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  1. No one is going to pick Marsteller?
  2. I've already explained my reasoning to you Cletus Tucker.
  3. Madcat11, Do you know why Hunter was not voted as team captain? It seems a little weird that one true freshman, and two redshirt freshman would be selected over him.
  4. In the case of Gwiadowski and Dieringer, I hope they realize that Edinboro's coach has never had a multiple time national champion. If fact, he never took one of his national champions back to the ncaa finals.
  5. I noticed that Hunter Stieber was not voted team captain for the OSU wrestling squad. OSU's captains are: Logan Stieber, Nathan Tomasello, Kyle Snyder, and Bo Jordan. Interesting. One true freshman, two redshirt freshman, and 6th year senior Logan Stieber. I'd have thought Hunter would be a captain with his brother. As I understand it, team captains are chosen by a team vote. Anyone know why Hunter didn't get enough votes to become captain?
  6. Since you consider me to be a fellow troll(which I'm not), why are you encouraging people to ignore me? Shouldn't you be doing the opposite? Instigating interaction between us?
  7. I don't like that format. I will continue to post the way that I always do. It's not hard at all to see my questions the way that I normally post. I'm tired of constantly going out of my way for you trying to help you understand. A simple refresher course on reading comprehension should do the trick MSU158. From now on, I will mostly teach you things that are wrestling related. Since I try to be a kind person, I will help you on a few minor details, if I believe it will lead to us having a fruitful discussion. That's as far as I'll go. With that said, I have no major problems with you as a poster. I think you bring a lot to the boards. I just wish that you would try a little bit harder to understand. It also would be nice if you stopped implying that I'm unreasonable, and that I'm intentionally obtuse. It also would be nice if you didn't create threads about me. I've been nothing but respectful towards you, why can't I get the same in return? : )
  8. MSU158, You always make those claims, but you never demonstrate for all to see that they're true. Just because you believe that I talk in circles doesn't make it true. And no, you didn't answer all of my questions. I can actually prove that. With all due respect, I think you need to spend a little time working on your reading comprehension. How many times have you misrepresented my posts? About 20 times? Maybe more? If you aren't doing it intentionally, I suggest you follow my advice on this one. It gets tiring correcting you all of the time. It's also tiring for me to lead you "by hand" through all of our discussions making sure you understand the current state of the argument. Put yourself in my shoes MSU158. I don't mind our discussions, I just want you to step up to the plate so that I don't have to do all of the work. Unlike many others, you seem teachable. I respect that you decided to face my posts rather than ignore (or pretend to ignore) them. If you take my words seriously, you will end up learning something and you'll be much better off for it. My goal around here is to help people, not hurt them. To build up, not tear down. If you've been paying attention, you should have understood that by now. And what's wrong with "liking" your own posts? Do you not like your own posts? I "like" my own posts, because I like my own posts. It's that simple. Are you bothered by that?
  9. I don't see many picking Josh Kindig. Here's a match between Kindig and one of this year's favorites: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3_tBeT89Ss
  10. When you say "dinged up", are you talking about Paddock or Stieber? And did Hunter not lose a wrestle-off, or did he lose, but not by a 7-2 score?
  11. There's no need for the quotes around bad. I've seen both Stieber bros shoot more than their fair share of bad shots.
  12. http://www.flowrestling.org/topic/13431-Hunter-Stieber-Falls-In-tOSU-Wrestle-Offs Check out that link Zebra! Maybe you should do a little more research before you call someone an "obvious troll" or a "troglodyte"! If you kept up with the OSU wrestling team, you would know this. I remember this wrestle-off got a lot of publicity when it happened.
  13. Are you serious? As I recall, Hunter lost 7-2 to Ian Paddock in a wrestle-off a season or two ago.
  14. I asked a serious question. Why are you so bothered Zebra? Did I ask a ridiculous question? Hunter has lost a wrestle off before, maybe you aren't aware of that.
