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  1. Stumbled upon these today: https://www.onitsukatiger.com/us/en-us/tiger-gracia/p/ANA_1183B670-001.html It reads, "inspired by wrestling boots from our archives." They might make good referee shoes, but they're pricey.
  2. Jimmy Kimmel used to run a regular segment called " unnecessary censorship". We need some of that here.
  3. Sounds like he's at Worlds. I hear what sounds like him & another guy doing the semis on Flo, which I assume is the UWW--produced stream.
  4. Yes, according to Nomad's tweets, several were redrawn.
  5. https://arena.uww.org/weight-category/75227b89-21c1-11ec-803a-06b1e9be04dc
  6. I was checking out Yianni's potential Russian opponent, Shakhiev, and was impressed by the commentary here. Who is it? He makes most others sound like amateurs.
  7. Okay, yes, I see it in the 2021 rulebook. Thanks.
  8. I thought they had to weigh-in again on the 2nd day, but with a 2 kg allowance? Is that no longer the case?
  9. There are 4 stream options to watch: The Olympic Channel stream, commentated by Smith & Burroughs Search for wrestling on the NBC Sports app & find 3 separate streams for mats A, B & C. Mat B is commentated by the British announcers, while mats A & C have had no commentary. The first day, The Olympic Channel wasn't live, so everyone had to watch the individual mat streams. Since then, The Olympic Channel has been the way to go unless you want to see matches that aren't featured there.
  10. The men's gymnastics uniforms are much better.
  11. What do the Tokyo 2020 singlets look like and when/where are replicas being sold?
  12. https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2021/May/10/Updated-Olympic-Games-Qualifiers
  13. If this is the final entry list, the brackets are quite small. I didn't look at them all, but greco 55 only has one entry listed. https://arena.uww.org/weight-category/467d1942-c79f-11eb-803a-06b1e9be04dc
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