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  1. I did hear that MSU was the lowest paid staff in the BIG 10. Now Wynn is associate head coach at Campbell so it’s got to be a pay raise.
  2. I sure hope we get someone at MSU to replace Wynn. He was a vital cog in our recent improvement. He’ll be hard to replace
  3. my vote goes to MSU's Wynn Michalak. He seems to be very dynamic and a great speaker
  4. 10point


    congrats to the Spartans for 6 wrestlers qualifying for NCAA. The hard work is paying off
  5. State has lost some close ones. Finally they won those. they could have 2-3 more wins in the big 10 this year. they compete all 7 minutes now
  6. MSU is getting tougher. Teams have to give them some respect . you can't take them lightly anymore
  7. Spartans are definately improving. They got some good recruits last week
  8. its a relatively small arena so I feel teams will get lower level for families
  9. the main point is the announcers are terrible to listen to and they are unbelievably biased
  10. comparing Cunningham and Perry is absurd. Cunningham is leaps and bounds better
  11. refs aren't going to make themselves look bad and change their call.. it should be a third ref call over to make decision
  12. State is getting better. if you know anything about wrestling, you can see the improvement in MSU. They have a ways to go, but are definately headed in the right direction
  13. Michigan State is getting better. The toughness has returned. They aren't quitting when they are down by a few points. The athletes mentioned had already committed when this new coaching staff took over. they really have just 2 recruiting classes of their own
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