  15. I expect big things from Mitchell Port this year. I feel that Port has what it takes to win this matchup.
  16. What happened to Hunter Stieber? Did he lose yet another wrestle-off?
  17. MSU158, why must you continue to misrepresent my position? When did I say that we should ignore anyone's injury? I'm saying to not ignore the poor technical and tactical wrestling that was done when they had these injuries. I'm also saying don't deny the wins and other success they had when they had their injuries because that can show what they are capable of. McD was capable of winning ncaas even with his health problems, but he did some poor wrestling, that is a fact. No injury changes that fact. Dylan Alton, though hurt, was able to wrestle well enough to make AA a few years ago. He did some very poor wrestling down the stretch to lose a few matches. If you say I'm being willfully obtuse (which I'm not), then you're being willfully obtuse by denying that these guys, and many others, lost when they could have and should have won. You act like it's wrong to bring up the fact that someone could have wrestled better when they were injured. I say there's nothing wrong with acknowledging reality.
  18. MSU158, you fail to address all of my points. You accuse me not "acknowledging any points made counterintuitive to my own" (which is false), but you do the very thing that you accuse me of!!! A lot of my response was dedicated to answering some questions that you asked in your post. That should be obvious. When you ask questions like "Would anyone realistically predict Tomasello not placing" there's nothing wrong with answering that. My major point was to point out the fact that, yes, it is realistic to predict a DNP in light of the fact that the weight returns 7 or 8 AAs. AAs that Tomasello has never beaten before. Yes, you have your opinion, and you're entitled to it, but that's not all that you said. You're doing more than just giving your predictions, you're asking people to accept your predictions/opinions as likely. At least to some degree. And there is nothing wrong with questioning to see if your reasoning is internally consistent. A few of my questions were asked given YOUR reasoning. In other words, "if you believe/say "this", shouldn't you then believe/say "that" given the reasoning that you gave for believing "this" in the first place? I don't see why there is anything wrong with those type of questions. And if giving Gilman 3rd is the benefit of the doubt, where do you think that he will really place? Could you also explain why the VERY best Gilman can do is 3rd place? It seems like you're saying it's impossible for Gilman to beat Delgado at ncaas. What would happen if Gilman wrestled Delgado at the ncaas and was leading by a few points with a .25 seconds left in the match? Would the universe explode? : )
  19. I'd just like to point out that just because someone has an inury, that doesn't mean the injury was the only or primary reason for their lack of success. Please review the facts of the McD case. I won't restart the entire argument here, but I'll mention a few facts. McD beat 2 or 3 AAs on the year. (including 2nd and 3rd place finishers). He made to the ncaa quarterfinals and had a lead and choice in the 3rd period against a wrestler that he already beat before. McD believed, along with his coach, that he could win the ncaas that year, and they were right. McD, though hurt, had enough left in the tank. Unfortunately, a few technical and tactical blunders cost him. This common belief that "he was injured therefore it's unreasonable to mention any technical/tactical blunders as a reason for a loss" is ridiculous. Especially when some of those techinal/tactical shortcomings existed when the wrestler was 100%. The same knee brace he had on late season. The same knee brace that he wore when he won the EIWAs. Whether he was hurt or not, he had enough left to win matches at the ncaas. He was able to wrestle, and wrestle well with the brace; he secured the #1 seed at the ncaas. Lewnes' wrestled poorly on Day 1 of the ncaas, I'd say that's the biggest reason for his underperformance. That's where the evidence points.
  20. MSU158, yes, someone could realistically predict that. That's my point. Tomasello is coming into a weight class that is returning 7 or 8 AAs, so why would it be unrealistic to think that he might not make the podium? As I recall, he hasn't beaten any one of those AAs, and I've seen nothing that indicates that it would be unthinkable to imagine him losing to two of those guys at the ncaas. I'm actually surprised that you seemingly consider it unrealistic to predict a DNP for Tomasello in a "tough" weight class like 125. If we can get more specific, which returning AA would it be unrealistic to think could beat Tomasello? MSU158, you're losing track of the discussion. I'm asking you that precisely because you claimed that you were giving Iowa the benefit of the doubt, and that you were staying reserved with Ohio State. If you're giving Iowa the benefit of the doubt, why not predict Gilman to take 1st? Remember, this is a benefit of the doubt scenario. Gilman has beaten Delgado before so it shouldn't be unthinkable to suggest that he could do it one more time. And mentioning that Clark placed 5th after beating Delgado is completely missing the point. I'm not saying that because Gilman beat Delgado before, you should assume that he will definitely do the same thing at the ncaas. I'm saying that because Gilman beat Delgado before, it wouldn't be unimaginable to see him do it again. And again, if you're giving him the benefit of the doubt, then a championship finish is not out of the question. Indeed, in a benefit of the doubt scenario, you're predicting what could happen "within reason". Isn't that the point? I think many would agree that we have more reason to believe that Gilman could place first then we have to believe that Tomasello is essentially guaranteed an AA finish. What's more, is that you say that you were being reserved by predicting a 6th place finish for Tomasello! What has Tomasello done to show that a finish of at least 6th is very likely and more probable than Gilman beating a wrestler that he already beat before? I'm not sure how you are missing this point.
