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  1. Nothing wrong with Haji which I can see; just needs to grease some palms to get out of these ludicrous draws he runs into. Hopefully it convinces his team to get him to more events and snag a seed one of these years?
  2. I think Rashidov won fair and square also, and I’ve got to bump him up for battling through that bracket Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Agree on basically every point here. This would have us challenging for titles at 74, 86, and 97, and medals at all the other weights aside from maybe 65kgs. I don't think Snyder can mess with Akgul and Geno, and I'm not actually sure, as much as I love Yianni and Zain, that we end up actually qualifying 65kgs...
  4. 57 - Fix 65 - Yianni 74 - Burroughs 86 - Dake 97 - Cox 125 - Gwiz
  5. Here's what I've got after some phenomenal performances, notably Rashidov and Sidakov being the class of the field for the tournament, imho. 1) Abdulrashid Sadulav 97kgs 2) Zaurbek Sidakov 74kgs 3) Gadzhimurad Rashidov 65kgs 4) J'Den Cox 92kgs 5) Hassan Yazdani-Charati 86kgs 6) Big Geno Petriashvili 125kgs 7) Kyle Dake 79kgs 8) David Baev 70kgs 9) Zavur Uguev 57kgs 10) Beka Lomtadze 61kgs I feel like Cox is too low, but the two smaller Russians faced outstanding competition, and I must admit to not seeing all of Uguev and Lomtadze's matches throughout the tournament.
  6. Haha you clearly don't know much about how we run our country.
  7. How much is Dagestan winning by if you count their wrestlers from every country>?
  8. Rashidov is spectacular. Wow. What an incredible tournament. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. A) Burroughs was every bit as dirty as Nurykau in that match, and that dude was game. Burroughs struggles a bit when people match the violence of his constant head and eye punching. B )I think the Sidukov match comes down the the last second scramble every single time no matter how fresh or tired they are, so I don’t really see the draw being an issue here C) I can’t believe Sidukov takes these crazy shots to give up points when he is winning and consistently makes absolute magic happen to pull these out. I think he beats Chamizo in the finals D) Burroughs is the smartest and most clutch competitor I have ever seen In my life in any sport. He loses .1% of close matches over a decade. Incredible. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. No, I think you’re right about Rashidov initiation, although I think Aliyev didn’t expose only his head hit out. I actually think they got the call right Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. On the flipside, I am switching my pick to Bajrang. Anyone who makes it out of that bottom will be limping their way in to the finals and will be gassed by the handshake. Thinking it will be similar to a Geduev/ Yazdani final where Bajrang pours it on after the break.
  12. This is the toughest bracket I have ever seen in my life. Good freaking grief, what a meat grinder!
  13. Maybe I'm a heathen sociopath, but the degree to which I root for a wrestler is entirely related to how entertaining I find their style, and less-so personality, regardless of their country affiliation. That said, the vast majority of this MFS team are great to watch. Definitely rooting for the japanese guys at the lower weights Love me some Aliyev/Khinche/Rashidov at 65. I will root for Green; he seems like a class act, and it would be great to see him put it all together I really like Sidakov, Burroughs, and Frankie, so I don't care who wins as long as they let it fly J'den, Dake, Y-Charati are all great to watch from a technical perspective, and I think they all walk though this year. Just want to see Sadulaev-Snyder again. Don't care who wins I'll be rooting for hometown Gwiz, although it unfortunately won't help him here
  14. Any matchup between Rashidov, Aliyev, Khiche, Otoguro, Punia, and Navruzov Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. If anyone cares to put money on their Zain placing at 65kg predictions, I will gladly take it off their hands... love Zain, but this bracket is going to be a minefield Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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