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  1. Someone already explained very plausibly how this would happen earlier in this thread. Everything J'den did makes perfect sense if he had been told the wrong weigh in time. He came in very close to weight planning to get a moderate workout in, make weight, then go back and get rest before the semis. In college, I normally came to the arena 2-4lbs over, even when I wasn't cutting hard, and used my weight cutting to shake off the effects of travel and poor sleep by getting a good sweat and some wrestling in. Obviously if he made the weight in 10-15 minutes later, if the reporting is right, then he wasn't freaking dying trying to get there or gone completely dry and struggling. Saying he didn't want to be there is unfounded, stupid, and something you would never ever say to that man's face or probably to any professional. Separately, has anyone said anything even slightly feasible for how you could possibly resolve this in the seemly long-shot that he wins arbitration? How many guys does he have to beat to get a crack at Snyder, and how can you make Snyder go out of his way to make weight and have to compete again when he didn't do anything wrong? I was strongly in the camp of letting J'Den wrestle, but now that he didn't I don't really see a way for him to become an Olympian, unfortunately
  2. I am eating crow on: Saying Gable Stevenson definitely couldn't challenge Akgul and Geno yet. Seeing him just absolutely toy with a former medalist was stunning. He might not win gold, but the Titans of 125kg have not seen anything like him before. Saying Carr might be able to mess with Nolf, although I did know that was crazy talk, I underestimated how much Nolf must have been injured for some of his previous performances. Makes Dake abusing him even more impressive which leads me to.... Underestimating Dake. I picked him to win going back a year or two, and predicted the Geduev strategy he would use, but I genuinely thought it would be close and three matches, and it really was not at all close. Underestimating Gilman. When I watch other 57kg guys like Fix and Arujau, I feel like his skills really aren't up to theirs but I consistently overlook how much he is able to maintain strict gameplan discipline and just overwhelm younger guys with a violent and aggressive style (not dirty just tough).
  3. It actually makes sense to hold dehydration for the least amount of time that you can, physiologically. How you do that yo-yo in the middle of a two day tournament and still compete like JO did is pretty wild, though. 180 during the off season isn’t as shocking. And not holding weight to focus on technique and recovery makes a lot of sense. Low body fat is bad for your immune system and joint health. Look at the Russians when they aren’t on a competitor phase (or Sadulaev even when he is haha) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Not interested in a free trip to the Olympics which you literally can’t even buy for any price? That seems pretty crazy to me. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Well we are definitely going to beat Russia because they are DQ'ed for doping still, right? The "Russian Olympic Committee" Team, however is absolutely stacked.
  6. NBCSN finally uniting the divided TheMat forum over a common enemy.
  7. So glad I turned off that feed. Interviewing her is malpractice and this year has been hard enough without pulling her onto TV.
  8. Oh, to be as good at anything in life as Helen is at that footsweep. gggeeezzzz
  9. This is effing gut wrenching
  10. I did not. Wanted Cox to win and thought he would. Those were just before the finals.
  11. You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you pick
  12. This would probably be a really fun match if they didn't know eachother.
  13. godawful haircut also. really like his shoes, though
  14. Oh, I wasn't saying he was at the end of the road at all. Just a big fan of his journey. I think he can beat these guys, but it is HIGHLY draw-dependent, which is true of everything at 65kg internationally. The Wrestling Nomad @wrestlingnomad · Mar 18 The following 65kg hammers (or another from their country) will be in Sofia, Bulgaria for the last chance qualifier in May: Khinchegashvili, GEO Gadzhiev, POL Sacultan, MDA Kilicsallayan, TUR Shuptar, UKR Habat, SLO Skriabin, BLR Bucur, ROU Dubov, BUL
  15. What a long and winding road for Jordan Oliver to be an Olympian! Love to see it!
  16. Didn't know he was a Boston boy. Dude, those socks were neither Olympian nor retirement socks, they were biohazards
  17. Arujau and Yianni need to hit the weights hard to compete at this level. Or at least that functional patterns stuff.
  18. Rau is a wild guy. could have worn some nicer socks for this one. Very solid career.
  19. I think that is probably true, and I also think there are quite a few people at the weight who will be very tough matches for him.
  20. Snyder looks good here, but he looks a long way off from beating Sadulaev and the Iranian good.
  21. Did you hear the person going berserk in the arena? I'm thinking her mom. Pure wrestling moment haha
  22. Totally agree with not interviewing the losers after the finals. Interviewing the winners coming right off the mat is bad enough.
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