  21. MSU158, Come on! If you are going to state that injuries were, in fact, the reason that all of those wrestlers underperformed, you need to back that up with solid evidence. " So many wrestlers, don't make excuses, and I credit them for that, but it still doesn't change the fact that they were considerably less than 100% when they wrestled" Then you go and rattle of a few names, but I ask, how do you know that all of those guys were "considerably less than 100%"? How? And since you mentioned Lewnes' knee brace, I guess that means you're attributing his losses to injury too, right? If so, how did he manage to stay undefeated up until the ncaas with a significant injury? He was able to finish out a few late season matches and a conference tournament unblemished, but not the ncaas? Why not? Like McDonough (who has ONLY mentioned other factors outside of injury that caused his loss) I'd say Lewnes had plenty left health wise to advance through the ncaa bracket. He could win matches at EIWAs, but not the ncaas? Do you really believe that MSU158? "Cue some type of superold gibberish that technique can easily overcome any type of injury, and injury is a state of mind, blah, blah, blah" MSU158, I've never said anything like that. I could easily say that you're being I"ntentionally obtuse", and that you post like a "troll", like you did to me for a comment like that. I won't. But I must ask you, why have you consistently misrepresented my actual position on this topic? I find it very telling when someone won't actually address my stated postion, and instead impute a position to me that I've never held, and then "refute" that. I know you're better than that MSU158.
  22. MSU158, but you said that you were giving Iowa the benefit of the doubt, and were staying reserved with OSU. That's what you said. You said 16 points for Hunter, but that was a reserved score, was it not? Then you stated that Hunter (who has underperformed at every ncaa tournament he's ever wrestled in btw) could easily add 8 to 10 points. That means that Hunter could easily score 24-26 points, or that's what it seems like you're saying. I don't see how you can blame someone for reading you the way that LordNelson and I did. Even if we missed your point, it's not because we were going against the clear, unambiguous natural interpretation of your posts. The "intentionally obtuse" accusation is uncalled for. I think you'd agree with that if you were honest. "Remember...I PREDICTED 16 points, not 26"..... MSU158, can you honestly say that 16 points was your actual prediction and not merely a reserved score that you gave to Hunter? That's what the context seems to indicate. If it was a reserved score, mentioning and emphasizing that it was a PREDICTION would simply be an attempt at a misdirection because in that case, you didn't really believe that to be the amount of points that he would score in reality. This is an honest question.
  23. I suppose they could. My point was, in the case of Hunter losing 3 straight, he lost twice to wrestlers that he had already beaten, and once to a wrestler that many expected him to beat. I'm not sure why someone would take issue with me calling that performance a collapse.
  24. Lord Nelson, don't be surprised if someone interprets your post as a "slam" against Hunter (see my Jason Tsirtsis thread to witness me being vilified for making innocent, factual comments). I've learned to never underestimate the sensitivity of usawrestlingforums posters. I understand that sometimes the truth hurts, but I never expected it to hurt that much! Good info on the top scorers of 2014. It seems to me that Hunter "dnping" is just as likely as him scoring 26 points at the ncaas. I'm not sure why MSU158 thinks Hunter could "very easily" score that many points.
  25. Couldn't Tomasello "easily" not place? His weight class returns 7 or 8 AA. It seems like you think that he's a lock for a spot on the podium. And if you were trying to give Iowa the benefit of the doubt, why don't you mention that Gilman is a possible champion? Gilman has beaten Delgado. It seems strange to me that 3rd for Gilman is the "benefit of the doubt" and "reserved" for Tomasello is 6th place. Gilman has beaten the champion, who has Tomasello beaten? : ) And 5th is "reserved" for Jordan? Didn't Jordan lose to a 157 pounder in the offseason?
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