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  1. No one is going to pick Marsteller?
  2. I've already explained my reasoning to you Cletus Tucker.
  3. Madcat11, Do you know why Hunter was not voted as team captain? It seems a little weird that one true freshman, and two redshirt freshman would be selected over him.
  4. In the case of Gwiadowski and Dieringer, I hope they realize that Edinboro's coach has never had a multiple time national champion. If fact, he never took one of his national champions back to the ncaa finals.
  5. I noticed that Hunter Stieber was not voted team captain for the OSU wrestling squad. OSU's captains are: Logan Stieber, Nathan Tomasello, Kyle Snyder, and Bo Jordan. Interesting. One true freshman, two redshirt freshman, and 6th year senior Logan Stieber. I'd have thought Hunter would be a captain with his brother. As I understand it, team captains are chosen by a team vote. Anyone know why Hunter didn't get enough votes to become captain?
  6. Since you consider me to be a fellow troll(which I'm not), why are you encouraging people to ignore me? Shouldn't you be doing the opposite? Instigating interaction between us?
  7. I don't like that format. I will continue to post the way that I always do. It's not hard at all to see my questions the way that I normally post. I'm tired of constantly going out of my way for you trying to help you understand. A simple refresher course on reading comprehension should do the trick MSU158. From now on, I will mostly teach you things that are wrestling related. Since I try to be a kind person, I will help you on a few minor details, if I believe it will lead to us having a fruitful discussion. That's as far as I'll go. With that said, I have no major problems with you as a poster. I think you bring a lot to the boards. I just wish that you would try a little bit harder to understand. It also would be nice if you stopped implying that I'm unreasonable, and that I'm intentionally obtuse. It also would be nice if you didn't create threads about me. I've been nothing but respectful towards you, why can't I get the same in return? : )
  8. MSU158, You always make those claims, but you never demonstrate for all to see that they're true. Just because you believe that I talk in circles doesn't make it true. And no, you didn't answer all of my questions. I can actually prove that. With all due respect, I think you need to spend a little time working on your reading comprehension. How many times have you misrepresented my posts? About 20 times? Maybe more? If you aren't doing it intentionally, I suggest you follow my advice on this one. It gets tiring correcting you all of the time. It's also tiring for me to lead you "by hand" through all of our discussions making sure you understand the current state of the argument. Put yourself in my shoes MSU158. I don't mind our discussions, I just want you to step up to the plate so that I don't have to do all of the work. Unlike many others, you seem teachable. I respect that you decided to face my posts rather than ignore (or pretend to ignore) them. If you take my words seriously, you will end up learning something and you'll be much better off for it. My goal around here is to help people, not hurt them. To build up, not tear down. If you've been paying attention, you should have understood that by now. And what's wrong with "liking" your own posts? Do you not like your own posts? I "like" my own posts, because I like my own posts. It's that simple. Are you bothered by that?
  9. I don't see many picking Josh Kindig. Here's a match between Kindig and one of this year's favorites: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3_tBeT89Ss
  10. When you say "dinged up", are you talking about Paddock or Stieber? And did Hunter not lose a wrestle-off, or did he lose, but not by a 7-2 score?
  11. There's no need for the quotes around bad. I've seen both Stieber bros shoot more than their fair share of bad shots.
  12. http://www.flowrestling.org/topic/13431-Hunter-Stieber-Falls-In-tOSU-Wrestle-Offs Check out that link Zebra! Maybe you should do a little more research before you call someone an "obvious troll" or a "troglodyte"! If you kept up with the OSU wrestling team, you would know this. I remember this wrestle-off got a lot of publicity when it happened.
  13. Are you serious? As I recall, Hunter lost 7-2 to Ian Paddock in a wrestle-off a season or two ago.
  14. I asked a serious question. Why are you so bothered Zebra? Did I ask a ridiculous question? Hunter has lost a wrestle off before, maybe you aren't aware of that.
  15. I expect big things from Mitchell Port this year. I feel that Port has what it takes to win this matchup.
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