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  1. Shahin, do you have the link to the Iran vs AZE match? I really want to see that match and can't find it anywhere
  2. No gatsalov did not win tournies in Iran and turkey. Once again PRyan2012 is making stuff up. Gatsalov did wrestle at 125 in the Iranian league where he won a very exciting match but it was not against Iran's top guy. He also lost a match there. I believe his loss was the against the same guy he later beat. Gatsalov had a very nice draw last year at worlds. I'd be surprised to see him repeat at 125 this yr. As far as US guys with a shot at a medal, all of them have a good shot at medalling. USA is a tough wrestling country right now. There is a good amount of depth now. If you make it out of the country you have a good shot at a medal. All this "he doesn't do well internationally" or "he is unproven" is just overthinking. It's very difficult to medal at worlds but everyone of these guys has a good chance at getting it done. The only lock for a medal is JB
  3. No he's not a world champ. He won a junior tournament in turkey but it was not junior worlds.
  4. rumor has it that snyder vs gatsalov will happen at beat the streets...
  5. Snyder has a Junior World Gold and Pico has a CADET world gold. Very different than seniors. Neither of those two can win against top senior athletes in the US. They would be competitive for sure but they wouldn't win. People on here are asking if Snyder beats JD/Varner...no he doesn't. And Pico doesn't beat metcalf. These kids are a special talent and I believe they will be top of the US Seniors someday but right now they belong in juniors. Also Taylor hasn't wrestled in any SENIOR level tournament other than the US open in which he had a close match with JB. How he is so high on some of your guys list is just silly.
  6. Ok first off sharifov is very big for 189. Second, sharifov and gazyumov do not train together all the time. Sharifov trains in Dagestan and gazyumov trains in Ossetia. So they probably rarely train together. Saying they train together all the time is like saying dake and Burroughs train together all the time bc they wrestle for the same country. That's just not true. Please stop making things up and posting them as fact
  7. I was at the NYAC and Raymond Jordan did not "demolish" that Russian. He was losing 2-0 and caught the Russian with the cow catcher and pinned him. So it was a pin not a tech. And Gavin was winning his match 4-0 at one point, saying he was "abused" is also inaccurate. You clearly didn't watch these matches. Foster was very impressive today. I'm looking forward to seeing how he and Dake do in Baku this weekend. That should be a great tournament.
  8. Armspin, he was talking about the intercontinental cup in Dagestan this weekend not the world combat games.
  9. PRyan2012, clearly u have a bit of a crush on Q and I think it's getting in the way of rational thinking here. He has never placed at the US trials or open. You say he pinned Gavin and beat Hrovat but Hrovat was well past his prime (I think he was 0-2 that tourny) and Gavin teched Q first round at the oly trials. Also I'm pretty sure Chris perry has beaten Q every time they've wrestled so what suggests he can beat perry now? Didn't Foster win a tough international tournament this summer? So foster would clearly be favorited over Q right now. Q is definitely super talented but to say he will win easily is pretty irrational.
  10. It's interesting that tsargush didn't use his infamous singlet grab vs Taylor yet in the finals he was all over hasanov's singlet. Any else notice that? I wonder why he decides to cheat in some matches and not in others. And Taylor's loss had nothing to do with strength. He did a nice job but got beat on experience.
  11. Tsargush will have trouble dealing with DT's pace
  12. Q wright has yet to even place at the trials. He maybe won one match at last yrs oly trials and got teched by gavin. So it's hard to say he would be the guy at any weight class right now.
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