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  1. That adds up to 9 Bronze between the top 3 nations.
  2. He doesn't interview like a freshman. He has a well deserved arrogance about him. I wish him luck on his world title!
  3. I could see it if you said Nickerson was better, but 'way' better? No way. Saw both of them quite a bit throughout their hs years and Jantzen senior year was as brutal as they come. Teched/pinned his way through the state tournament and then pretty much did the same thing at senior nationals. Might be the most dominant performance ever for that event. The thing people forget is that Jantzen competed nationally after his Junior year and finished 3rd. He went into his senior season ranked behind Mike Pirazzola ...then went on to have an all time great senior season. But bottomline is he wasn't even the top wrestler in his weight class except for his senior season. Nickerson on the other hand completely dominated everyone in the country from the summer after his sophomore year until he graduated....except for the one close match at Senior Nationals. The difference is Nickerson dominated Fargo like Jantzen dominated Senior Nationals and Nickerson never lost from sophomore summer until freshman year of college.....while Jantzen lost while competing nationally after his junior season.
  4. I believe the CJ Rodriguez you are referring to went to Curtis high school in NYC and was a 4X(?) PSAL champion. There was a CJ Rodriguez in 2005 from North Rockland that was robbed of a state championship....thus the confusion.
  5. Maybe he can defect to Russia and live his Olympic dream instead?
  6. HAHA...maybe it's because they're friends?
  7. Sure we can eliminate him....this way we can talk more about Metcalf as our best pound for pound. :)
  8. Clearly if David Taylor had started the year pointing and wrestling at 174 he would've been the favorite. Nobody will ever know how he would've finished....but clearly he's the favorite. Great post by the original poster. Great respect for both Dake and Taylor...two of the best in college history.
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