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  1. this is the message im getting We are sorry, but it seems we do not have access to this content on this particular application. We are working hard to get you access. Please check back soon.
  2. I'm getting the same thing. I should get it through my provider too but when i enter my info it gives me a message saying something along the lines of its not working and they are trying to fix it IIRC
  3. Ill still go with what I heard from the ESPN guy over you. Also I have seen on here that people have said the opposite of you on the whole buzz thing so its all just opinion i guess.
  4. Being from Iowa, I kind of take for granted how big CA is having never been there. Not that I have no sense of geography outside of Iowa it's just that my mind kind of defaults to thinking all of that stuff is closer than it actually is. Thanks for that info CA-Wrestler. It was all stuff I had never really thought of before.
  5. Most of the events in the week leading up to the Super Bowl do not take place at the Stadium. Greenberg was talking about walking a few blocks away from where radio row was taking place. I was trying to Google where it was to give you an exact place since I couldnt remember exactly where they were. I just remember them being in or very near the city somewhere. Once again it's not me saying a large event didnt take over a city, it is one of ESPN's most popular radio hosts. You are disagreeing with that. I'm going to side with the popular ESPN guy. Frank said the city was a buzz with wrestling so I gave an example of how New York City "swallowed" the Super Bowl. Which is an event that is infinitely more popular than the NCAA Wrestling Tournament.
  6. When the Super Bowl was in New York a couple of years ago I remember Mike Greenberg (one of if not the most famous radio personalities at ESPN) saying that it was nice having the Super Bowl in New York City and having it somewhere new, but he said you could walk 2 blocks away from where everything was going on and people would have no clue the Super Bowl was in NYC. But I'm sure you're probably right on the whole "city in a buzz about wrestling" take.
  7. Well a lot of people like them, me included. There is also a large percentage of people that will say they dont like TnT but have a ton of respect for them. You are part of a small percentage, but hey thats your opinion.
  8. I have all of the qualifiers listed at the bottom of the link and posted that earlier but I updated and sorted them by all americans at the top too. Basically what I found was you dont need a high school state title to qualify for NCAA's but youre going to need one to be an all american for the most part. http://iawrestle.com/2016/03/17/high-school-state-titles-by-each-d1-national-qualifier/
  9. 62 total upsets on Day 1 by my count. Here is a list of all of them. http://iawrestle.com/2016/03/17/all-upsets-from-day-1-at-d1-nationals/
  10. Here is a list of all the first round upsets http://iawrestle.com/2016/03/17/d1-first-round-upsets/
  11. I thought about doing this for the other levels. The first team I went to was Wartburgs team page and they didnt have any credentials listed for high school. I figured if they didnt then hardly any of the other level teams would.
  12. The Brands boys dont lose a team point. Retherford gives up an offensive point. Thomas Gilman smiles 2 times covering the over/under of 1.5 times
  13. Neither 2x defending champ repeats. (Dieringer and Gwiaz)
  14. I actually was the one that put the list together. I did the same thing last year and here is the link for that one too http://iawrestle.com/2015/03/25/high-school-state-titles-by-each-ncaa-d1-qualifier/ As far as the Kyle Snyder won 3 but didnt compete in high school his final year comment, I actually had that listed last year but took it out this year because I found a few times where guys got hurt and didnt compete for a year in high school. I was about to list some of those but then I also found times where a guy would finish 2nd, 1st, have no results his junior year and win it again as a senior for example. So I assumed those guys got hurt too but for the sake of not turning a 20 hour project into a 60 hour one from hunting down that info, I just chose to enter what they won regardless of circumstance. Being from the midwest my also not 100% sure how some of that national/state prep stuff works out East so if anyone can give me a better way of doing that Id appreciate it. If you guys would like me to list instances like the one above, I will try to remember and include that next year when I do this. I appreciate the responses.
  15. Here is a list of all the wrestlers that qualified for the D1 tournament and how many state titles they won in high school http://iawrestle.com/2016/03/17/high-school-state-titles-by-each-d1-national-qualifier/
  16. I was also shocked looking at MSU's roster that they only had 3 guys from out of state. One was Gasca and the other was Yenter (I believe?) which are two of there better guys. Thats just a sign that you arent even trying to recruit isnt it? I honestly think I could slap a Michigan State polo on and to a better job recruiting than that.
  17. Short answer to the OP is because it is more effective. Its the same reason they put the shift on in baseball because somewhere along the lines somebody said hey this will work a whole lot better. Now the guys being mentioned above are some of the top 5% talent wise of all D1 wrestlers and they have the skill to score on almost anyone. Ive always said and believe that if Doc Brown brought a college aged Dan Gable into the future to wrestle Cory Clark today that Clark would be able to counter and even score on most of Gables shots. I think the same goes for any of the greats from over 20 years ago. Now if a Dan Gable grew up in this generation he would have adapted and still been one of the best ever. I also think in 20 more years the top guys from this years tournament would lose more times than not if you took them ahead 20 years into the future.
  18. Did anyone else watch the end of the 5th place match at 141? It was Gasca of Michigan State vs Sabatello of Purdue. Gasca lost 3-2 with Sabatellos 3rd point coming on riding time. Both wrestlers spent what seemed like most of the 3rd period on their feet. Sabatello took a few half shots but nothing with too much commitment and Gasca did absolutely nothing. The clock hit zero and Gasca got on the line in his stance like he was ready for OT. He had no idea that Sabatello was going to get a riding time point. Now I put a lot of the blame on Gasca for not noticing considering he is a D1 athlete but dont you think a division 1 level coach who received and award during the big ten tournament would have been yelling to his wrestler that he was losing at some point during the 3rd period? They went out of bounds enough times as well for Minkel to get his attention and tell him. It was evident to me anyways pretty early on in the 3rd that Gasca had no clue he was losing. Thank god this guy is done at MSU after this year. I just thought with the dead time of waiting for brackets that id bring this up. Sorry if someone posted it somewhere else.
  19. I didnt read through all of the responses above to see if anyone had mentioned this but I am confident Gilman did that move because he was dead tired. Now before you jump all over me know that I'm not saying Megaludis was in superior shape all I'm saying is at that point in the match Gilman thought he had OK position and just went with it because he knew he didnt have another minute left in him. I dont know if it is possible to get Nico Megaludis dead tired because he doesnt do a whole lot of work against those top guys. He moves around making it look like he is active and he is so flexible that he can use his flexibility to fight off shots instead of burning energy. I'm not discounting every achievement Nico has ever had I'm just simply saying he doesnt have a ton of offense and he doesnt burn much energy fighting off shots.
  20. So is Apples the new word for..........now?
  21. When you can sell out an entire arena you deserve to put your fans where ever you want. If i recall correctly the last how many years Big Tens have only been about half full. Not to mention that regardless of what the above seating arrangement says, anybody could have gotten on the University of Iowa website when tickets went on sale and got tickets in the Iowa section. I got on right around the time they started selling and got my 3 tickets in the Iowa section without specifying my team. Im sure PSU would will do the same thing when Big Tens come to town. All other teams cant sell out their arenas so its like comparing apples to oranges with the other 12 teams (Maybe throw Minnesota in with Iowa and PSU)
  22. So your answer to the question is low, correct?
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