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  1. Every time Cletus posts on these forums an MIT graduate is killed in a car accident by a drunk, unemployed, Pennsylvania inbred. Are we really comparing Iowa to a Celtics team that has finished in the top 5 twice in the last 7 years and much lower than that most of those years? Are we also comparing Iowa to a UCLA team that hasnt made the elite 8 in the last 6 years?
  2. http://iawrestle.com/2015/02/27/big-ten-wrestling-tournament-pool/
  3. Id like to think Iowa has done a great job recruiting this past year. Only time will tell where those kids end up in 4-7 years, but id like to think they are sitting pretty well.
  4. You're telling me that if one the top D1 wrestling programs of all time offers your son a full ride that your going to tell him absolutely not? Yeah ok, whatever you need to tell yourself.
  5. I brought this up in another forum. Wouldnt they wrestle a 13th/14th place match to allow a chance at another wildcard?
  6. Alright I'm more of a high school wrestling fan than college so clearly I missed something here. But seriously why isnt the Big 12 listed?
  7. The same can be said for Sorensen spending most of his energy trying to rack up points early.
  8. Yes it was a better loss for PSU than a win for Iowa. Iowa could have just as easily closed out some of those matches that got away. It was closer than I would have liked, but dont just assume if they wrestled again PSU would close the gap. As Charlie Conway and Gordon Bombay said, "A quarter of and inch, Charlie, and i would have made that shot". "Yea but a quarter of and inch the other way and you would have missed completely"
  9. I'm going to make a bold prediction that Gadson misses the podium this year.
  10. This is good news! How many schools are dropping wrestling this year? Hopefully we gain more than we lose.
  11. I think your auto correct failed you because your post says "Sanderson" where I think you meant "Taylor and Ruth"
  12. I did this in high school. What really helped me was carrying a tennis ball around and squeezing it all day. You might not be able to do it yet due to the tightness but your mobility will come back quickly.
  13. .........................yet still so far away!
  14. 197 James Fox, Jr (DNP EIWA) 15-9 (49-29) Plainfield, NJ, St. Peter's Prep, 1X State Champ, 3X State Qualifier (107-10), National Honor Society, earned 3 gold medals on National Latin Exam Is it hard to earn 3 gold medals on National Latin Exam?
  15. 184 Zach Hernandez, So (4th EIWA) 23-11 (28-15) Honolulu, HI, Ponahou HS, 2X State Champ, 3X placer (2nd), 101-8 career record, 2nd Team All State as football linebacker, mother Brenda ran Xcounty at Harvard, father Darren played football at University of Hawaii, grandfather Yukio Nishimura in Japanese Baseball Hall of Fame Thats quite the family there
  16. This was Wartburgs 4th in a row
  17. Carr is a great wrestler and he wrestled a great finals match but I have to give a shout out to my boy Cole Welter!
  18. http://thegazette.com/2014/03/15/wartbu ... team-gold/
  19. Cole Welter M-fing national champ!!! Way to represent Iowa in the finals over PA!
  20. Am I the only one who doesnt even hesitate NOT to pick Eric Grajales in an NCAA pool, but hates if my guy is anywhere near him in the bracket?
  21. Yes and no. You knew Green was going to be 1. Jordan 4 or 5 is about right. Yes it is nice having Ness up top though.
  22. Megaludis same side as Garrett Gulibon has Morrison first round Retherford has Khishignyam first round English either has Tsirtis second round if he wins or could have a decent opponent in Busler if he loses Alton will have Murphy first round and if he survives that will have the 4 seed Taylor doesnt matter where he is or who he has Brown and Evans in the quarters will be huge I still think Ruth will win it but with his placement in the bracket his bonus might be seriously minimized He could wrestle Loder, Steinhaus, Dean, and Sheptock McIntosh vs. Burak could be another big matchup then McIntosh could have Cox in the semis Gingerich has Chalfant second round and a long ways to go on the backside
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