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  1. Vak, Virginia Tech has looked at least as scary as Mizzou this year IMO. What's your take on their guys?
  2. Rider just beat Wisconsin on criteria, with the tie coming in large part from Wisconsin forfeiting 125. Despite the fact that Ryan Taylor was wrestling up a weight at 133, there are still two other people listed at 125 on the Wisconsin roster. What's the downside to throwing one of them in. Worst case scenario they get pinned, and it's the same as a forfeit from a team perspective, but if a scrub backup gets teched, that's only 5 team points, and Wisconsin wins the dual. They did the same thing against Maryland, this time forfeiting 133, despite having two wrestlers at 133 on their roster, though it did not affect the dual result. What, if anything is the logic behind forfeiting a weight. Even if you send in a horribly overmatched replacement and he gets teched, you yield 5 points instead of 6.
  3. Hudson dictated the pace of the match for the first two periods and then he gassed in the third. As someone who attends Rutgers this worries me a bit. Ashnault did a nice job capitalizing on the opportunities granted to him but guys like Dardanes and Stieber won't gas.
  4. If it's being on staff, Dake was a volunteer assistant last year.
  5. JRob's age has nothing to do with it. Nathan Rose and Bobby Steveson are why Benick didn't choose Minnesota.
  6. Mizzou is a better program now, but head coach is better than assistant coach. Okie State is a better program than WVU, but if Coleman Scott were offered the head coaching position, he would probably leave Stillwater.
  7. I'm at Rutgers now, and they're getting Minny, PSU, tOSU, and Iowa at home. I would not be the least bit surprised if one or two of those duals ends 45-0.
  8. Who's this Goodman character? I know of a Goldman and a Goodale, but I've never heard of Goodman ;)
  9. At those temperatures dry vs. wet heat is merely a question of whether you bake or you boil.
  10. Large school with money to burn, I'd expect similar to WVU. Scott and Becker are my top choices (no chance of getting heirs apparent like Eggum and Hahn) It's interesting that it is assumed that you can't get someone who is dubbed "heir apparent" - if a school wants someone bad enough, they should go after them. The sport of wrestling needs programs like WVU and ASU to succeed. They should constantly be looking for the best candidate regardless of whether they think they can get them or not. Not saying they shouldn't go after them, of course they should. I just don't think the heirs apparent will bite. If you're in that position, you know that if you just sit tight for a few more years, you'll be given the keys to a top program. Someone like Eggum probably won't bite at a head offer from WVU because he knows that if he sits tight for a few more years he'll be head coach at Minnesota. Same goes for Hahn or Guerrero. That's why you go for Becker, Scott, etc. because they're really good and they're much easier to get than the heirs apparent.
  11. Large school with money to burn, I'd expect similar to WVU. Scott and Becker are my top choices (no chance of getting heirs apparent like Eggum and Hahn)
  12. You hire from within when you want to continue success, hence why Eggum, Hahn, and Guerrero are heirs apparent. You hire from outside when you want to change culture/become successful. Jones has been cursed by Turnbull's lack of success. I'd see them trying to go after a big name second banana like Coleman Scott or Luke Becker. They could also try to cross the border and poach Leen or Clemsen from UVA, or Robie from VT.
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