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  1. Cant challenge the depth of wrestling talent in PA and they do make some great pretzels too.
  2. Willie, acceptable that your patronage is with your employer but, dont ever think YOU know anything about me or my discussions and more importantly what occurred in Philly. Your Team acted like the "kids" that they are . Bader/ Joe Flo good guys. I'll leave it at that.
  3. and Gilman weight what 4 hours after weigh ins ??? He is a pretty SQUARE 125lber.
  4. Does Ramos actually beat Gilman in the room ?? Ramos wont ever beat Colon. Better hope he gets picked off.
  5. Willie, I remember when you were a nice guy. When you wore your PSU colors proudly and posted as a fan . Now, you are just another one of Martin's biotches. Waiting to be fed. Dont comment on something that you heard- when I know.
  6. I play horses with Jay Black. A once GREAT singer - Jay and the Americans. (Cara Mia, This Magic Moment) Rumor has it he owes millions to the Gov't. So, they took the "Americans" away from him. Now, he is just Jay Black. Imagine anyone taking your NAME away from you !! I thought we were all "Americans". :|
  7. You guys should have listened to LIPARTY. FLO- a great place for video. The rest is ALL for Martin (King Martin). Not only did they stiff him by not giving him a thin dime. They dissed him at the NCAA Tourney. Not nice.
  8. lol. I can accept that. I can accept alot...being from the Island. I like to post about this Sport- I can be wrong and I have learned not to CONTEND with anyone anymore. I was guilty for retaliating. That's if I was the guy they BANNED. David Taylor is a special wrestler who just was beaten by a kid who is schooled/skilled/ and tenacious- Doesnt want to be beat. He has been that way ever since I saw him wrestle as a 9th grader. When you thought you could beat him- the result was always the same. HE WON. Dake feels the sport better than any kid Ive seen- add that to a competitive edge. He'll beat you 1-0/ 3-2 or 9-8.
  9. true dat !! Back in the day. Everyone knew not to get into a street fight with a wrestler. Actually, saw many small guys take down the big guys and then pummel their faces into a kind of marinara sauce.
  10. Koll just won the Windsor Tourney this past weekend . He is a STINGY wrestler who can score on your misses. Tough, strong and doesnt give you much. Talk to me in about TWO years and we'll compare who is doing what and where ?? No doubt- that Koll will be a good one in College. We'll see how that 9th grader is doing Write these names down. PICCININNI/ KOLL/ RIFENBURG/DIAHOMIHALIS/ ARUJAU/ SPENCER-ROD/ RASHEED/ just for starters and get back to me in a few. NEW YORK WRESTLING is very deep and productive. Our kids can even get their College degrees.
  11. I think HE was banned because he was doing a service for those Parents who are blinded by the light and are willing to pay for pipe dreams. btw- How many times did Taylor lose to Dake ??? How many times did Dake lose in the NCAA Finals ?? If, they were pitching horseshoes 90% of this Board would still pick Taylor. (you included). Wanta still hold me to a frivilous BET ???
  12. Back in the '70s. The best I could do as a teen was listen by the radio of the round by round commentary or pay to go see an Ali/Frazier fight on Closed Circuit at some Arena. In my teens there was nothing more exciting then waiting for the round to be over and to actually imagine the magnitude and the discription of each punch. I remember when Frazier knocked Ali to the canvas- I almost fell off my bed. This was ENORMOUS. Bigger that when Taylor got decked. Boxing was da deal- and all weights were GREAT. imo- Duran was as nasty as you can get in his prime- I think the best lb for lb when he was at his best age n weight. Just meannnn !! I grew up with Gerry Cooney and speak to him a couple of times a year. IMO- MMA- is too PRIMITIVE . I like it but, it is a completely different brawl. I use to see that nearly every weekend at a local Pub. So, to me it isnt anything special.
  13. LAST SEASON ???. LOL. You mean with that 4X NCAA Champ/in 4 -different weight classes. . Where was that kid from ?? PA- no/ NJ-no/ maybe, Ohio- no. (he was suppose to be from Ohio- like everyone was telling me..lol ) !!! hmmmm ........ Chris Weidman- Baldwin, NY = UFC Champ Jon Jones- Union Endicott, NY= UFC Champ Though, I do like the "FOG HORN" comment.
