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  1. The only time potentially dangerous should be called is when the defensive wrestler has no where to go. To many times its called when a guy is about to go to his back and he winces or when a guy is in on someones legs and the other guy dives back for the other wrestlers ankles putting his own knee in a weird situation. If it hurts that bad wouldnt you just roll to your back to avoid it?
  2. I know some people have a problem with you on here Cletus but I actually kind of like you. You hate on and teams out equally when you think they step over the line and i appreciate that. Even as an Iowa fan considering all of the borderline stuff they do. The people I cant stand are they flying tiger and oldsuper that turn their back to some situations but dig until they find something, no matter how small, in other situations.
  3. I'm not saying I didnt like it as I love me some good controversy, but it was just a weird situation considering he won and did that. I see he later holds his eye like Ramos did something to it but i honestly feel he did that after the fact to make the pushes look warranted. It doesnt really appear Ramos does anything to him. I cant guarantee it but i'd imagine the scoring issue was more to incompetence from the table than home cooking but you never know.
  4. Wow you guys are right. I hadnt seen the match so I had to watch the replay. Hassan Rahimi definitely acted like a female dog at the end of that match. Here are Tony's matches for anyone else that didnt see it. http://iawrestle.com/2015/04/13/watch-tony-ramos-matches-from-world-cup/
  5. You cant really blame oldsuper for not being able to see the forest with all those trees in the way, guys.
  6. Because teams like teams like Drexel, Bucknell, and Franklin & Marshall would send thousands of fans regardless where the tournament was
  7. Not discrediting anything you said but Pico is 18. His birth date is September 26th 1996
  8. An event so EXCITING only Perry could hate it. I wonder if he got EXCITED every time the feed went out since this event happened in Iowa?
  9. The scalpers are just ruthless anymore. Two years ago in Des Moines we sat in the 300 level for the first 5 sessions. As we were coming back from the bars between session 5 and 6 I figured i'd try to upgrade my seat. It was 6:30 and wrestling started at 6. The scalpers wanted $10 more than face value and thats with the session already starting half an hour before that. The guy had a hand full of tickets as well. There was no way he sold more than 1 or 2 of those as the crowd outside was dying down. After getting frustrated nobody would negotiate with me I looked directly at the group of scalpers, shrugged my shoulders, and said, "Oh well, at least I have a real job". After seeing how worked up that got them i'd say that i had the last laugh.
  10. $35 thats what i got for my upper deck tickets last year after i upgraded between sessions. Probably could have gotten $10-$20 more but after talking to 10 scalpers all with the same offer i gave up.
  11. I can't give you an exact number of wrestlers that never placed at state but qualified for D1's but thinking back Id say the number is under 10 and probably closer to below 5
  12. Thanks. I'll update it as soon as I get to a computer. It was kind of a challenge throwing this together because a lot of the lesser known wrestling school would say "an all-state selection" and that meant anywhere from a state champ to an 8th place finisher.
  13. Mike Kelly or Nick Moore over anyone in the 157 or 165 brackets
  14. Its the only bad tournament most PSU fans can ever recall in the programs history.
  15. The top two seeds got byes at weights where they seeded the top 14. At weights where they seeded less wrestlers then byes were drawn in is my understanding.
  16. Sounds about right. To be fair tho it is a straight bill or almost straight bill cap and not one of those trucker caps. Dont want the wrong picture painted.
  17. Well most people can only handle so much when the truth gets stretched so far.
  18. I get a little frustrated on how extreme everything is around here all the time. If one guy does something bad then all the other guys are the same way. If one fan from a certain college has an off the wall opinion then all fans of that college have a distorted view of reality. There isnt much meeting in the middle.
  19. Someone is getting fussy and needs widdle nap
  20. Hurricane, did the Penn State faithful vote you in as the replacement for Mopar or was it a self appointed position?
  21. I'm assuming FloBlo has the results on lockdown for this tournament unless you pay. I couldnt find anything on trackwrestling.
  22. Anybody have results for this yet?
  23. You cant like my post Cletus. I thought we were going to fight. Now we are in that awkward "do we hug, shake hands, or swing at each other" stage
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