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  1. 90% of the pics on Facebook,Etc. are gonna be offensive to SOMEONE.
  2. Husker du said "and quite honestly, who cares about 'deserves' ?" you market things to make them the best and most compelling that they can be; to put on the best show. that includes having a great finale. The fans care! You bring up marketing,well how do you know how to market it if you dont even know what the fans would like to see most,nor care "who deserves it".
  3. i diasgreed with picking the Taylor/Dake match to be last. Why not Brown Perry ? Why not Ramos Steiber? Didnt these guys deserve what is considered the marquee match.I found it very disrespectful to all these other guys who equally deserved it. I think if they are gonna change the starting spot,then it should be drawn from a hat, heck they could even do a complete random draw and jump around,who says they have to go in traditional order.
  4. choxfan


    And PSU won the title without A.Alton. 10 AA's aint a guaranteed win.Its all about the bonus points.
  5. Marstellar/Jordan Macintosh/Snyder Nevills/Haines these three battles,along with a couple others should make for an awesome dual.
  6. good point there,dont see ANYONE accumulating bonus like the Twin Turbos. 2015 could be a real chess match.
  7. crazy,but best case scenario possible.As always,there will be injuries/setbacks/arrests etc.
  8. Nico--top 3 (equal) 133 --LOW AA ( improve) 141 --LOW AA (improve) A.Alton AA (improve) D Alton AA (improve) DT --NC with even more bonus (slight improve) Brown -top 3 (equal) Ed- NC (not much room for improve) MM- Mid AA,not much bonus,( big loss) Lawson--low AA (slight improve) i got 1 loss 3 equals 6 improves dont think they will have trouble repeating.
  9. Who will challenge Ruth?? these two dynamos should mow thru anything and anyone in their path.
  10. for real ???? what happened??
  11. What (besides losses) does Dake have more of?? Pins? TF's?? team points? Anything? please stick to the facts, dont type in "bigger balls" for attempting his feat.
  12. wow that IS a stout lineup for OSU, I can see them giving a Taylor/Ruthless PSU a serious battle.
  13. yes exactly,Eliminate Taylor and Ruth,and PSU would NOT have won. No TWO,or possible even THREE wrestlers will collect bonus the way those two do. Same goes for the steibers,eliminate those two and OSU wouldnt have done near as well.
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