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  1. Because the score does not end up tied, as it does now. A score of 4-4 is certainly confusing. (I could be wrong, but I think in one of James Green's matches against Yianni, he thought he won. If not, it was another match that night.) EDIT: Yes it was Green. https://www.flowrestling.org/video/6833703-65-kg-semifinal-yianni-diakomihalis-spartan-combat-rtc-vs-james-green-njrtcsertc
  2. Not to beat a dead horse, I realize a lot of folks like criteria as is, but I still think it's confusing to the average fan. I've seen matches as recently as the past couple months where world class wrestlers don't realize they've lost. I think a good compromise would be to use the existing criteria rules to put someone on the shot clock for 30 seconds. So maybe, at the 6:00 mark, the "criteria winner" has choice of who is to be put on the shot clock. (Of course nobody would choose themselves. Would they?) Then they wrestle an additional 30 seconds to break the tie. This is kinda/sorta like the 30-second "Ultimate Tiebreaker" rideout/escape that U.S. high school rules use to break ties.
  3. In 2016, looks like the non-Olympic worlds were not announced until May 11. So it seems they could do the same this year, hopefully for all 30 weights. Here's the link.
  4. I wonder if they could just do the same tournament (maybe condense in to 2 days) in September/November (or whenever things are back to normal).
  5. It's my understanding that the current cap is on the number of wrestlers, not on the number of weight classes. I think there are 20 wrestlers per bracket, multiplied by 18 weight classes, that makes 360 wrestlers. They could add more weight classes by reducing the size of the brackets, but they don't want to do this because that would result in fewer countries represented. It's similar to the reason they have 2 bronzes: they want more counties getting medals. Not only does the medal diversity make the sport look better, but it also keeps countries in the game that might otherwise defund or drop the sport altogether.
  6. They just dropped Greco from the 2022 youth Olympic games: https://www.insidesport.co/2022-youth-olympic-games-greco-roman-makes-way-for-beach-wrestling/
  7. If nothing else, it would be a cool Beat the Streets match-up.
  8. Maybe he was the one doing the bathroom pranks mentioned on FRL. (I'm joking, know he's in PA.)
  9. In the On Demand link at the top, all the replays seem to work. Not sure about the live stream... I've only checked at midnight ET and it seems turned off.
  10. http://sports.cctv.com/jyh/live/index.shtml
  11. Maybe deserves its own thread, but D3 Brockport State's Don Murray is entering year #50. https://spark.adobe.com/page/8NNbbGFdxrzhI/
  12. I don't know about PA, but looking at the National circuit (Super 32 and Cadet Nationals, for example) it seems there are a lot of freshmen out there that weigh ~100. The problem is that there aren't a lot of 10-12 graders that light, hence less wrestlers "overall" and a false impression that the weight isn't needed. I'd like to see head counts in PA of just freshmen broken down by weight. I'd also like to see a list of 125 & 133-lb. NCAA qualifiers and what weight they were as HS freshmen. Subtracting just 5-lbs per year from a 125-lb. college freshman puts him at 105-lbs four years earlier. Sure, those guys are studs and could've gone 110, but for each of them there are countless others not so lucky.
  13. In 1904 (and other early years), it wasn't freestyle. (Wikipedia and most modern publications are wrong; go look in an old book from that era.) It was catch-as-catch can under the rules of the Amateur Athletic Union. Not sure if the NCAA used the same rules (I have a 1915 AAU rulebook, and the weight classes as the same as the NCAA.) I'm not sure what year freestyle began, but the AAU started using it in 1922. The International Amateur Wrestling Federation (today, UWW) was founded in 1920. Looks like they probably merged catch-as-catch and greco to form freestyle. Though, maybe it was the AAU that did that (not sure).
  14. And you call them forfeits? Aren't those byes? I'm talking regular season dual meets, where many of the 106 pounders are up wrestling 113 (and many of the 113 pounders are at 120, etc.).
  15. Regarding 106, you can't really count forfeits, because guys often wrestle up a weight or two for duals. Unlike the other weights, nobody bumps up to 106 (because it's the lightest!). So, saying "106 has the most forfeits" is a flawed argument as far as participation rates go. The lightest weight will almost always have the most forfeits, no matter what it is. For a better statistic, you need to count bracket sizes at tournaments.
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