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  1. We Rutgers fans fill the gym for every home match and watch the away ones online. We don't see the team winning conference titles or placing individually or as a team at the national tournament. I would say we make an excellent wrestling version of "Cubs fans". We complain about the direction of the team, but will always come back for more (just like Cub fans).
  2. Those points make more sense than the injury aspects Tec, and I had not considered them, although I suspect fighters would take more time in the amateurs if the Olympics were an option (similar to boxing). The rush to jump to professional will always be part of certain sports, but the allure of a gold medal can slow things down somewhat, at least in other countries. I was not suggesting it would happen any time soon, but I don't think it is an impossibility in the future.
  3. NJdan beat me to it. If boxing and judo can make it work, I don't see why MMA couldn't. Wearing headgear would eliminate cuts and the inclusion of submissions doesn't seem to prevent the tournament format from being utilized in judo. Suspensions after knockouts are not an issue, since athletes who are knocked out are already eliminated. Tae Kwon do has some highlight reel knockouts at times, and they are able to maintain a tourney format. I agree White is not a reliable source of info, but I also think he is pushing for MMA inclusion in the olympics more than suggested above. It will give the sport more international exposure (something he loves) while making the semi fringe sport more mainstream (also something he loves the idea of).
  4. Why would it be impossible? White talks about it all the time.
  5. Besides Dellafave at 33, Visicaro at 65, and Smith at heavy, what is the lineup going to look like next year? Is Volpe going to go back to 57 or is that Perotti's spot to lose? Where is Ashnault projected? Will Seidenberg return to 84 now that Rinaldi graduated? I know several fans believe somehow things are going to get better @ Rutgers, and I hope they are right. Unless I am mistaken though, the lineup will be significantly weaker next year.
  6. I definitely don't think you are crazy Acadia, but I still hope Scarletknight is right!
  7. There is no drama. There is simply fans of teams discussing those teams which is fine in every other sport, yet a small faction of fans of this sport get hyper sensitive defending programs or coaches they cheer for. The coaches you named from other schools are always discussed. Perhaps you missed those threads or the fans you talk with don't follow those teams. As far as Winston being the poster boy for a lack of success, this has been debated endlessly, and those who want to see it that way, continue to. Nevertheless, others have pointed out that Melde, Mason, Langel, DeFalve, Beverly, Volpe, and Visicaro were also ranked prospects. That is a lot of potential outside of WInston. Smith is a freshman so I haven't heard anyone say anything about him, excluding mostly positive things as he had a great season. What about these other wrestlers? How is taking the 2nd ranked recruiting class in the nation, redshirting all those prospects, and 5 years later finishing 35th doing well? Most of the fans discussing the situation have also made sure to compliment the many good things Goodale has done for the program. I don't think it is dramatic to discuss the obvious weakness. It seems like some think nothing needs to change and the program will magically improve when facing a tougher schedule in a tougher conference with a lineup that will be weaker than the one fielded this past season. I am not sure how that works.
  8. I think Rider finished 40th? Not positive. If someone told me 3 years ago Rider and Rutgers would finish within 5 spots of each other at nationals in 2013, I would have bet the house on Rutgers and lost... How does Rider do on the recruiting front? I know they had decent teams back in the 90s if I remember correctly. I really don't know a lot about their program. Are they on the rise, stagnant, in decline? Do they have a legitimate shot at beating Rutgers or making it competitive in the near future?
  9. I have enjoyed the action. This has been a great tourney. I think a lot of fans that complain about stalling either don't remember what wrestling was like when they wrestled, or are victims of nostalgia and remember it being more exciting than it actually is. I personally don't want to see a ref decide matches. Some of the best action has been on the edge of the mat, so the pushout rule really wouldn't have made anything more exciting.
  10. Rutgers 10 years ago (2003 -2004) 4th EIWA championships, 46th NCAA championships Rutgers today (2013) - 5th EIWA championships, 35th NCAA championships. They are not really head and shoulders above where they were even though everyone keeps pointing that out. I think it is debateable, although I would agree Rutgers is better off now. Dual meets they are head and shoulders above where they were, but overall, not really as much. Goodale has had 1 EIWA champ. THe former coach had 1 too. The former coach had an AA. Goodale has not. The former coach had over 60 place winners in the EIWA tourney over 16 years. Goodale has had over 30 through 6, which is certainly better, but not "head and shoulders above" where they were. There has been an improvement, but when you look at the talent being recruited, and the results obtained, there is an issue. Most on the board want Goodale to stick around. We just want to see the talent developed more. Other programs are doing more with less. That is not debateable, which is why there is an issue.
  11. Don't know for sure if it was exactly "hew" but Wagner and Beverly left. 197 and 149 were wide open for them this season with Wagner having already started at 197 and coming off a decent redshirt season, and Beverly a nationally ranked recruit out of high school who also would have been coming off a decent red shirt season. Steven ROdrigues left without ever stepping on the mat after enrolling. Those are the only ones I can think of that were lost recently, but I am sure there were a few others.
  12. I agree it is probably time for a change. I also agree with some of the above posters though: it would be beneficial for Goodale to stay in some capacity as he has set the plate for a good coach to succeed, and does a lot of good things for the program. Dual meets are well attended, recruiting is always good, and the athletes stay out of trouble while doing well in the classroom. When things turn around, he should be there to enjoy it. However, at this point it is clear the coach that will succeed is not him, because the actual wrestling part of the equation is not there. He seems like a great guy, and fans and wrestlers like him, but we also want to see Rutgers place somewhere in the top 25 in March. I know there are some adamant apologists who attack anyone who suggests it is time for a change, but nothing is improving. THis seems to be as good as it gets, and with the talent in the room and in the state, "this" is not good enough. The enthusiasm sorrounding the program will start to fade it nothing changes, and eventually attendance and recruiting will suffer while decent wrestlers will leave the program.... As for AAs, I really thought Rinaldi had a chance right up untill his last match. Crazy how even 1 AA would have changed the whole outlook, but they just couldn't find one (or rather make one), in the room.
  13. What is a HGH gut?? That Hendricks Condit fight was one of the best in a while...
  14. Not really going to pay for something I have to mute to enjoy.
  15. If you have academic goals as well as wrestling goals, there are plenty of great universities with coaches who have proven they can help you meet your wrestling goals while also getting a great education. It isn't one or the other. In fact, look at the academic standards of the schools that finished ahead of Rutgers in the EIWA. The four schools in front of Rutgers: Cornell, Penn, Navy and Lehigh. I agree RUtgers is a great school, but I don't think the point is invalid about a high school coach directing his top tier wrestler towards a school that will allow him to grow as an athlete. I am not even saying that RUtgers can't do that. However, there seems to be an issue there. Anyone saying otherwise at this point has their head in the sand. Hopefully, Rutgers makes a statement at nationals and proves all of us wrong. In this case, I would be happy to be wrong and even happier for the program and the wrestlers there who for the most part, all seem like good people.
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