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  1. Neutral: Stephen Abas Top: Jesse Jantzen Bottom: Dylan Ness lol.
  2. Anyone who doesn't get why a lot of us have loved JO for a decade through thick and thin should be able to figure it out listening to this podcast. That Dude.
  3. Depends if you mean someone who has perfect technique on what they do, like Sadulaev, Uguev, Cox, or someone who has a technique for every situation and can score using many moves, like Dake, Chamizo, Khinchegashvilli All time, I think it’s S. Belaglasov who could score the widest variety of techniques against world level competition with perfect form, but B. Saitiev transcended technique completely a lot of the time. When you’re making stuff up as you go and dominating the highest level, it’s meaningless to even say whether your technique is good or bad anymore. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. This looks a lot like my undergrad coursework. That physics 2, organic chemistry, A&P 2, and philosophy semester while wrestling still gives me nightmares. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I low key hope that Dake has the same road that Jordan has had recently, with a Sidakov semi and a Chamizo finals. Definitely want to see him wrestle both, agree that Chamizo is tougher for him, and think he should be favored in both matches. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Payam was so good. He was sacred heart’s only AA despite only really knowing how to wrestle freestyle. Easily the most body hair I have ever seen on a homo sapien. He was a really smart guy also and went on to be a physical therapist. The relationship between the U.S. and Iranian governments has a lot more to do with their respective relationships with other regional allies and enemies than any bad blood between their populations, so I would say the “Rocky mends the Cold War” idea with wrestling isn’t particularly likely. That said, bilateral goodwill through things like wrestling is definitely healthy to keep us off worse roads, imho. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. I feel like I don't have any sense of which of our Olympic guys would go wrestle in the Worlds right after if they do/don't medal. Are some pissed off they didn't medal so try for the team for redemption? Are some who medal looking for legacy and want to rip through a couple medals in a short time? Are some content with a medal or gold performance and want to focus on the family and relax? Is it Olympic medal or bust so some don't try for the next team?
  8. Completely agree and well said. If you have to step out to initiate a counter, you have already stepped out under attack by definition and that one point should stop it.
  9. Minor point given the result, but how in the world did they give Bekbulatov 4 there? I thought the defensive guy did not get continuation of action in order to score, and he was 100% in the air before putting his foot down to hit the toss.
  10. So, if the refs think you’re using a legal hold to purposefully injure, or in this case choke, your opponent, it immediately becomes an illegal hold. Obviously, this is massively subjective depending on the referees’ tolerance for violence. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. “Article 48 – General Prohibitions Wrestlers are forbidden to: - Pull the hair, ears, genitals, pinch the skin, bite, twist fingers or toes, etc. and generally, to perform actions, gestures or holds with the intention of torturing the opponent or making him suffer to force him to withdraw. - Kick, head-butt, strangle, push, apply holds that may endanger the opponent’s life or cause a fracture or dislocation of limbs, tread on the feet of the opponent or touch his face between the eyebrows and the line of the mouth... ...These general prohibitions are sanctioned based on the severity of the foul (disqualification, caution-1(2) point or verbal warning). Disciplinary sanctions might also be applied after the competition against the athlete at fault.” Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Coach Demeo had a great story about Dave Schultz complaining at a World championship that they had decided his FHL was illegal after the first round. Apparently, Coach slapped him in the face and told him he didn’t need the FHL and he won anyway. Ironically, using his “radar single” where he stepped on the foot and grabbed a high snatch single. Point is, some of the best competitors in the sport bend the rules as much as they can get away with. Even saw Helen, who I consider to be a very clean wrestler, yank a girl up by her entire face to get a lock at OTT. It is up to the refs to protect the athletes, first and foremost, which they shouldn’t forget. Some refs, especially some foreign ones, seem to sadistically delight in pain being inflicted even outside the rules, or at least they won’t interfere. I think that is terrible for the sport; if you want to be a cage fighter, there is no shortage of opportunities to do that. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. It's an absolutely brutal weight. This is the results of the 2019 Worlds: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2019_World_Wrestling_Championships_–_Men's_freestyle_65_kg One example: Haji Aliev has three World Golds and an Olympic Bronze First round he barely lost to Rashidov who went on to win the tournament, and was a double Silver previously After he won his first repechage round, he had the defending gold medalist, Takuto Otoguro, who he lost to 11-9 Otoguro won another match then lost to Musukaev for the bronze medal match. So, neither Otoguro nor Aliev medaled. We aren't necessarily terrible here, it's just an absolutely brutal weight class
  14. If his goal has been to win all his matches without getting hurt and come in to the Olympics to destroy people => Gold Medal If his goal is to defend the throne of being number one and coast to a Gold Medal => Trouble Luckily, he has an outstanding coaching and support staff a couple of few who have already been on top of this podium and know what it is like. Even the greatest Russians, Saitiev and Karelin, have famously faltered at the Olympics by being too conservative and/or looking past guys who are hungry.
