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    Can someone clarify the hands to the face call?

    FROM THE CASE BOOK Unnecessary Roughness-Hands to the Face A.R. 5-44. What is the official interpretation of unnecessary roughness when talking about hands to the face? RULING: Rule 5.3 states, “a forceful slap to the head or face, gouging or poking the eyes” is considered unnecessary roughness. To interpret this further, it would mean that any wrestling action in which the wrestler places their hand in, on, or around the eyes nose and mouth is considered gouging or poking the eyes. The hand is considered to be any part of the base of the palm of the hand, the palm of the hand itself or any of the fingers or thumb. Additionally, if the hand is not in, on, or around the wrestler’s eyes nose and mouth but is applied forcefully then it is also considered unnecessary roughness. (Rule 5.3) A.R. 5-45. Will a wrestler be called for an unnecessary roughness violation if they are in a scramble situation or normal wrestling action (i.e. hand fighting) and their hand inadvertently hits the other wrestler’s face or eyes? RULING: No, unnecessary roughness refers to physical acts that are deliberate in nature. If a wrestler’s hand comes into contact with their opponent’s face inadvertently and not because of the use of a purposeful hold or tactic then this is not considered unnecessary roughness. (Rule 5.3) A.R. 5-46. Why is a wrestler being called for unnecessary roughness when they place their hand on the opponent’s face without using excessive force? RULING: Because of the low amount of force needed to cause injury to a wrestler’s eye, placing the hand(s) in on or around the eyes nose or mouth as a hold, tactic, defense or any other purposeful technique, regardless of the force used, is considered deliberate and is unnecessary roughness. (Rule 5.3)
  2. wnywrestling

    Pico announcing come back for 2024

    Isn't Pico fighting at 66kg (see Bellator 199 on May 4, 2018)? The Olympic weights go 65 then 74. In the unlikely event he tries out in 2020, I would guess it would only be if he can make 65. That would pit him against Zain, Yianni, Stieber, etc.
  3. wnywrestling

    NCAA finals - on ESPN?

    Alternatively, you can sign up for a free 7-day trial of YouTube TV, which has ESPN, ESPN2, & ESPNU. https://tv.youtube.com/welcome/
  4. wnywrestling

    NCAA finals - on ESPN?

    I see it listed on ESPN Saturday night: http://www.espn.com/espntv/onair/index?start=3-16-18-5:00-PM
  5. wnywrestling

    Is this fake news?

    Report: CEO Of FloSports "Stepping Away" From The Company https://www.fightful.com/report-ceo-flosports-stepping-away-company
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  7. wnywrestling

    True Freshman Champ in 2017/18?

    I'm just curious how many 18 year old champs there have been? Also curious if there have been any All-Americans over 30 years old? I know there have been some wrestlers (esp. Div III) who did not enroll in college until their mid- to late-late 20s.
  8. wnywrestling

    True Freshman Champ in 2017/18?

    Anyone who started kindergarten at age 5 and was born after mid-March, without being held back, would be 18 throughout their freshmen season. That's a lot of students. (My birthday is late August, and I turned 19 first day of classes sophomore year.) I'd like to see that list of freshman NCAA champs ordered by age, not year.
  9. Lol... oops. My formal education was in Penciltucky.
  10. Is it really free? "This is a subscription based video, therefore you either need to enter your subscription passcode or click the [Purchase] button and purchase a subscription to watch this video."
  11. wnywrestling

    Yianni D has no Triceps

    He has go go gadget arms.
  12. Most of the rule books (1982 & before) are here: http://nwhof.org/stillwater/resources-library/ncaa-guides/
  13. wnywrestling

    Blue Ribbon Task Force

    I'm not sure I like the "eight-team championship bracket the following weekend." I think the final weekend should be the tried-and-true final four: Friday: 6 p.m. Semi #1 8 p.m. Semi #2 Saturday 6 p.m. 3rd-4th (maybe... don't care if they wrestle this or not... but it might be a nice prelim to the finals) 8 p.m. Championship With an 8-team bracket, I assume (hopefully I'm wrong) that they plan to have meets during the day & side-by-side? Suddenly now we have an all-day event that casual fans will not tune into... the thing I thought we were trying to avoid. All the meets should be by themselves in prime time. All eyes should be on a single dual. We as a community have grown to accept the multi-mat, simultaneous wrestling, but the successful team sports do not do this, especially during the playoffs. Even individual sports don't do this (boxing, tennis, mma)... it's one match at a time. Actually, while we're on the subject, I think the NCAA tournament semis should be separate as well 125 semi #1, then 125 semi #2, etc. There's only 10 weights; it would take like 2 hours. It's one of the best rounds in all of wrestling, and we have to watch 2 matches at once.
  14. wnywrestling

    Blue Ribbon Task Force

    The article says this: “For Division II and Division III, if keeping the season where it is now is best for them, they can do that,” Blue Ribbon Task Force facilitator Jim Fallis said. “And they should do that.” So, if D2 & D3 seasons stay the same, will D1 wrestlers be allowed to compete at D2- and D3-hosted Opens in the Fall semester?
  15. wnywrestling

    Blue Ribbon Task Force

    Parity is a problem. How can we improve it??? The only thing I can think of is changing the (team) scoring system such as to make upsets more likely.