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  1. Almost exactly the same situation, except I thought that Marable's counter was must less definitively his move, and they awarded 4 points to him instead of Schlatter (who, like JB, didn't expose). This is why I would prefer if the refs awarded a push-out to one of the wrestlers in this situation, rather than ruin the match by randomly choosing one for 4 points. If one of the wrestlers challenges then they can take a hard look at it and figure out who really executed the hold.
  2. You're right that Burroughs was ready for the throw, he had a nice 'metzger' block in the crotch, but the fact that it Dake's throw is the reason the score was incorrect. Dake planted both of his feet and attempted the move resulting in them going out of bounds, but without JB exposing his back. Jordan did not execute a hold to put Dake into danger feet to back, and Dake rolled through as would be expected on a lat. drop. I would be fine with 1-pt pushout for either guy, but to give Burroughs 4 points for floating a throw attempt is wrong, considering he didn't 'plant' Dake on his back.
  3. Taylor has the frame to go up a weight with a fanatical weight lifting regimen. It seems like 74Kgs doesn't allow him the strength and power to defend against the amazing shooting skill of Dake and Burroughs. Dake himself just has to stay healthy and on the mat, and he will get international matches all year, probably even a bunch against JB, and will only be a few matches or, god forbid, and injury away from being the Olympic rep.
  4. Andy Bisek has the same color medal from World's last year as Burroughs. Just saying...
  5. Agreed with OP, Dake was very impressive mentally and physically coming off a series of very serious setbacks. IIRC, one of his injuries was a fractured scapular spine, which I'd imagine to be both incredibly painful and insanely difficult to rehab to a wrestling-ready state. Hope Dake stays healthy enough to get some more international mat-time next "season". I expect that he will continue to improve tremendously.
  6. Good on Caldwell, very impressive mental game. That throw was sweet too.
  7. I guess the closest combat advantage of a leg lace would be locking up an ankle/knee lock and incapacitating the opponent, but I'm not sure if that is a good way to judge the sport. Making wrestlers move to a different hold after the first turn seems like a reasonable compromise to stop it from being such a knockout blow.
  8. Weight cutting is the most dangerous and stupid part of our sport in every aspect, both to our athlete's health and to society's perceptions of our sport. Some of the people in this thread have certainly forgotten, or never knew, what it is really like. At least these are grown men and they hopefully have the knowledge and coaching to mediate the damage.
  9. Yeah, I'm not mad about the extra Wildcards, though I would have liked to see Jason Welch get one at 70kgs if they were going to open it up like that. He stuck a defending Bronze medalist this year. That said, I think we are all interested to see USAW's explanation, but are glad they erred on the side of more opportunities rather than less.
  10. #CAPITALIZEWRESTLING. If we want to see better paid athletes we have to be better spending fans. Compare the amount of money an average wrestling fan spends per year watching the sport, and buying merchandise from companies which sponsor our athletes, to the amount of money an average football/basketball/baseball fan spends. Most people spend about the amount of money on cable sports packages every month that people here complain about giving Flo per year!
  11. Another NY Wrestler who trains w/ Gillespie, Bermudez, and Weidman is undefeated (3-0) Chris Wade. Worth keeping an eye on.
  12. As an international wrestling fan, I would love to see this field mixed with the full field from Russian Nationals in a single tournament As a U.S. Wrestling fan, we are so damn lucky they each only get to send one rep to the World Championship
  13. Lalovic hasn't proved to be visibly dirty at least, and he certainly has done a lot of awesome things in a relatively short amount of time. The IOC is corrupt beyond all reasonable doubt, though. Hopefully, Lalovic's replacement won't be from the Martinetti / Mamashvili school of management.
  14. Jason Welch is an awesome guy, and always brought the funk during his college career. Really fun and unorthodox wrestler.
  15. Metcalf is the only freestyle U.S. wrestler who consistently scores a gut wrench. Dake might have the best gut of any of our freestyle guys, he turned a greco world champ twice i think, but just hasn't had that many matches yet. Simmons and Taylor have proven to be pretty unorthodox turners, and quite dangerous. Steiber will probably fit into this mold as his career progresses. Burroughs, Oliver, and Ruth are excellent leg-lacers who mostly get their turns right off of takedowns.
  16. I remember wanting to be out of high school so bad when I was a 17 year old senior, I couldn't even imagine having to do public education for another 3 years.
  17. I don't know the answer to the first question, but I have to think that a 35 year old Cael would absolutely pick Kyle Snyder apart. He definitely hasn't "let himself go" at all.
  18. We have a very strong and determined team of absolute underdogs.
  19. Would anyone really be stunned by this though? Look at the top of the international rankings, all these guys have at least one Russian and one Iranian who are going to be pretty damn tough to knock out of two of the four medals. As has been mentioned previously in this thread, the repechage rounds are a complete crapshoot. I wouldn't bet against Katie on that prediction, and we are just lucky that they are only allowed to send one per weight.
  20. Ramos = DNP Hump = DNP Metcalf = Bronze Schlatter = 5th Burroughs = Gold Herbert = 5th Varner = DNP Dlagnev = Bronze
  21. Jamill Kelly Sam Hazewinkel Gerry Abas Eric Tannenbaum Lance Palmer Dylan Ness
  22. Definitely agree with Poeta; one of the most explosive, creative, and exciting wrestlers I've ever seen. Gave so many NCAA champs all they could handle and more.
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