.
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