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  1. 10point

    Cunningham leaving Penn State

    comparing Cunningham and Perry is absurd. Cunningham is leaps and bounds better
  2. refs aren't going to make themselves look bad and change their call.. it should be a third ref call over to make decision
  3. 10point

    Flo wrestling subscriptions

    flo is a ripoff, in my opinion
  4. 10point

    Gabe Dean - all time?

    maybe top 100
  5. 10point

    UM vs. MSU Last Night

    State is getting better. if you know anything about wrestling, you can see the improvement in MSU. They have a ways to go, but are definately headed in the right direction
  6. 10point

    Indiana vs Maryland - Wow, just wow

    Michigan State is getting better. The toughness has returned. They aren't quitting when they are down by a few points. The athletes mentioned had already committed when this new coaching staff took over. they really have just 2 recruiting classes of their own
  7. 10point

    Cameron Caffey (Michigan State)

    He is looking good and MSU is getting better. You can see the fight in them again
  8. 10point

    Coon takes Silver

    Coon's young. He'll be back
  9. 10point

    World Team Trials Predictions

    I just think all 3 make it. this time it'll be a lot different for foster and michalak
  10. 10point

    World Team Trials Predictions

    From the challenge tournament, I'm picking Foster, simmons and Michalak to win spots on team
  11. 10point

    Gatsalov vs Snyder!!!

    Snyder's gonna get killed
  12. 10point

    flo wrestling

    Amazing I got it cancelled. :D
  13. 10point

    flo wrestling

    I have been trying to cancel my subscription for months. But I get no replies from my emails. I fill out form for cancellation, and it tells me I have to go to another site. There's no link there. I'm fed up with it, yet it says I can cancel anytime
  14. 10point

    World Cup in LA

    I posted on 2-21-14 that he wasn't wrestling cause of his ankle
  15. 10point

    World Cup in LA

    he's not wrestling. I heard ankles not good