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  1. OHHH DANG did anyone see that Hancock throw???
  2. Burroughs without anything nice to say about Dake in that interview...
  3. JB leaves the mat with his shoes on for now
  4. Burroughs might lose without scoring a point at this tournament.
  5. haha wtf was that bouncing his ass on his head?
  6. Does Burroughs really have nothing at all?
  7. Definitely only one, but not sure you burn a challenge there?
  8. Don't quote him, just ignore him and report the post.
  9. What a great interview. Can not wait for the Olympics
  10. Kennedy Blades draws first blood!
  11. Coach DeMeo was my coach at ATWA. Journeymen was the other club in town and Frank has done a ton for the sport. So has Gwiz; what a career for him!
  12. Cox would get destroyed by Stevenson, at least, IMHO.
  13. Yep. Gwiz from Duanesburg, Porter from Clifton Park (Shenendahowa). Both trained at Journeymen. Gwiz's coach was NY legend Joe Bena (RIP)
  14. Two hometown Upstate NY Section II guys right now. Things going a lot better for Porter than Gwiz, though.
  15. Wow it is so good to see a dialed-in JO!
  16. Why don't you think he can punch harder?
  17. It was a genuine question, I didn't hear him in the beginning of the match.
  18. Bo ain't got a thing DT ain't seen a thousand times.
  19. Did John Smith declare his conflict of interest in calling this match?
  20. She trained in the dark for almost a year and had severe personality changes and mood swings.
  21. Dirty freaking eye gouge by Helen.
  22. It's her. She absolutely shouldn't be wrestling anymore, even if she is still unreal slick and tough.
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