  15. I don’t think there was either anything wrong nor anything particularly courageous about JBs interview, but if you really want to have your heart ripped out, go watch the one right after he lost at Rio. That was devastating , candid, and raw. From that, it seemed like Burroughs had his mind on carrying team USA, getting the huge money for his family to be set, and cementing his legacy as U.S. GOAT. I hope Dake can be more almost psychopathically focused on winning each match and forgetting everything else. Knowing Chamizo and Sidakov are there might help, actually I do worry about how Taylor deals with the pressure of being the favorite to win Gold. It seems, from the outside, like he has been feeling the heat this whole year already. Will be a real test for Cael to get his mind right to go blaze through like he is capable of. Sorry for the armchair sports psych, these guys are champions but there is nothing else even remotely like the Olympics Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Never zero, but I am going on the assumptions that A)He would have to beat both Geno AND Taka and B)No one has ever done that. Would be thrilled to be proved wrong, as always Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. High/Low (Highest USA Flo ranking if you only count the number one from each country) 57: Bonze/DNP (None ranked) 65: DNP (Yianni would be 8) 74: Gold/Bronze (Dake 3rd) 86: Gold/Silver (Taylor 1st) 97: Bronze/DNP (Cox was 2, Snyder 3) 125: Silver/Bronze (Gable would be 7) https://www.flowrestling.org/rankings/6634709-2020-21-international-rankings-mens-freestyle/38122-57-zaur-uguev Can't wait to hear what @Jon_Kozak says, in whatever medium he choses.
  18. I have seen it both ways, lbs and kilos. The Flo article says a few tenths of kilo, but who knows what that means. It sounds like he weighed in twice AFTER the official weigh ins; once over weight and once under weight, and never actually weighed in during the scheduled time. No clue what that means for the appeal. Would the committee have been more lenient if he made weight at 8:04am rather than missing it then? What a mess. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. I think we normally got to working out about an hour before weigh ins started, so yeah I agree that Cox getting there right when he thought they started was cutting it close, but then again he knew it was not going to be hard. Whichever workout room was available was normally close to weighins, though occasionally weigh ins were sometimes in more obscure parts of the arenas. We did have a whole team to tell us about something weird at weigh ins; this normally meant the scales which were heavy/light. For all the talk about 0.4, the scales often have a tolerance range and calibration schedule not really up to the task, but I don’t want to open that whole can of worms.
  20. This is an awesome (and terrifying) video! thanks for sharing.
  21. Geno Petriashvilli is 6'6" and probably towards the top of the 276lb bracket. Taka Akgul is 6'4" and absolutely massive. Sadulaev is 5'11" and a bit chubby, if we are honest, compared to other champs. He would be crushed at 125kg and likely injured.
  22. I honestly am not sure that anyone coming up a weight could get Gable's leg off of the ground even if you tied his hands behind this back. We are talking about giving up >50 pounds against one of the best althletes in the World.
  23. Did it before the Southern Scuffle with my teammate who pinned Caldwell and beat Schlatter in the finals there. Also did it before the University World Team Trials where I took 3rd. I am telling you this is the common practice in higher levels of wrestling also, but you go off, I guess...
  24. Heck yeah. Love JO. Underrated technical and tactical mind, and by all accounts a great guy who brings up everyone around him. Always just needed things to align like 5% differently to go his way, and he seems to be on the path. Fingers crossed for Last Chance.
  25. This is really smart, and you could definitely see the JO influence with the Muhammad Ali style dance he did in the second match. He was moving amazingly and even feeling himself in a swaggery way we have only ever seen on the other side of this matchup. I should define what I mean by the Geduev template to beat Burroughs, as it is equally psychological as tactical and consists of three main things Dake also did: 1. Punch Back. Burroughs triggers his offense off of repeatedly illegally punching people in the face and no ref on Earth has the stones to DQ him for it. Rather than immediately complaining to the ref, which also confirms to Jordan that he is winning, Geduev got in his space and shoved him backwards about ten feet. In these matches, Dake repeatedly clubbed Jordan in the back of the head and disrespectfully palmed the side of his face. He only complained to the ref when there was a finger in his actual eyeball, which I don't think you can reasonably endure. 2. Check Down. on every single break they both either went to the Gorilla stance or dropped to both knees and did not come up even one bit to allow a Burroughs reattack where he is truly lethal. Neither of them ever came up until they had at least a hand on Burroughs to gauge where the heck he was. 3. Fight Everything. Of the few people who can beat Burroughs, no one ever really does it by surrendering even one easy takedown to him, aside from maybe Chamizo once. There were quite a few times when a reasonable person would have bailed rather than clawing their way back to the chest wrap position, but Dake was constantly challenging and threatening him in every position and growing in confidence every time. Gedeuv and Dake were ready to battle for every single second of their matches, when people like Zahid, Taylor, and a hundred others thought they could cost for a second and paid the price. Huge ups to Coach Gray and Dake's whole team for implementing a pretty flawless gameplan against one of the best competitors to ever live.
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