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  1. Echoing what has already been said, but Russia has medal threats stacked up 3-8 deep, depending on the weight class. I'd absolutely love to see this tournament, but pretending it would not benefit them the most seems silly.
  2. GoNotQuietly

    Who do you have next time? Let's bet on it.

    If you think I'm going to enter a bet which results in having to see either one of those bigoted maniac's faces more than I have to, in the one place on the internet still relatively free of politics, you're out of your mind.
  3. GoNotQuietly

    USA freestyle recap

    nailed it, Coach J
  4. GoNotQuietly

    Dake = Dynamic

    Dake only loses when he loses focus (to bad calls, extracurriculars, etc.), but he was absolutely dialed in today. Pretty easily in my top 5 pound for pound, and still improving somehow.
  5. GoNotQuietly

    Snyder Sadulaev Final

    I have no idea who is going to win this toss up, but I absolutely would bet thousands that it will not be outside of 5pt win for either guy.
  6. GoNotQuietly

    Congrats to Yowlys Bonne Rodríguez!

    If you hadn't been folllowing international wrestling closely, it would be hard to believe that Bonne just won his first World title; he legitimately might have the GOAT career highlight reel.
  7. GoNotQuietly

    Anyone Else Think Burroughs seemed, limited?

    He is the probably the most scouted wrestler in the world, and his offense has always been limited when he is forced to wrestle close.
  8. GoNotQuietly

    Taylor wins

    I could not be more impressed with Taylor in this tournament. He is not dominating, but he is wrestling through really tough positions, making small adjustments on the spot, and competing with conviction, determination, and self-confidence. Beautiful tournament.
  9. GoNotQuietly

    Richard Perry accident

    Wow, that is significantly lower than I thought it was for senior athletes. It’s shocking that a national team member, at a national team camp, sustaining a work-related injury, would only be eligible for the cap which any club kid has. I hope they end up doing a lot more for him than that, as you’re right that is gone. I loved watching perry wrestle, and he is by all accounts a great guy, and family man; I’ll be contributing today.
  10. GoNotQuietly

    Richard Perry accident

    Well he is both employeed by USA Wrestling, and definitely a card-carrying member, so he should be covered for his medical expenses at least, right? I assume the fundraising will help with his family having to take time off and make a lot arrangements for travel and rooming on really short notice, which is a great thing that the wrestling community came together to help with. Really tough situation, and i wish them all the best.
  11. GoNotQuietly

    Richard Perry accident

    “Last night, Rich suffered a terrible accident. He was at the national team training camp in San Diego. His eye was impaled causing brain trauma. He is in the fight for his life right now. He was medevaced to one of the top Neurological hospitals in California.” That’s really scary stuff. Was he in a car accident? Did this happen wrestling somehow?
  12. GoNotQuietly

    Jordan Burroughs to train McGregor?

    I don't even think Burroughs would be a particularly good look to prep for Khabib. Really need someone more dangerous in tie-up and leachy on the mat...maybe Reese Humphrey, Jordan Leen, Gregor Gillespie, Harry Lester ?
  13. GoNotQuietly

    The 4 Chamizo got against JB

    I have no clue if it was 4, but the two refs on the mat had a damn good look at it, and the rest of their calls were pretty solid imho. In no way was this a screw job. Chamizo was amazing here for a couple reasons: Gave up 1 every time he should have given up 2 Gave up 2 every time he should have given up 4 Got an ice cold takedown real late when Burroughs needed to score to win (which he does 99% of the time)
  14. GoNotQuietly

    Smartest Wrestlers?

    I think it is fair to call this the "Best Tactical Wrestler" I agree with the OP, Dake and Burroughs are tactical masterminds. Taylor has the widest variety of technical skills. Cox is the best positionally. Snyder is extremely balanced tactically, physically, technically, and positionally. etc. etc. Dave Schultz was a phenomenal tactician (match management and strategy) and technician (correctly executed skills). Rick Sanders was much, much more creative imho...he was doing Nolf like things at the Olympic level way before "funk" came to prominence.
  15. If he is dumb enough to still try to throw me when i have every limb wrapped around his leg like a freaking koala, then yeah, sure.