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  1. Session 1 03/05/2016 09:04 a.m. 03/05/2016 02:44 p.m. Session 2 03/05/2016 06:07 p.m. 03/05/2016 09:23 p.m. Session 3 03/06/2016 12:06 p.m. 03/06/2016 01:44 p.m. Session 4 03/06/2016 03:19 p.m. 03/06/2016 05:49 p.m. This was taken right off of trackwrestling from last years tournament
  2. If you are the #1 or #2 seed at a weight thats seeded out to 14 then you automatically get a bye, right?
  3. Not that it probably makes too much of a difference, but Iowa got about all they could have hoped for with the draws. Penn State caught 2 byes at weights where they werent already predetermined (Joseph and McCutcheon). Iowa (Gilman) and Ohio State (Snyder) only caught 1 each. Holloway drew the lowest possible seeded opponent he could as well to maybe scrape out a point or two. Burcher drew the 6th seed first round so thats not too bad considering it could have been a lot worse. No seeds changed from the pre seeds either BTW
  4. I guess I've never really used the term "cutting weight" only to talk about a day or two before weigh ins. Most of the people I know use it a lot more loosely as basically a season long thing. So we were basically talking about two separate things.
  5. You think these guys are coming in a month or so before the season less than 10lbs over the weight they are wrestling? Like I said I could be wrong, but from my experience being around wrestling 10lbs is next to nothing.
  6. To be fair, you are making it sound like you are a weight cutting expert because you could get down 10lbs and hold it over the course of a season. I'd imagine though that somewhere north of 3/4 of all D1 wrestlers had way more than 10lbs to drop to get to their fighting weight. Maybe I'm wrong about how many D1 guys start higher that 10lbs, but 10lbs was nothing as far as your season starting weight went with all of the wrestlers i knew.
  7. Heard from a friend that he started to gas around the :12 mark though
  8. Parties over folks. The No Fun Police have arrived.
  9. ***Disclaimer*** I have no inside info on the matter I cant imagine he tests it this weekend. It would be an extremely risky move with very little reward. As mention above he is a likely #2 seed with an outside shot at the #1 assuming he is 100% and somehow knocks off Gilman. Worst case if he sits hes probably a #4 and he just has Gilman 1 round sooner. Also I just watched the video for the first time today of the injury. I was under the impression he rolled it, but it happened when his ankle got caught and twisted in an unnatural direction. I'd imagine the likelihood of it being more severe because of the twisting motion as opposed to just rolling it is greater. Also one last note. I hurt my ankle pretty bad back in high school and thought for sure it was broken and it just ended up being a bad high ankle sprain so just because he mouthed the words it's broken doesnt mean it for sure is. Either way i cant imagine he will be 100% by NCAA's
  10. My initial reaction is it starts to water things down a bit


    So...like...Do they just leave the top step of the podium at 184 empty or what?
  12. Do we know yet what order the USA wrestles everyone? Like who do they wrestle first, second, and third?
  13. Does a team that scores negative points at NCAA's just finish last out of all the teams that qualified a wrestler or do they finish behind all D1 teams including the ones that dont get an NCAA qualifier? This is the question that keeps me up at night. Also you can even take it out farther to does a team that scored negative points at NCAA's finish behind schools that dont even have wrestling since technically they ended with a better team score?
  14. I'm not saying you are totally wrong with this analysis because I see what you mean, but why take valuable mat time away from Holloway? Not to mention give up a dual win. Snyder isnt a pinner so a tech was most likely anyways which would have tied the dual.
  15. You remember incorrectly because it wasnt that bad. Plenty of bars and restaurants close. Some womens bathrooms were switched to mens after the first session if not right away. I bet it was the cheapest bar and food bill of all the most recent hosts as well. We went to a bar south of the arena right off the main road and they were selling 6 packs of tall boys for $10.
  16. I can't believe how little Penn State has gotten bonus in the Trump era. They are down to less than 20% of the time, with 10% of that only coming against backups. With a team that prides itself on racking up points, they just aren't getting it done in this era.
  17. That surprised you? I'm more surprised he didn't walk into it a 3rd or 4th time.
  18. So should that have actually been a stall call on Clark trying to hit that Merkel as you guys call it (I'd call it an Oklahoma Cradle)? Let me say right off the top that Clark needs to not get into that situation where he needs 1 extra second of riding time to go to OT but that stall call went a long way towards deciding that match because Clark probably can afford to eat a stall call late in the match when riding Brock. Again Cory needs to not let it get to that point I'm just more saying if the rule is that should have been a stall call then the rule needs to be changed because he was basically working a pinning combination/tilt and the ref started counting immediately.
  19. WE ARE!...........not sending a representative at 65KGS
  20. I thought i read somewhere that there are wildcard selections for the 2016 Olympics. Can someone explain how those work. Sorry if this has already been talked about as im not on here a ton during the spring and summer.
  21. I know we wont even know for sure who is all qualified until after May 8th, but is there a deadline for these countries to get their lineup in?
  22. Once again that link give me the same message I was getting earlier today when I wasnt getting any video basically making it sound like i need to pay for it. Ive never had an issue signing in through my internet provider for previous events.
  23. anyone else having the same problem? Both links take me to the mat with greco and womens when the only mat i want to watch is freestyle.
  24. I cant get the feed to mat 2!!!! It keeps coming up with the womans mat!!!
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