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  1. There is no need for it in Greco, either. Encourages "air ball" bail outs way more than legitimately throw attempts
  2. Some of us actively dislike Gilman, and root against him no matter what singlet he wears. I especially enjoy when he gets crushed by Japanese wrestlers.
  3. Burkert BOMBED Ragan with a headlock
  4. Gilman just dominated Colon. I thought Joe could hit him with something, but he was solid as heck
  5. Vito can win if he doesn't get gutted
  6. Arajau over Fix would surprise me more than Colon over Gilman
  7. I didn't think Nolf had really completely recovered from his injury, but he looked much closer to 100% than he even did against Dake.
  8. Absolutely we have improved leaps and bounds. That said, after watching all of both this and Russian nationals, we still are not even close overall, even if our A team can hang.
  9. Everyone thinks 65kg is the hardest weight internationally but they somehow underrate it anyway.
  10. Vera threw himself right to his own back
  11. Anthony vs. Lampe could be good
  12. That one stressed me out. I love both of those guys
  13. Really freaking happy for J.O. right now.
  14. Gonna need them for the finals, though
  15. didn't they call it all McKenna? i thought it should have been 2-2
  16. Woah Zain must be so damn strong to chest wrap out of that one.
  17. Honestly, I don't know if Bo can beat Taylor, but I am sure that Bo Knows that he can which makes it seem possible
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