  14. Great Tourney !! New York in da hous !!! Rodrigues-141 / Boley- 197. Nice job by "Da hammer" Greisheimer- and Dont call me Jesse - Ernest James. Ryan aint shoot'n Leblancs. Gett'n very interesting for New York wrestling- others just starting out and doing quite well. McCabe, Murphy, Gwiz, Realbuto, Palacio . They are young'ns !!! COM'N OUT PARTY - Madison Square Garden. ....................... btw- Boley- 0 -NYS Titles Rodrigues- 1-NYS Title In New York it isnt an EASY place to win a State title.
  15. daler, Im trying to figure out WHAT (???) you are inflamed about. The thread has everything to do with the strange things in NCAA Sports. Such as carrying a player for five years without playing a down. You do not see this as being uncommon. BAN -BAN. !!!! What are we in the former Soviet Union/ North Korea ??? You do not have to read the thread. Guys, that promote censorship. They should be BANNED !!
  16. To belabor this is ridiculous. Without going to the scoreboard Im sure ND was either way ahead in some games and/or way behind some games (???). YOU SUIT UP - YOU PLAY !! Period. We arent talking one season and a dog fight for a Championship. We are talking 52 games without a play. If, he didnt belong on the Team- why was his name printed on the back of his uniform. IMO- this procedure must END .
  17. "PROPS" to former NYS HS wrestlers S. McCabe- 3rd / Actually, introduced him to Rutgers/Goodale. lol. Will be a force when his body matures. Q. Murphy- 1st G. Lanzi- 1st
  18. Am I reading this thread correctly ??? BEST HS WRESTLERS ALL TIME.??????????????????? It is a very SUBJECTIVE thread and it is almost impossible to gauge . Has to be done by decade and by weight class. The BEST from each State during those decades and by weight class. Many wrestlers ascended as they finished HS and many also, descended when moving up in weight. By numbers alone Troy Nickerson in NYS could be considered the BEST with 5 -NYS titles yet, his 8th/9th/ 10th grade seasons IMO (and others) - if, wrestling back in the late '70s he would never have even qualified for a NYS Tourney until possibly his junior year. He wouldnt have beaten guys like Thomas/ Palacio/ Bury/ Bousakis. etc. The DOMINANCE Jesse Jantzen displayed would also, make him a consideration yet, as a 9th/ 10th/ 11th grader guys from the '70s-'80s might have handed him his jock !! Frank DeAngelis was this kind of good. Man against child was basically what Adam Mariano displayed in High School. Saw him mainly on video. My best in HS would have= Jeff Thomas/ Michael Macchia/ Mark Iacovelli/ Frank DeAngelis/ Troy Bousakis/ Al Palacio/ Bob Bury/ Dan Hunt AND a whole bunch more the BEST in their weights at different points in their 4 -5 HS seasons. btw- How tough was a kid like Dan Hunt to win 3-NYS Titles at the same weight for three years in a decade that was very deep with talent.
  19. There is ABSOLUTELY no reason to keep a player dressed and on the sidelines for five years without playing him. Forget the significance of education. Talking strictly Football- this is ridiculous and the NCAA should either limit the amount of participants on a team and/or make them strictly practice squad (on call). To dress for five years and not play a down directly points to some type of imbalance , oversight, or complete stupidity. The Coaches should be held accountable and if, the kid likes being part of the Team so much then maybe he should get a psychological exam or a prostetic penis extension. If, he is good enough to practice 4 months ea year for 5 years - every day. Then he should be able to be play a few downs per game. SPECIAL TEAMs- etc.
  20. I have him never being accredited with a single play. Wonder why a kid cant find an active roll on the kick-off team etc. If, you wear the uniform and you are on the sidelines. There has to be a way to get in for 1-play a game especially, when there are 52 to choose from.
  21. A kid named ROMANO has been on their Football Team for 5 years. 52 games to be exact and not to play one down. Out of those 52 games how many were for a National Team title ??? Couldnt play him a down in a Bowl game ??? Hail Mary full of Golden DUNG !!!
  22. Thanks. Thought he was injured during the match.
  23. Any info on the Alton/Murphy match prior to the med/ft. thanks
  24. In New York State. With a RICH tradition of wrestling it is all speculative and subjective . So, it must be done objectively by weight and/or decade. Funny, that Olympians like Banach/ McCoy wouldnt be in the BEST catagory in High School...and Dake wouldnt be either.
  25. Sometimes an IN SEASON loss or a differcult win motivates the individual. A loss may be the BEST win all season.
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