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  1. If these guys made any kind of money I would say it was probably worthy of a fine.
  2. I want to watch the rest of these matches, but I also kind of just want to watch that Bo/Zahid match over and over again.
  3. Taylor challenged by Dean with some great scambles, but still blanks him 4-0
  4. Bo seems to have won 11-5 in an instant classic, but challenge ongoing.
  5. Zahid gets a sick shot Bo chin whips him for four and starts spanking Zahid's ass.
  6. Zahid takes a single up high, dives across for other ankle but Bo dives OOB. challenge disallowed. Bo comes back with a takedown to go up two with fifteen seconds.
  7. Bo takes a really ill advised shot, but able to square up and walk Zahid out with double unders. 5-3 Bo.
  8. Zahid starting to spend more time on both knees, unable to get a good angle. Bo goes on the shot clock but will still hold crititera
  9. Zahid still looking pretty fresh. diving at shots and bo able to neutralize to chest wrap positions so far.
  10. and beautiful swing single, Bo still up 4-3
  11. Bo up quick 4-0 on a slick go behind to gut wrench
  12. Wow, Peak is on fire this tournament. Very surprising finalist.
  13. Gwiz is looking very good against Bradley; lots of counter offense. Should be fun tomorrow.
  14. Yeah Fisher-Walsh is a Semi, and there is no way to watch it.
  15. Peacock you can watch 3 and 4, NBC just has Mat 2 right now. Is there any way to watch Mat 1?
  16. I say this as a lifelong Greco guy, WFS is amazing and I think it absolutely deserves center stage, but Greco at this level is a boring spectator sport.
  17. I am a Millennial, so I haven't had cable in two decades, but I can stream it online c/o my mom's FIOS haha. Thanks for the info.
  18. Just two mats, but they are 2&3 on Track, but 3 &4 on Peacock, apparently
  19. I think this round is going to get real crazy.
  20. I only really think like 15% of those upsets will happen, though haha
  21. I think we start seeing some real upsets this round: Gilman vs Colon Fix vs Vito Retheford vs McKenna JO vs Yianni Nolf vs Carr Dake vs Wick Taylor VS Dean Bo vs Zahid Moore VS Walz Macchiavel vs Zillmer Kerk vs Gable Gwiz vs Bradley
  22. I clarified this in another post. I meant at this weight.
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