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  1. How about once #1 ranked Jimmy G at 141? I'm sure he'd get a wildcard if he didnt qualify this weekend, but what is the level of concern amongst you PSU fans that he will wont get an AQ spot?
  2. Just wondering when they announce them and how far they are decided (Im curious about Juniors and Cadets as well as Senior level). Also a random thought i had. What are the chances of ever having a world championship in Carver or another US wrestling hotbed like PA or OK?
  3. Does anyone know how healthy Cutch really is? In the grand scheme of things this dual really doesnt matter so I'd imagine if we see him tonight he is 80% or better.
  4. I had never really given it any thought that PSU has never went undefeated in duals under Cael. I still think PSU is the favorite to get it done tonight tho. I wonder why that is they dont have any undefeated seasons under Cael? Id imagine it has something to do with duals not being as fun as individual tournaments.
  5. Iowa 125- #7 Peters UNI (unless you consider Gilman Iowa) 133- #3 Clark IOWA 141- NR Grothus IOWA 149- #2 Sorensen IOWA 157- NR Steiert UNI 165- #9 Tanner Weatherman ISU 174- #10 Meyer IOWA 184- #8 Miklus MIZZ 197- NR Harrington ISU ??? 285- #17 Cabell UNI or #16 Larson OK Those are Intermat rankings
  6. 1. You must insist Taylor was not pinned by Jenkins. 2. Years prior to 2011 do not count. 3. It isn't good enough to say Cael is one of the best coaches, you must concede that he is far and away the greatest coach in the sport today; however at the same time........... 4. You must criticize Tom Brands for not beating Cael at Nationals and insist he is not a good coach. 5. The Iowa State things never happened. 6. You must yell "he's not having fun" at the opposing wrestler 10 times during a match, even when the Penn State guy isn't smiling. 7. After a win you must talk about the importance of bonus points and how Cael was the first person to think of this. 8. Whenever someone mentions a good crowd at a non-PSU meet you must bring up the fact that PSU could sell more tickets but they like the "intimate" atmosphere of Rec Hall. 9. You must insist 2015 never happened AND when confronted with video evidence to the contrary, say it was just to give other teams a chance. 10. Anyone who does not agree to the letter with any of these statements must be considered a "Hater"
  7. You guys think it was 2? I think it was but wouldnt argue a no call. No reason Burak shouldnt be taking that shot all day long instead of just in the last 10 seconds.
  8. WOW Iowa starts the meet out with 2 Back Mushes in a row at 125 and 133!!!
  9. My only advice would be to search around for a little while or try to buy tickets from actual fans wearing team gear because most of the time they just want to break even or take a slight loss just to get rid of extra tickets. Actual scalpers will jack up the price. Your best bet is before that first session I have found when people have extra sets of tickets and just want to get rid of them so they dont have to keep standing around selling them. The year nationals were in Des Moines the wife and I were walking towards the arena for finals. It was 30 minutes past the listed start time on the ticket. Our seats were way up in the nose bleeds so i figured id give it one shot to see if i could upgrade. I walked by a group of 5 or more scalpers that had at least 20 tickets in hand each. I offered them something like $20-$30 for a $40 ticket they all laughed at me like i was an idiot. Keep in mind that we were one of the last few people walking into the arena. It still blows my mind those guys werent basically giving those tickets away. No way they sold even 10 of those 100some tickets they had between them after we passed and thats being generous.
  10. Pretty disappointing performance by PSU not to win a single match in this dual. Maybe the fun is starting to wear off.
  11. I agree. Maybe even give him a piggyback ride back to the opposing teams huddle.
  12. I thought it would be nice to have another place for people to voice their opinion on whether they thought Thomas Gilman was nice enough or not in his 23-8 tech over Ben Thornton of Purdue. If there are any complaints it would only be appropriate to start a separate thread so we all can let him have it x2.


    Let the dropping of names.......COMMENCE!!!
  14. Penn State Hypothetically dominated Iowa, Iowa dominated the hypothetical rematch, a bunch of guys came out of retirement, and then we got an english lesson.
  15. Saturday session start times are 10am and 6pm. Sunday is Noon
  16. Or hypothetically speaking it could go 125. Gilman Dec Nico Iowa up 3-0 133. Clark Dec Conaway Iowa up 6-0 141. Carton Dec Guilibon Iowa up 9-0 149. Sorenson Dec Retherford Iowa up 12-0 157. Cooper Mdec Nolf Iowa up 16-0 165. Rhoads Mdec Rasheed Iowa up 20-0 174. Meyer Dec Nickal Iowa up 23-0 184. Brooks Dec Mccutcheon Iowa up 26-0 197. Burak dec McIntosh Iowa up 29-0 285. Nevills dec Stoll Iowa 29-3


    You guys keep forgetting how the rules work RULES 1. Us Iowa folks including all of the wrestlers just dont care what you think 2. If you feel this way a thinking is wrong or you feel the need to type up a comeback please reread Rule #1 first Thomas Gilman may be an A Hole, but he is our A Hole.


    Whenever i see a thread like this I scroll through and see TBar, Tiger, and Hurricane comment I get visions in my head of two people getting into an argument at a bar. Those two people are just slightly getting mad at each other, no punches being thrown or pushing going on. Just when the two guys are starting to walk away from each other because it's over TBar, Tiger, and Hurricane come walking into the bar. Without asking other people what happened or figuring out what the fight was about they just immediately bull rush the two guys. They tackle the two guys and just start throwing haymakers while yelling, "There is no fighting in here!" Id imagine somewhere in there too TBar would pull out a gun and just start firing into the crowd. At the conclusion of the fighting I would imagine Tiger would yell, "This is supposed to fun, everyone is supposed to be having fun, we are having fun in here."
  19. It's really disappointing that Iowa State isnt still Iowas rival. It also doesnt look like it will be back that way anytime soon. Heck UNI is a lot closer to giving Iowa a run than ISU is looking ahead.
  20. How quickly could the wrestling community came up with $3,000 to cover the initiation fee to enter that conference? How can he use the wrestling team not having the proper facilities as a reason for cutting it when he said himself that only 3 of their sports team have their own locker rooms? Sounds like he is putting too much emphasis on all of the money that will be spent on wrestling but not enough on all the money that will be coming back in. I wasnt clear on this part so ill ask the question before I criticize him for it. It sounds like the university picked the coach from within the coaching ranks instead of opening it up nationally (am i getting that part right?), but doesnt the AD later go on to say how he has some kids who are causing problems and are ineligible? Isnt that your fault because you picked the wrong guy to coach?
  21. If any of you guys thought the Cleveland State guy looked like an idiot, get a load of this guy. Great job JB!
  22. You enjoying these two guys getting defensive, Cletus? I can see them short circuiting in the near future.
  23. Oh I forgot to add Perry in with Oldsuper and Flying Tiger from my post above.
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